Best Bluetooth Transmitters to Connect All Your Devices Seamlessly

Anyone who’s used wired earphones/headphones can tell you how irking it is to have to deal with dangling cord when using a phone and especially when on the go. Looking back at it now, it’s hard to believe that all our traditional home devices required those ugly, really lengthy cables to transmit audio signals.

Fast forward to modern times, wireless connectivity has come to heavily dominate the scene. Bluetooth transmitters, in particular, have become a necessity; almost a mandatory element in our modern-day home entertainment devices. With this technology, you can watch your favorite video or play your games without inconveniencing those around you.

Bluetooth transmitters will, in simple terms, let you turn your wired device, wireless. You can connect your phone, television set and many more of your audiovisual devices to the transmitters and pair them with any of your Bluetooth-enabled receivers like headphones and stereos. You can enjoy the convenience of listening to your music or watching your favorite shows incognito mode using your wireless earphones. You can even sync your wired TV to your Bluetooth soundbar or rather make that ordinary sound system wireless. Awesome, right?

Because of the many varieties of Bluetooth transmitters in the market, it may be hard to choose one that is perfect for your ideal needs. Lucky for you, we have done our research and evaluated them to bring you 9 of the best Bluetooth transmitters out there.

Top 9 Bluetooth Transmitters of 2019 Reviewed

1. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

    Best 2-In-1 Bluetooth Transmitter

    When it comes to affordability and quality in Bluetooth transmitters, TaoTronics definitely deserves a spot on the top of that list. This unit from the technology giant offers no less. The device feature aptX Low latency which in turn allows for the flawless transmission of signals to your ear monitors. This rather fundamental feature eliminates the possibility of lag, more so, when in transmitter mode. This especially works best with a Bluetooth receiver that is low latency supported.

    TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

    The TaoTronics transmitter assimilates the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. With this, you can seamlessly pair up to 2 of your devices at the same time. Therefore, in the event that you want to listen to your music on both headphones and speakers for some weird reason, then you have found your match.

    The transmitter is always on, implying that the 2-in-1 device will continuously stream your content, even while it’s charging. If that doesn’t impress you yet, you might be pleased to know that the unit comes with a built-in battery that can allow for 10 hours of constant use. With the aptX audio codec, this baby will give you an experience, richer like no other. It comes with a 12 + 6-month warranty with a 24/7 customer care service as well, in the event that you need inquiries.


    • Small and compact for easy carrying
    • Good sound quality from different devices
    • Durable and easy to use; just plug and play
    • A bit of latency on visual connections
    • Device sleep when source audio is low
    • Might need a ground loop isolator to transmit well on vehicles

2. Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter

    Best Bluetooth Transmitter with Car FM

    When traveling with friends on that road trip or even on your usual commute to and from work, you’ll agree that nothing quite beats the feeling of jamming to your own tracks as you drive. If you are sick of being confined to the same old radio broadcast, this next device is perfect for you. Featuring its most modernized noise reduction system, you can anticipate the most superior quality sound playing from your mobile phone, iPod or other musical devices, without the need of replacing your old in-dash stereo system.

    Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver

    The Nulaxy Bluetooth car transmitter is equipped with a range of features intuitively designed to suit your convenience while driving. This includes a 1.44 inch LCD display that you can use to easily answer phone calls, play your music, as well as monitor the battery levels of your car using a voltmeter. Also notable is how the device offers other connection options. This means that you can still enjoy the same privilege, even for your non-Bluetooth enabled devices, through an aux cable or a TF card.


    • Sounds great with minimal static and interference
    • Easy to link phone wirelessly
    • Conveniently set buttons to answer calls 
    • Not compatible with Siri
    • Lacks off button
    • Uses up the battery even when the car is off

3. HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter

    Best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

    The HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter comes as a considerable improvement from the company’s vast range of predecessors. With this device, you get to enjoy unparalleled, long-range Bluetooth transmitters which make it specially opportune to linking devices that are further off like your Television set. The device is in fact, so long-range that it is able to easily reach the many different corners of your house. Seamlessly enjoy your music in your backyard, basement or barn without the need of installing that costly multi-room sound system.

    HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for TV Headphone

    Featuring its high fidelity sound quality and perfect synchronization with aptX-II devices, you can enjoy your music or audio without all the annoying lip latency. AptX has with recent times been incorporated in most android, Ios devices, and computers. 

    Another feature that you’ll appreciate the HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter is its ease of connection. You simply plug the device to your source through a 3.5 mm audio jack and you are set to go! It also supports RCA, optical TOSLINK for more universal compatibility with different TV’s. The transmitter also comes with an instruction manual for your typical elderly folk who may have trouble finding their way through.

    • Small and non-distracting
    • Has two loudness settings for the ideal audio volume
    • Good sound quality
    • Latency with non AptX compatible devices
    • Might have trouble pairing from a different room
    • Has one button pressed differently for different functions

4. Avantree Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

    The first thing you’ll notice when you glance at the Avantree is its digital futuristic design. The beautiful work of art will sit perfectly on top of any surface, and in turn, give your home a nice appeal. The machine supports status indicators and full voice guidance making it incredibly easy to use and set up. 

    Avantree Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV & PC

    The adapter on this machine will cover each of your Bluetooth needs. The Oasis has been made to be the perfect hub for all of your home Bluetooth connection. With a multipoint connectivity feature, you can conveniently link up multiple devices all at once to the audio/visual emitter. 

    The Avantree is made to support OPTICAL/RCA and AUX audio outputs which make it compatible with most, if not all of the TVs in the market. It has an extended range, proven to go up to 295 feet in testing. This range can be extended even further to 328 feet if you are using Oasis as a transmitter, and RC500 as the receiver pair. Safe to say, with the device, you can comfortably receive signals from anywhere in your house. Also important to note is that the device has that AptX codec, which makes it eliminate an audio-visual lack. The avian tree is simply ideal for watching movies and TV programs in your own privacy.


    • Multiple connectivity
    • Supports various audio inputs
    • Pairing may take time
    • Can't pair up with some devices

5. Bluetooth Transmitter for TV PC, (3.5mm, RCA, Computer USB Digital Audio)

    Best USB Bluetooth Transmitter

    As with all the preceding units on the list, this Bluetooth transmitter model will adequately support all those modern wireless technologies. This includes aptX low latency streaming which caters to both digital and analog input/output, long-range transmission and multipoint pairing which means you can pair and listen in on more than one device simultaneously.

    Bluetooth Transmitter for TV PC

    The most prominent quality of this transmitter is perhaps how it uses USB for power. This means that the transmitter wouldn’t need to be plugged into a wall unit to work. Simply plug it into your TVs USB port and it will automatically power on. You then connect the transmitter with an RCA or 3.5 m audio jack to your TV and the sound will be transmitted to your headset. The device also supports the computer digital USB as your output. This basically dismisses the need for any additional AUX cables, although it still comes with a variety of cables for maximum compatibility.

    The small size of this Bluetooth transmitter will make it ideal for all your devices, not limited to your CD player, iPod, TV, MP3/MP4 player. Easily transmit the audio to your typical Bluetooth stereo, speakers, and headphones and bang your music away.

    • Decent price
    • Simple set up
    • Good quality sound
    • Initial pairing may take some time
    • Automatic background noise cancellation may cut off bits of the audio playing

6. Miccus Proven 300ft Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV PC Stereo

    Best Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

    You know how we’ve all at one point or another wished we had connectivity across longer distances on Bluetooth, if you are like us, then this device is just what you have been looking for. The Miccus Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver does exactly what it says in the name. With Class 1 technology and a sturdy antenna, it can offer ranges of up to 300 barrier-free feet of connectivity, or up to 160 feet through walls enabling easy listening wherever you may be in the house.

