Best Baby Doll Cribs for Your Little Princess

It’s amazing how little kids have this natural attraction to dolls and babies. Think about it: your little angel can spend hours with her dolls — dressing, feeding, and carrying them everywhere they go. There’s nothing wrong with this; it just their instincts. In fact, playing with toys helps them learn about some important qualities such as affection and attraction.

So, how can you make their experience better? Buying your little munchkin a nice doll is a good way to get started. But to make it even real, go ahead and buy them a baby doll crib. Most cribs come with all accessories that allow your angel to feed her babies with bottles, forks, spoons, and dishes (of course plastic ones). And yes, they can practice diaper duty as well with the provided cloth diable and some reusable wipes! Isn’t that nice?

To keep your little girl happy and smiling, we have reviewed some of the best baby doll cribs on the market. There’s an option for every angel!

Top 10 Baby Doll Cribs of 2020 Reviewed

1. Badger Basket Cabinet Doll Crib with Gingham Bedding

    Best Cabinet Doll Crib

    If you want to create some room for storage, it is advisable to buy the best cabinet doll crib. The storage cabinet is spacious enough to carry most of the doll’s accessories and clothes. This is a large piece of furniture that comes with wheels, a pillow, blanket, and fabric liner. It provides for greater convenience when it comes to your baby’s playtime. For entertainment, the baby doll crib included a wind-up mobile music device that eliminates the need for batteries.

    Badger Basket Cabinet Doll

    The baby doll crib measures 24 inches by 12.25 inches by 24 inches. In short, it is a massive baby doll crib that cam hold a doll of a maximum of 22 inches in length. You can use it with various types of dolls including WelliesWishers, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, My Life As, and American Girl. Cleaning and maintaining this crib is simple and easy. Buy this for a child of at least three years in age.

    • Has cabinets for storage of doll clothes
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Has a wind-up, battery-free music device
    • Reports of the blanket looking cheap
    • Complaints about installation difficulty
    • Reports of poor customer service

2. New York Doll Collection Dolls Mega Set with Dolls High Chair

    Best baby doll crib with baskets, 3-1 Doll Bouncer

    This is a complete set that comes in the form of a baby doll crib and two chairs. In other words, it is the best baby doll crib with baskets, 3-1 doll bouncer. The high chair is foldable, which means you can pack and carry it when your baby finishes playing. You can use it to carry dolls of up to 18 inches in height. Common doll brands supported include Our Generation, Madame Alexander, American Girl, and so on.

    New York Doll Collection

    It is a super sturdy baby doll crib, given that it features a metallic frame. Thus, you can expect it to last for a long time to come. The crib measures 12 by 21 by 12, while the high chair measures 12 by 6 by 24. Also included is a bouncer that measures 14 by 10 by 15. It is great for mid-sized dolls.

    • It is a whole set with chairs
    • Has a metallic construction, which makes it durable
    • Can be used with multiple doll brands
    • Reports of the chair collapsing when the doll is out into it
    • May prove hard to assemble
    • Takes up space

3. Badger Basket Canopy Doll with Baskets, Bedding, and Mobile

    Best Canopy Doll Crib with Baskets

    Here is a baby doll crib that measures 24 by 12 by 31 inches and has the ability to accommodate 22-inch dolls, maximum. But that isn’t the only reason it is hailed as the best canopy doll crib with baskets. It comes with a couple of handy baskets into which you can store doll clothes and so on. Also, the baby doll crib includes a mobile wind-up mobile music device that doesn’t require batteries or a source of power. It comes with a pillow, blanket, bumper, liner, and fabric canopy.

    Badger Basket Canopy Doll

    This baby doll crib can be used with several doll brands including WellieWishers, Bitty Baby, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, My Life As, American Girl, and so on. So, you do not have to be selective when buying dolls to use in this crib. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this crib is superb. If you have a child who is three years or older, this is the best gift for them.

