Linear equations: tips to master them

The system of linear equations will be considered as an equation that will include a number as well as variables and these are available into different kinds of formats like an equation with one variable, linear equations with two variables, and so on. There are different kinds of methods to be utilised by the people in this particular area to solve these equations and the linear equation with two variables will be having an infinite number of solutions to the equation. So, different kinds of methods have to be utilised by the people for example substitution method, elimination method, graphical method, and various other kinds of things.

Following are some of the very basic tips to be followed by the students in terms of solving the linear equations:

  • Whenever the students are interested to solve the linear equations in two variable with substitution method then they have to isolate the two variables in one of the equations and substitution of the expression has to be carried out that will be equal to the isolated variable from the step one into the other equation. This will always result in a linear equation with only one variable in which people can solve very easily with the remaining variable.
  • The solution of the above step has to be utilised in terms of calculating the value of the other variable in the system with the help of original equations.
  • In the cases of the utilisation of the elimination method, the students can go with the option of setting the system for eliminating the like terms through the addition and several other kinds of operations or they can go with the option of setting out and eliminating the X terms with the help of different kinds of operations to be utilised. First of all the students need to identify the pair of terms that have the same variable and coefficients with the same magnitude so that they can be written in the form of equations perfectly.
  • After this, the students need to perform different kinds of operations like addition or subtraction into the two equations in the system to eliminate the terms identified in step above and this will be a result in a linear equation with only one variable.
  • After the students will be solving questions to obtain a value for the variable and now they will be figuring out the value of one variable so that it can be plugged into the other equation to find out the value of the other variable very easily.
  • It is completely up to the students which method they have to utilise whenever it is not mentioned in the question but on the other hand if the at method has been mentioned in the question then they have to depend upon that particular method only. The substitution method will be easier when the variables are easily isolated because it will help in fulfilling the overall process in a fewer number of steps. On the other hand, the elimination will become very easy when both of the equations will contain identical terms and also contain the opposite terms. The equation that contains a term that is integer multiple of a term in the other equation has also to be checked out the whole process.

It is the responsibility of the students to find out which method are they comfortable with so that they can implement things perfectly. Apart from these options, another method is the graphical one in which the lines will be represented by the equations and they will intersect at a point that will be the solution of the equations. So, depending upon the whole concept of solving the linear equations is up to the students only and it is very much advisable for the students to go with the option of registering themselves on platforms like Cuemath so that they can have a clear-cut idea about the systems associated with linear equations in two variables and can become masters of this particular topic.


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