CDE_ColorSeal-300x300The California Department of Education (CDE) is proud to serve as an early implementation partner in the National Learning Registry Project. In 2007, the CDE surfaced a critical need to identify and disseminate high quality resources and effective promising practices to support California’s educators as they focus on closing the achievement gap and raise overall performance across our large and diverse state. The CDE also recognized that it was uniquely positioned – and in fact – obligated to fill this void and become a “broker of expertise” for California schools. For these reasons, theBrokers of Expertise (BOE) project was initiated and launched in the spring of 2009.

In recognition of this effort, the Learning Registry project tapped the Brokers of Expertise portal as a critical dissemination partner in presenting credible new possibilities in aggregating and distributing a wealth of exceptional educational resources to thousands of educators. In turn, the CDE’s Education Technology Office is working actively with the California K12 High Speed Network community to solicit the instructional context and delivery strategies that teachers utilize to make best use of these resources made available through the Learning Registry efforts.

The CDE intends to continue to work with the growing Learning Registry community members to provide a space where educators can interact with the best resources available to articulate and share their experiences to develop the most effective schools for the communities they serve. In this manner, we hope to enable many “Brokers of Expertise” in California, from the CDE to local instructional leaders to teachers themselves, and this collective expertise can then be documented, indexed, and returned as a commodity back to the Learning Registry community.