    • Comes with two storage baskets
    • Has a wind-up mobile that doesn’t require batteries
    • Can be used by a wide variety of doll brands
    • The wind-up mobile seems to hang too low
    • The canopy may prevent access to the baby dolls
    • Reports of it being too small

4. Amish-Made Wooden Deluxe Doll Crib, White Finish

    Best Wooden Deluxe Doll Crib

    Wood is one of the sturdiest materials from which you can make a baby doll crib. If you prefer it to the other materials, then you should consider buying this product. We are talking about the best wooden deluxe doll crib out there. It is painted a beautiful white and can fit a 20-inch baby doll. The good thing with a white crib is that it will fit in with all kinds of home décor.

    Amish-Made Wooden Deluxe Doll Crib

    When you buy this product, you will receive much more than just a baby doll crib. The package includes a bedding set of up to 3 pieces. Thus, you won’t have to buy these items separately. If you have or intend to have several children, this is the perfect gift. It can be passed on from one child to another and last through many generations. The solid poplar wood frame will definitely remain attractive for a long time to come.

    • It is made from beautiful popular wood
    • Includes a bedding set made of 3 pieces
    • Designed to last for a long time
    • Lacks a storage space
    • Doesn’t have a canopy to cover it
    • Does not include a chair

5. Kookamunga Unicorn Doll Crib and Play Yard

    Best Unicorn Doll Travel Crib

    Sometimes it is not enough to have a baby doll crib. If you need a product that also works perfectly as a doll play yard, this product is the best. It is undoubtedly the best unicorn doll travel crib on the market. Take it with you on a trip locally and internationally, especially if you are carrying your children along. It comes with a changing station for the doll. The removable activity bar provides for a way for your baby to imaginatively play, wherever you might be.

    Kookamunga Kids Unicorn Doll

    It features a beautiful pink polka dot print, which is bound to impress visitors to your home. Besides, the unicorn look is trendy and in line with what’s considered to be fashionable. Another thing you will love about this baby doll crib is the ease with which it folds and unfolds. You can easily reduce it to a small package that can fit into the rest of your luggage. It can carry 18-inch dolls or smaller ones.

    • Also serves as a play yard for dolls
    • Comes with a handy changing station
    • Features a beautiful pink polka dot print
    • Reports of the crib collapsing
    • Doesn’t include storage space
    • It has no canopy

6. Emily Rose 18-Inch Doll Furniture for American Girl Doll Bed

    Best American Girl Doll Bed

    This is another one of the beautiful wooden baby doll cribs you will find out there on the market. Instead of being all-white, it is painted in a boutique-style for an elegant finish. Importantly, the wooden frame is sturdy, strong, and durable. This product works well for dolls of up to 18 inches and can accommodate a wide variety of doll brands including Gotz, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, American Girl, and so on.

    Emily Rose

    The bedding is white on one side and pink on the other, which means you can easily reverse it to achieve a different look. On the white side, the bedding features pink stars. Additional items include a pillow, mattress, and comforter. This baby doll crib has been tested for safety by the CPSIA, which makes it fit for use by your children. Assembling it can be done in a breeze even while doing it yourself.

    • It is tested for safety
    • Includes several types of beddings
    • Easy to assemble and out together
    • Complaints about beddings that don’t look unrealistic
    • Reports of poor workmanship
    • Some people said it wasn’t well painted

7. The Ashton-Drake Galleries Royal Baby Pink Domed Canopy Baby Doll Crib with Bedding

    Best Royal Canopy Baby Doll Crib

    Sometimes it makes great sense to give your kids a little royal treatment. The Ashton-Drake is definitely the best royal canopy baby doll crib you will find out there on the market. It comes with a dome-shaped canopy that looks plusher than anything else you have seen out there. Add to that the beautiful bedding, and you have a completely desirable baby doll crib. Importantly, the beddings combine the pink and white colors to give you a crib that looks exquisite.

