How Wix Users Can Setup a Referral Program

What is Wix?

It is the first of its kind to make web development easy for its users. Unlike other platforms with technical requirements like installation and hosting integration, you can create your website right inside the Wix platform even without any technical coding knowledge.

what is wix

You’ll also love Wix for its features. Besides having an easy-to-use website builder, you will also get access to a library of stunning templates and useful apps. This will allow you to customize your website to your preferences thoroughly.

Can a Referral Program With Wix Help Me Get More Sales

A referral program is a system where you allow your customers to advertise your products and services to their family and friends. You can then reward their efforts by giving them an incentive.

Incentives will depend on the nature of your product or service. If you are selling retail products in an eCommerce shop, for example, you may want to give away a discount code for your products. However, if you sell subscriptions to your software, then free access or privileges are better incentives.

Having a referral program can help Wix website owners to get more sales because it is a system that utilizes word-of-mouth marketing. It works around the premise that when someone buys a product or service, they share his experience with his family and friends. While this can happen naturally if your products and services are worth commending, it is still far better to encourage the behavior by providing incentives.

Best Software To Use For My Referral Program With Wix

The easiest way to set up a referral program on your Wix website is to use the software. The best software for this purpose is OSI Affiliate. Here are some of its key features that will show you why it is the best Wix referral software.

Automatic Referral Signups

In a typical referral software, you will have to wait for signups to come in. You also have to provide the option to your existing customers to sign up for your referral program.

But you don’t have to worry about any of that if you choose OSI Affiliate. This software has an auto signup feature where all of your customers will automatically be considered as referrers. This is a great way to encourage them to share their user experiences with other people. After all, they are the best people to talk about your products and services for they have prior experience working with you.

Create Timed and Exit Intent Popups

OSI Affiliate also knows that timing is essential when it comes to closing sales. It is impossible to close deals right away. You have to give your potential customers some time to process their thoughts and conclude that they like to buy your products and services. You can assist them in their decision-making process with well-timed popups.

The software gives you an option to create timed and exit-intent popups.

Timed popups are those windows that pop up after a customer spends a specific amount of time on a page. This can be a product page, or it can be the homepage. You can set your referral program promotion to pop up after a few seconds.

Similarly, you can also have an exit-intent popup. This is a window that pops up when your potential customer clicks the back button or does anything to move away from your page. This is an excellent place to give them a limited-time discount to get them back into your store.

Create Different Rewards for Different People

different rewards

OSI Affiliate understands that the people who will want to advertise your business will have different needs. The software provides an option to have other rewards for different people. With this option, you can have a higher discount code for influencers and business partners or give away some limited items to some of your most loyal customers. The best part is that it is not just a reward that is customized. The creatives will also be edited according to your incentives. These creatives pertain to the banners and marketing messages that your referrers can use to promote your business.

Filter Your Audience with One-Question Surveys

Another exciting feature of OSI Affiliate is it has a one-question survey for your audience. You can set this up right in OSI Affiliate’s dashboard and send it to your customers or subscribers.

It may seem simple, but it gives you a very effective strategy in getting more sales in your business. Usually, you’ll get subscribers or customers who don’t respond to your promotions. This survey filters your audience to find the action-takers from the “seeners.” It will help you find the best people for your referral program.

Easily Promote Your Referral Program on Social Media

promote program social media

OSI Affiliate understands that you need more than a solution to help you create a referral program. There is already so much software available in the market that can do this. But it stands out from the crowd because it knows that the best place to promote a referral program is on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. So it helps you to do more than creating a referral program. It also allows you to promote it on social media.

Leverage Your Program with Network Promotions

OSI Affiliate knows how difficult it is to promote your referral program. While they may have provided a social media promotion option, they know that it may not be enough. So they created a community of users from their existing users. They made a directory and offered the option to promote programs in their blog. This is their way of helping the users of their app get more leads to their referral programs.

Comes with Pre-Written Promotional Messages and an Option for Graphic Creatives

One of the problems of business owners who create their affiliate or referral programs is how they can assist their marketers in promoting their business. Giving them the option to advertise the company is not enough. It would be best if you also taught them how to do it. OSI Affiliate knows this, so they created some pre-written messages for their users and an option to upload graphic creatives.

