The Learning Registry (LR) is a new approach to capturing, connecting, and sharing data based information to help our users make an informed purchase decision. The LR is an open information website by content providers; US and YOU to be able share your content.

You can search within the LR by product type or information. From internet access to home security to video and music streaming, buying online to communicating online, the number of things the average person subscribes to has multiplied over the past few years.

This isn’t a fad. Fueled by rapidly improving personal technology and the desire for ever-more convenience, entire industries are re-inventing themselves. This sea change has been a boon to consumers in many ways, but finding the best products and services can often be a difficult and cumbersome process.

Here at, it’s our mission to evaluate services and products and recommend the best ones for our readers. We do the research and hard work so choosing the service that’s right for you is as easy as possible.

When it comes to products, it’s important to make the best choice at the outset, because once you lock yourself into something, it can often be difficult to switch.

Who We Are
We’re obsessive consumers: We don’t just want to know which product and service are the best to sink our money into, but also why. We drill down to find out exactly what makes something great, and then hold it up for the world to see. Our passion for excellence is matched only by our dedication to the truth. We know there are a lot of voices out there, and every decision we make is rooted in earning your trust.

A small group of consumer advocates teamed up in 2018 to create, which a team of expert reviewers is united around a common goal and around the globe: being your guide to the best services.