    The Ashton-Drake

    While your baby will view this as a doll, you are likely to look at it as a worthy collectible to be displayed in tandem with the rest of your interior décor. Nothing else will work as a good centerpiece for any room in your home.

    • It is a precious baby doll crib worthy to be a collectible
    • Comes with a dome-shaped canopy
    • Comes with a full set of beddings
    • It doesn’t come with a storage space
    • Seems too small for the bigger dolls
    • Doesn’t include wheels and is not very portable

8. Mommy & Me Doll Pack N Play Baby Doll Crib

    Best Portable Baby Doll Crib

    Are you looking for a baby doll crib that seems just like the real thing? You can impress your kids using the best portable baby doll crib. It has the same look and functionality as a real baby doll. The link color, with black edges, is elegant and can fit in with whatever décor you have in your home. To enable your kids to view the dolls as they lay down, the crib has mesh, see-through sides.

    Mommy & Me Doll Pack

    The easy-folding crib it easy to put together and pull apart. You can pack it together with the rest of your luggage and keep going. It is a fully-assembles baby doll crib that includes a carrying bag and blanket. It measures 21 by 12 by 13 inches and can accommodate a doll of up to 18 inches in length. This product is safe for use by your kids, given that it is lead-free, and tested for safety. If anything, the metal frame base is unlikely to cave in at the weight of the doll.

    • Looks as realistic as can be
    • Easy to fold, pack, and carry
    • Has been tested for safety to the highest standards
    • Tends to collapse when moved around
    • Doesn’t include installation instructions
    • Doesn’t include storage compartments

9. Peaceful Classics Wooden Baby Doll Crib 18-Inch, Small Rocking Cradle Natural Oak

    Best Classic Doll Crib

    Measuring 11 by 18 by 10 inches, this baby doll crib is wooden and made to last long. It features the traditional cradle look and is designed to rock when pushed. If you are looking for the best classic doll crib, this is the product for you. Not only is it stylish, but it is also highly functional when it comes to providing the perfect bed for any doll. Even though inanimate, your baby doll can easily be rocked to sleep by pushing this cradle on one end.

    Peaceful Classics

    With this product, there is no need to be choosy about the doll brand to buy. It can accommodate any of the small-sized dolls without showing a preference for any particular one. When it comes to economizing on space, this crib is highly compact. Your child can keep it in his or her room without the fear of taking up too much space.

    • Features a rare classic look
    • Compact and takes up very little space
    • Made from durable wood
    • Some people found it to be too small
    • Lacks any compartments for storage
    • Doesn’t have a dedicated canopy

10. White Rose Doll Crib with Bedding, 2 Baskets, and Free Personalization Kit

    Best Baby Doll Crib with Storage Drawers

    Featuring a couple of baskets, this baby doll crib is handy when it comes to holding items such as doll clothes. The good thing is that the storage baskets are removable and should only be reattached to the crib when there is a need. It measures 22 by 11.25 by 18 inches, which is large enough to hold a 20-inch doll. Examples of doll brands that work perfectly with this product include WellieWishers, Bitty Baby, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, My Life As, American Girl, and so on.

    White Rose Doll Crib with Bedding

    The package includes a deluxe pillow set and padded liner. That means you will not have to waste money by buying these items separately. It is easy to clean with a simple wipe with a wet cloth. You wouldn’t find a better gift for children of age 3 years or older. Your child can use it for a long time, given its durability, and even pass it to younger siblings.

    • Comes with two removable storage
    • The package includes beddings
    • Can accommodate different kinds of doll brands
    • Reports of the package missing screws for assembly
    • Some users found carpet bugs in it
    • Some users had issues with the bottom board coming out

How to Choose the Best Baby Doll Crib: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying a baby doll crib is not as straightforward as you might think. You will be mistaken to think that all it takes is to click “buy” on a website. In order to buy the best baby doll crib, you should pay attention to the price as well as the quality. But that’s not all. So as to get a doll crib that’s safe for your baby, there are additional things you must pay attention to. They include the following:

Size of Doll Crib

The amount of space available in your home will determine the size of the crib you should buy. For people with small homes, buying a small doll crib is the way to go. In that case, you may have to consider buying a plastic crib, which is likely to be small-sized. If you have a big house, you should go for a larger, mostly wooden doll crib. The idea is that the doll crib should perfectly fit into your house without taking up too much space.

