JES & Co. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization comprised of educators and education policy makers and is a leading technology consultant for schools. Founded in 1997, the organization has programs operating in hundreds of schools nationwide. JES & Co. administers education programs and consults to departments of education at state and regional levels on projects that integrate technology with administration, content, and people throughout the education process. JES & Co.’s successes in education outreach includes:

  • The Gateway to 21st Century Skills (the Gateway), the oldest operating digital library sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA) to serve educators and parents including their 3.3 million members;
  • The Global Learning Resource Connection (GLRC), a public/private collaboration which addresses one of the top issues of this century, education. The GLRC is comprised of education systems connected by simple linked data—data that performs only two functions: (1) describe a learning resource, and (2) relate that resource to other Semantic Web-enabled data; and
  • The development and administration of the Achievement Standards Network (ASN), an international semantic web framework for describing an distributing learning objectives in RDF for both public education and life-long learning.

The Learning Registry collaborators including Agilix and NSDL are pushing open source, web-enabled, and linkable learning objective data from the Achievement Standards Network (ASN). The ASN’s unrestricted learning objective data enables end-user applications to relate discovered resources to other supporting resources. The Achievement Standards Network is administered by JES & Co., an early and ongoing participant in the design of the LR. To learn more about the ASN, visit