Founded by teachers from Atlanta and Boston public Schools, BetterLesson has become the best place for educators to connect and share the highest-quality lessons. BetterLesson’s social curriculum management tools allow teachers to build, organize and share compelling curricula with their immediate colleagues and the world. We are excited to bring lesson planning into the digital age and empower educators around the world to collaborate and share what’s working for their students.

We are very excited about our participation in the Learning Registry. BetterLesson is currently sharing nearly 100K files and full lessons created and shared publicly by our teacher community. The Learning Registry provides an exciting opportunity for our teachers to get additional recognition for their inspiring lessons, while also allowing a new, wider community of educators to benefit from these creative works. We are also eager to gain additional information about the utility and relevance of BetterLesson content for other content-providing sites. The Learning Registry’s approach to social metadata — or “paradata” — will allow us to gain valuable insights into how teachers on other sites are rating or commenting on a particular worksheet, lesson (group of learning resources with a common objective and plan), assessment etc. This may, in turn, help us provide better recommendations and data to our community of educators. We look forward to this added benefit as we enter a potential second phase of our engagement with the Learning Registry — the incorporation of great, third-party content into BetterLesson’s search.