What Material Is It Made From?

Baby doll cribs can be made from all sorts of materials including plastic, faux wood, and wood. Of these three, plastic baby doll cribs tend to be smaller and less durable. But they are also more affordable. So, if you are operating on a tight budget, buy a plastic crib. However, if you are willing to pay more, you should choose a wooden crib. It will be sturdier, more durable, and larger. In that case, you can expect to use the crib for a long time to come.

Style of Doll Crib

Doll cribs are made in all types of styles. For instance, one may want to buy a collapsible crib. While they are convenient when it comes to storage, collapsible doll cribs may collapse under or on your kid. In that case, you may want to buy one that isn’t collapsible. Another element of style is whether the doll crib has wheels or not. Wheels are good, given that they make it possible to easily move the crib around. However, the wheels may also turn into a hazard for your baby. So, put that into consideration.

Storage Capacity

You are likely to come across doll cribs that feature some form of storage for pacifiers, spare bottles, clothing or diapers. If you want to save space, consider buying a doll crib with storage capabilities. Since the doll clothes will be stored under the crib, you won’t have to grapple with providing extra storage space. Besides, it gives your child greater control when it comes to feeding and changing their doll’s diapers. It also matters how big the storage space is. If large enough, the doll crib will be costlier due to the additional feature.

How Big Is Your Doll?

Given that you are buying the crib for a doll, it is important to ensure that it will be able to serve its purpose. So, make sure you know the doll size as you start searching for an appropriate doll. While it is important to pay attention to all the other aspects, it is whether the doll will fit into the crib that really matters. So, if you have an 18-inch doll, make sure the crib is bigger than that. Your child will enjoy it when his or her doll is able to fit into the crib.

Is the Baby Doll Crib Durable?

If you expect the baby doll to remain in use for a long time, you have to ensure that it is durable enough. But just how do you ensure that? Of course, you could buy and try out the doll crib to establish whether it is durable or not. However, that may turn out to be overly time-consuming. That is why you are better off reading the reviews left behind by past users of the same product. When it comes to durability, looks can be deceiving. After all, many of the cheaply made baby doll cribs tend to look great.

Another way to assess whether the baby doll crib is durable or not is to assess the materials from which it is made. You will have to choose between the plastic of wooden baby doll cribs. Of these two, wood is the most durable. However, if you believe that a plastic baby doll crib will be great, don’t hesitate to go for it. If you think it will work for your child, who are we to judge you for your choice.

The Price

For you to gain possession of a baby doll crib, you have to pay for it. So, it has to be affordable. However, the price is much more than that. It is also a determinant of value. A baby doll crib may look sturdy, but if it is low-priced at about $19, it might turn out to be cheaply made. In that case, the price is a good indicator of quality. Also, large-sized baby doll cribs tend to be in the higher price range of between $30 and $50.

But that doesn’t mean that you should dwell too much on the price. If you do, you might end up with a baby doll crib is a lesser quality than average. Make sure you also think about the other aspects of the baby doll crib. If you are able to find a baby doll crib of the right quality, the price shouldn’t be a major consideration. However, if on a tight budget, isolate several baby doll cribs in the price range you can afford and pick the best on the basis of the other features. While at it, stop paying special attention to the brand name.


Now you know how to buy the best baby doll crib. Paying attention to all of the aspects discussed in the buying guide will save you from the stress that comes with buying a substandard product. Also, you will be able to ensure that your child’s safety is maintained to the utmost. In the reviews above, we have sampled the best baby doll cribs in each category. With that, you should be in a good position to choose the best product.

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