Best Backpacks for College to Keep Your School Stuff Intact in the Go

The world owes Dick Keltey credit for inventing the first modern backpack in the mid-1900’s to carry his camping gear. Although backpacks have witnessed tremendous evolution since then, they still remain important organizational tools.  This is especially true for college students who have to carry learning and recreational items almost on a daily basis. As […] More

Best Task Management Software

Is project management software something you’ve been considering to help  ease the load on your shoulders? If so, then you’re exactly where you need to be right now. When looking to boost your standing in the current marketplace,  it’s vital that you implement new tools and technologies by adopting new methodologies. SO what better strategy […]

11 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Study Environment at Home

The first step to a successful career path is enrolling in a reputable educational institution. While at it, you want to make sure that you utilize your time well while attending all classes throughout the semester. Even with this, you may still need some extra time for personal study, and this can be challenging to […] More

45 Best Sites for Learning Online

The internet is the world’s premier source of information, with the widest array of options to choose from; all under one roof. This includes millions of educational opportunities that provide a source of training for individuals who are too busy to go the conventional way. It also applies for those who missed out on opportunities […] More

What is Artificial Intelligence and How it’ll Change Education

When you read or hear about Artificial Intelligence, (AI) all that may come to mind is a picture of robots that perfume human tasks. While it is true that AI facilitates the ability of machines to learn from experience, accomplish human-based tasks, and adapt to new environments, there is much more to this than meets […] More

What is CPALMS

CPALMS is Florida’s collaborative platform that connects education stakeholders, researchers, subject matter experts, practicing professionals, and professional organizations to Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share (CPALMS) instructional/educational resources and interactive tools that support standards-driven instruction. CPALMS is Florida’s official source for the standards, course information, assessment information, and serves as the dissemination platform for professional development and digital resources. Some of […] More

15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Everybody experiences short periods of forgetfulness once in a while, especially with the current busy schedules. Whereas this can be a regular occurrence, battling diminished memory can, undoubtedly, be frustrating. Genetics has a huge role in causing memory loss, especially serious neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also concluded that lifestyle and diet could […] More

9 Most Dangerous Online Scams

The advent of the internet has come with it its fair share of merits and demerits. As much as we would want to believe that the internet is a safe haven that we can trust, it is only fair that we do a reality check. The truth of the matter is that the internet is […] More

Impact of the Internet on Education (1990-2020)

Let’s face it; the internet is slowly and surely taking over every aspect of our contemporary society. We are currently living in a digital world that would never have been fathomed 30 years ago. Despite having mushroomed in the 90s, the advent of the internet and its impact greatly blossomed at the beginning of the […] More

Best Desk Lamps for Study and Office

Remember the time when you had to strain through the night trying to study for that final exam? While some would use the standard room lighting in such circumstances, others would prefer to go for desk lamps for better visibility and less strain. The current digital dispensation has seen the society drift away from the […] More

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