The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet (EUN)  is a service enabling schools in finding educational content from many different countries and providers.  This service was developed to provide Ministries of Education access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools.  Using the LRE, Ministries of Education can more easily exchange high quality learning resources that ‘travel well’ meaning they can be reused by teachers in many different countries.  The evolution of the LRE has been supported by Ministries of Education in Europe and a number of European Commission funded projects.   It is now being carried forward in projects such as eQNet and with the support of LRE’s content partners.

EUN is collaborating with the Learning Registry to make its educational content and information about how content is used accessible to broader audiences.  All resource metadata and resource usage data will be published to the Learning Registry with a view to further enabling the exchange and interoperability of digital learning resources.