How to use Baby Swing Safely for Fussy babies

Are you considering purchasing a rocker or swing for your newest addition? Baby swings offer a safe and secure way to comfort baby so you can handle all your responsibilities.

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Fussy babies are difficult to handle. But thanks to swing that makes the job easier. A sturdy and safe swing can soothe cranky baby and let the baby nap in a comfortable environment.

Benefits of a Baby Swing: Why New Parents Need it

Many parents find that purchasing one is a must for fussy babies! These electronic or battery-operated toys give your baby the same safe feeling they get when being rocked or bounced while not in your arms. For some babies, they need constant movement or stimulation to feel calm or entertained, and this product definitely satisfies those requirements.

Plenty of high-quality swings or bouncers offer toys, mobiles, and music to help keep all of baby’s senses on alert, so you can feel confident in knowing they are still learning! Additionally, the rocking feature helps to calm a crying newborn or put a squirming baby to sleep.

Soothe Your Baby

With the lullabies and nature sounds that many brands have to offer, you can set your swing to the rock mode (side to side) and play a relaxing tune to help them calm down and drift off into a peaceful slumber. Plus, newborns with colic or even babies with tummy aches can find comfort.

Many babies require rocking, bouncing, or gentle shaking to help coax them into falling asleep, and a baby rocker can help you so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to soothe baby back into sleep.

Perfect for Nap Time

If you are worried about how secure or comfortable baby will be when napping in the swing, fear not! Most high-quality rockers or bouncers are built from reinforced steel and offer a secure holster system.

Make sure you get your little one a swing with extra padding in the seat as well as comfortable and sturdy head support. When a baby is put down for a nap in the cozy, soothing swing, they won’t even notice you aren’t holding them!

Handle Household Tasks

As every parent knows, it is hard to get a minute free when raising a little one! They continuously want to be around Mom or Dad and often want to be coddled or held when they are fussing. However, for parents who work at home or have to prepare lunches or dinner for older children, continuously having to keep your child can prove to be debilitating while trying to complete other tasks.

With a comfy, relaxing swing, you can put the baby down and set the swinging setting to head to toe motions so they can still feel movement. Plus, plenty of swings are lightweight and comfortable enough to take with you from room to room so you and baby can always be in sight of each other!

Promote Learning

If you have a particularly curious baby, make sure you find a rocker that will keep them entertained as well! Many quality brands offer swings for babies with detachable toys or overhead mobiles to help baby develop their senses while in a stationary setting. Plus the constant movement will make the baby feel like he is always in motion and will keep him from fussing and trying to get out.

Useful tips and tricks to use baby swing

However, using it can be a hard task. Many infants hate to sleep in the swing. And there are safety issues that should be considered by parents. For an easy and safe usage, we have compiled a few useful tips and tricks in this article.

Features that emphasize safety and comfort

To reap the benefits of a good swing, parents should consider buying a comfortable and safe one that is available in the market. Some of the points to consider are:

Comfort and convenience

  • The best baby swing should be comfortable for the baby. It should contain soft cushions for providing extra comfort. There are many fancy features such as toys, lights, and music that are cleverly included in the design to amuse the baby. However, it is vital that parents should look for features that provide comfort to the baby.
  • A complicated design makes it tough to place the baby in it or pick the baby from the swing. Women who have undergone C section may find it hard to crouch to lift the baby from the swing. Hence, it is convenient to look for a simple design.
  • Swing that are battery operated are known to make the babies fall asleep faster due to the subtle sound that is produced by the motors. Alternatively, one can also look for plug in feature. Battery operated models are useful for those who travel.
  • Many studies suggest that babies get attracted to colorful things. Parents may consider that when they are buying a colorful swing.
  • For those who travel frequently, there are many travel swings in the market. Though they are affordable, small in size compared to the standard baby swing. Travel swings have set swing time and may interrupt the sleep patterns of the baby. Hence, it is advised to buy and use standard swings that are portable.
  • Diaper leaks may result in messy swings. To avoid such situations, it is better to purchase swings that can be cleaned and washed without any hassles. Parents should look for swings that can be cleaned every day. A clean swing can also last longer.


Safety is of prime importance when it comes to choosing the best baby swing. Of course, they help the babies to sleep better, it is also important to look for features that include safety.

  • One of the most basic yet essential safety features to look for in a reliable baby swing is the frame of the swing. If the frame is wobbly or weak there are chances that the baby may tip over. The frame must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the baby.
  • For convenience, parents can also buy swings that have foldable frames. Foldable frames are easy to store and carry during travels.
  • Some of the swings are portable too. Such swings should have durable shoulder straps for parents to take.
  • If one prefers buying a swing with toys or lights, they should ensure that the toys or lights are fixed well into the swing because babies may attempt to swallow the toys or lights.
  • · Harness ensures that the baby does not climb out of the swing. Three points or five-point harness is best for ensuring safety.
  • The base of the swing should hold the ground and not move or slip. The ones with a non-slip base are very safe.
  • The baby in the swing should have enough support while the swing is working. To ensure there is enough support for the baby, it is safe to use head support that is built in the design of the swing. A comfortable headrest provides stability to the posture of the baby while swinging.

Physical readiness of the child

The physical readiness of the baby is important. Every swing may not be perfect for the babies. Swing that suits the size and weight of the baby would work well.

Tips for caring for the baby in a swing Safely

A baby swing may help cranky babies to relax and take a nap, but parents cannot let the child unattended in the swing. Here are few tips for ensuring your child is safe in the swing:

  • Place the swing on the floor and ensure that the surface of the floor is not slippery.
  • Never place the swing near any source of hazards like power points etc.
  • Never leave the baby unattended. Parental supervision is very much needed when the baby is resting in the swing.
  • Give attention to the posture of the baby in the swing. As per the guidelines prescribed by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), for babies under 4 months of age, a reclined swing position is advised.
  • When the baby is in the swing, ensure to keep away all things that the baby may swallow.

Written by Erin Porteous

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