    Miccus Proven 300ft Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV PC Stereo

    Crystal-clear, superior and high-performance audio is ensured as the device runs on aptX codec. This might not make much sense to the non-techies out there but what this basically means is, high-fidelity audio is encoded into a low-bit digital signal and decoded back into HD audio. Thus, the quality of your audio is not altered during transmission and neither are your listening speeds with the sound being transmitted in real-time; no more audio delays and lip-sync dysfunctions.

    Enjoy this stellar performance with your loved one as it can support up to 2 devices with each individual free to adjust to their preferred volume levels. 

    Lastly, with its Optical Pass-Through feature, even if you have only 1 visual output, you can use the Home RTX 2.0 as a pass-through HUB. You can listen to your PC/TV using the wired speaker system while your Bluetooth headphones are connected. Stay on top of the news, music, podcasts, NETFLIX, Blu-ray and everything in between today.

    • It offers great transmission distances of up to 50 feet without audio dropouts
    • Responsive and effective customer care service
    • It comes with all the required cables in the package.
    • There is a noticeable audio lag when wired speakers 
    • It is limited to pairing with one device at a time.
    • It is susceptible to interference by other devices such as modems, Wi-Fi routers.

7. Sena sm10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

    Best Dual Stream Bluetooth Transmitter

    The Sena is first and foremost, a biker’s best friend. An easy fix on the handlebar and you have a dual-audio stream, wireless, Bluetooth transmitter at your disposal. It works using something called The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile for Bluetooth Stereo Music and Audio Video Remote Control Profile. These features enable you to enjoy all the playback options on the device, i.e play, pause, track forward and trackback.

    SENA SM10 DUAL STREAM BLUETOOTH STEREO TRANSMITTERThis is a special machine for some special bikes. Like in the case of the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and Honda Gold Wing, the SENA SM10 offers support for onboard audio systems using the 5 pin and 7 pin DIN cable jacks.

    It is a real beauty and looks natural on your handlebar with its simplistic, utilitarian appeal. However, its utility proves to be more than appeal as it is waterproof too. Blaze your way through the elements and your SM10 will just need a wipe afterward and it will look good as new. The Sena Bluetooth transmitter makes for easy navigation and thus close to the heart of any delivery man/woman as it has an AUX-IN stereo input for non-Bluetooth detection devices such as radar detectors and laser detectors.

    • The audio is very clear
    • The battery can last for most of the day
    • Listen to music in your smartphone and get GPS directions at the  same time 
    • Instructions are a bit complex
    • Compatibility issues with some bike models
    • The Bluetooth link using this device is generally a little quirky

8. TROND Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter Receiver

    Best Compact Bluetooth Transmitter

    Coming in about the size of a slim matchbox, this little device supports aptX and aptX Low Latency technology in both transmitting (TX) and receiving (RX) mode. In English, this basically means your audio is perfectly synced with the video, so you can comfortably watch movies, music on your TV or PC.

    In the Transmitting mode, the TROND BT-DUO is connected to the audio OUT port of your TV, iPod, e-book reader or laptop. The next step is to then pair to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers and enjoy. The audio is in-tune with the video and in high fidelity.

    This means as a receiver, you connect to the audio IN port any 3.5 mm cable device, for instance, wired headphones, earphones, speakers or the car’s audio. This essentially converts all these devices into Bluetooth devices. Pair to the device using your tablet, smartphone or laptop and play away.

    With an outstanding full battery life of up to 8 hours, you can go with it anywhere, all day, every day. It takes 2 hours to fully power up from 0, which you’ll know once the LED keeps on flashing in red. Once you attached the device to a quality USB charger, the LED will remain steadily red and blink off once the TROND BT-DUO is fully powered. So small, yet so handy; this is without a doubt a steal.


    • It comes with all the necessary cables
    • It is practically weightless
    • It offers a consistent Bluetooth connection
    • It doesn't have a built-in microphone 
    • Cannot transmit to the car’s Bluetooth system
    • Can't perform live sound monitoring

9. Baile Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

    Best Affordable Bluetooth Transmitter

    This tiny powerhouse is designed to perfectly blend with your personal everyday use. Despite its size, the Baile Bluetooth Transmitter still satisfies all your usual Bluetooth transmitter requirements. It has the aptX Low Latency technology, eliminating any to all audio delay. Listen to the best audio quality in the market, perfect synchronization of the audio to the visual.