Easy Data Reporting and Tracking

You can only track the performance of your referral program if you know the numbers. You cannot just look at your current traffic and assume that it comes from the program. Tracking is everything. Fortunately, OSI Affiliate has an option that will help you see how much traffic your website is getting before referral marketing. From clicks to sales, you will see how well your audience is responding to your program. More than promoting your program, the data you will be able to get from this software can also help you create an effective marketing strategy.

With all of these features, OSI Affiliate stands out from other referral software. It understands what a business owner needs in terms of creating and promoting a referral program.

How Can Referral Program Help Drive More Traffic?

Yes. A referral program can help you get more traffic to your Wix website. Referral programs are useful for traffic generation because it utilizes the power of relationships. Every person has at least five people who are close to them. These are the people that listen to their advice and trust them. Because of their relationship’s nature, their friends or family are far more likely to buy the products or services they recommend. This is what you leverage when you have a referral program on your Wix website. There is nothing more significant than real human relationships.

Four Advantages Of Having A Referral Program With Wix

Is setting up a referral program on your Wix website worth your time? Well, it doesn’t take a lot of time to do this. You can use software to help you set this up in a few clicks. And the benefits will last you for a long time. Here are four of the main benefits that you will get from having a referral program on your Wix site.

Leverage Customer Relationships with Ease

One of the reasons why referral programs are effective is its ability to leverage customer relationships. Every customer will have their family members and friends. Instead of promoting to people who don’t know your brand, you let your customers do the talking. With a referral program, you encourage your customers to do this by giving them an incentive.

Letting your customers promote your offers is an effective way to get more traffic and sales. This is because you no longer have to build your relationship with your prospects. The connection is already there. You need to leverage it. Since your customers have close relationships with their referrals, they don’t have to bend backward to convince these people to try a product or service. The trust propels their referrals to take action.

Get More Traffic Without Spending on Ads

Wix has made it easy for users to create their websites. They have a drag-and-drop platform that will allow you to create a website in a few steps. However, you will need more than a website builder to run a significant online business.

A website will not be useful if it doesn’t have traffic. Plus, you will not make any money from your website if no one is visiting it. For some website owners, getting traffic equates to launching ads. Without ads, they don’t get hits and clicks on their website. Paid advertising is useful, but not all Wix website owners have a hefty budget. So it is crucial also to explore some options on how to boost your website’s traffic without ads.

Referral marketing is a great way to do this. As mentioned, it leverages people instead of money. You only need to give away an incentive to encourage your customers to advertise your business for you—this a cost-effective way to get traffic and sales to your website.

Increase Brand Exposure, Recognition, and Credibility

One of the things that you need to build to have a useful Wix website is your brand. These days, it is no longer enough to have a website. It would help if you also had a recognizable and credible brand.

Branding is more than just the colors and the feelings that your audience associates with your business. It also includes how people know you.

But you will only be able to define this by getting more people to your website. You need more traffic to define your brand.

Referral marketing is a fantastic way to get instant brand exposure. When you launch your program, you allow your customers to talk about your brand. They may speak to their loved ones or post some reviews online. In any case, it will start the conversation around your brand, and people will start knowing your name.

As more people promote your brand, your credibility also increases. This is social proof. When several people are saying positive things about a brand, it becomes more believable.

Easily Attract Influencers to Promote Your Program

Another way to advertise your business for more traffic and sales is influencer marketing. In this process, you look for top influencers in your niche and ask them to promote your business. But they often need something in return for doing this. You can make it easy for them to encourage you if you have a referral program. With software that can customize rewards for different audiences, you can set up an exclusive referral program for your target influencers. With this option, you can also generate a discount code in their name. This is an exciting way to attract influencers to promote you.

You don’t have to worry about setting up your referral program on your Wix website. It is relatively easy. With the help of software, you can set up your program in a few clicks. And you can reap the benefits for the years to come.

Written by Erin Porteous

For the past ten years Erin Porteous enjoyed the freedom of being an independent purveyor of creative services. I specialize in crafting and producing scripts for radio and TV commercials for businesses of all sizes. Moving into the web past 2 years I've been part of LR family driven by a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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