    It can be used as a receiver with a Bluetooth equipped device as the source of the signal, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are good examples. Using the 3.5 mm audio cable port, connect your headphones, earbuds or external speakers and party!

    However, as a transmitter, the device’s audio port is linked to that of devices that do not support Bluetooth connectivity. Once you toggle into transmitter mode, the devices stream audio across 2 speakers/headphones simultaneously.

    In addition to all this, Baile still has one more trick up their sleeves. And it is a big deal. 

    Besides the 3.5 mm jack, this TX/RX also sports TOSLINK optical linking, with a cable input and output on the edge of the device-head. This means it transmits both audio and video from your TV output to your audio system. You’d think with all these functionalities the 6 cm by 6 cm Bluetooth box would stumble in terms of battery power. You would be wrong. With up to 15 hours of playtime without charging. This is a daily must-have just for sheer convenience.  

    • It offers great value for money
    • It is very easy to operate
    • It lives up to the 15 hours of battery life advertised
    • The instruction can be a bit tricky to follow
    • It does not come with its own USB charger
    • You have to pair the device each time you use it

How to Choose The Best Bluetooth Transmitters – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Bluetooth transmitters are a must in today’s increasingly connected world. Used to connect two different devices wirelessly at the push of a button, these devices have multiple uses. They can either be used to connect two Bluetooth devices or one with Bluetooth capability and another one without. It can be a TV and speaker, laptop and a mouse or camera and laptop. Whichever way you choose to use them, the best Bluetooth transmitters are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Where Did Bluetooth Technology Originate?

Bluetooth technology has been with us since 1989 when it was invented by scientists working for Ericsson Mobile. They chose to name it Bluetooth in memory of Harald “Blatland” Gormsson, a 10th-century king who brought Christianity to tribal people in Denmark and helped unite the country.

However, the technology did not gain mass application until 1997 when Intel brought the scientists behind it on board. Their work was to market and publicize the technology. The popularity of this technology rose slowly until it became a standard feature in all kinds of electronic devices. Today, you are unlikely to find a gadget that doesn’t incorporate Bluetooth.

What Differentiates A Bluetooth Transmitter From Bluetooth Receiver?

A Bluetooth transmitter is a different device from a Bluetooth reciever, even though there are some products that come with both. The work of a Bluetooth transmitter is to connect a device without Bluetooth capability with a one that is Bluetooth enabled. For example, your TV may not be Bluetooth enabled. To give it that capability, you will a transmitter to it. Then, you will connect the headphones to the transmitter via Bluetooth. That way, you will hear the sound of the TV in your headphones.

On the other hand, we have a Bluetooth receiver. Its work is to connect a Bluetooth enabled device to one that isn’t enabled. For example, your speakers might not be Bluetooth enabled. That means it needs a Bluetooth receiver to work with your laptop. The good thing is that many of the devices on the market can transmit just like they can receive. So, if you need a device that serves both purposes, you may want to get a dual-mode one.

How Is A Bluetooth Transmitter Used?

With a Bluetooth transmitter, you can turn virtually anything into a smart device. It can be used in the car, home, and office. The following are some of the ways you will find a Bluetooth transmitter useful.

  • File Transfer: Most Bluetooth users like to transfer files between different devices, especially phones and computers. With Bluetooth, there is no need to connect a smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. It is also unnecessary to send an email containing the files to yourself. You can save a lot of time transferring files using Bluetooth. It is basically an effortless process compared to alternative technologies.
  • Tethering: If you want to tether data from one device to another, the quickest way to do it is to use a Bluetooth device. You can use it to create a hotspot or Wi-Fi connectivity. As long as your hotspot device is Bluetooth-enabled, it will provide a quick way to connect your laptop to the internet. Yet, it is also very simple to do. When using Bluetooth to connect your devices, you will also be in a position to save the battery life of your phone.
  • Audio Streaming: With a Bluetooth transmitter, you can seamlessly pair your devices with speakers. Thus, you can pair your speakers with your music player, TV, smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop. That’s especially if your devices do not have built-in Bluetooth capability. When your devices are connected, you get to listen to music while relaxing on the patio at home. The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity is almost endless.

What Are The Features To Look For In A Bluetooth Transmitter?

Have you decided to buy a Bluetooth transmitter? If you don’t know what you are getting into, you may find it extremely hard to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. What are some of the features you need to pay extra attention to?

The Transmission Range

Depending on how wide you want the connection range to be, make sure you choose the appropriate Bluetooth transmitter. The range is usually dictated by the class in which the device falls. As such, you may find a Class 1 or Class 2 transmitter. The former is has a range of up to 330 feet or 100 meters.

Class 2 Bluetooth transmitters, on the other hand, has a range of 33 feet or 10 meters. If you want something strong enough for use in the home, buy a Class 2 transmitter. For s substantially larger range, you are better off with a Class 1 transmitter. However, the full transmission range can only be attained where there are no obstacles blocking the line of sight.

The Number of Supported Devices

The best Bluetooth transmitter is one that is designed to connect with various types of devices. It shouldn’t just be one that connects one device. For example, it should be capable of working with different devices like tablets, smartphones, printers, headsets, keyboards, and wireless mice.

That way, you will be able to use it on different devices and in varied settings. Once you are through with it on your laptop, you can easily transfer it onto your TV set and get going.

Bluetooth Compatibility

In addition to supporting a wide range of devices, a Bluetooth transmitter should also be compatible with different types of machines. In short, it should be capable of pairing with devices using different operating systems.

It should connect with ease to both Macs and Windows computers. That would remove the need to buy different Bluetooth transmitters for the various devices in your possession. Narrowing down to Windows, the device should be capable of supporting different versions of the OS including Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

The Version Of The Bluetooth Protocol

Since it first came to the fore, there have been different versions of Bluetooth technology beginning with version 1.1. That was the first Bluetooth protocol brought to the market. As technology has become more advanced, the newer versions of Bluetooth have been created to be faster by multiple times than the previous ones. For example, the current Bluetooth 5.0 is considered 2.6 times faster than version 4.0. Bluetooth 5.0 can transmit data at a speed of 2mb/s and also has an enhanced range.

To have a good transmission speed, you should always check that the device you are buying has the latest Bluetooth protocol.

A Multi-Functional Button

As stated earlier, there are several Bluetooth devices which act both as a transmitter and receiver. Thus, they are known as two-in-one Bluetooth devices. While multi-functionality is great, it is important that the devices that have a simple button to switch between the transmitter and receiver functions.

This button also serves as a power button. When you press once for a few seconds, you will power the device on/off. Once the Bluetooth transmitter is turned on, you can use the button to switch from one functionality to another.

Battery Consumption

Since you will need the power to use your Bluetooth transmitter, it is important that you check the battery life and consumption. For these devices, the battery life may range from 7 hours to 15 hours. If you are a frequent traveler, then you need a device with the longest battery life. That way, you won’t worry about the device running out of power after a few minutes of use.

Importantly, buy a device you can use while charging. This removes the need for switching off a Bluetooth transmitter, simply because it has run out of power. If are using it a Bluetooth speaker, you will keep listening to music non-stop. It should also be easy to charge your device using a USB cable. In short, it shouldn’t be a must for you to have a charger for the device. Rather, it should be easy for you to charge the device by plugging it into a PC, laptop, or TV set.


As you can see, buying a Bluetooth transmitter is simple if you know what you are looking for. But first, you need to be sure what you are going to use it for? If it is a wide variety of devices, then you should make sure that it is compatible with all of them. But that doesn’t make the other features less important. In fact, a good Bluetooth transmitter should have all if not most of the features discussed in the buying guide. Make a wise buying decision.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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