Best Bread Machines To Help You Bake Food at Home

Making your own bread at home comes with so many benefits. It’s much cheaper, healthier, and fresher, and can literally be adjusted to suit your particular taste after all. But that’s the good side of it. The challenging side? Well, bread making can be a daunting task. In fact, in the past, it was a sacred task delegated to only the experienced bread makers.

But trust modern-day technology to come to the rescue. Anyone can now make restaurant-style bread from the comfort of their kitchens. You no longer need to spend all that time kneading the dough and waiting for your bread to rise in like 5 different complex stages. You don’t even require the use of one whole bulky oven to make one loaf of bread. A nice bread machine will do all this for you.

A quality bread machine will cover all the hard requirements that might have otherwise made you crazy in the cooking process. Just like using a rice cooker, you’d simply need to add ingredients of your choice and select your specific kneading and baking movement, and that’s it! Simply layback, and you’ll have your bread in no time.  The machine is suitable for a variety of bread, whether whole wheat, gluten-free or raisin bread — the choice is up to you. You can even use it to make dough for your pizza or rolls.

The best makers are those that are easiest to use. Finding one like this may be a cumbersome affair, which is why we have done our research to bring you a list of the best bread machines today.

Top 10 Bread Machines of 2020 Reviewed

1. Hamilton Beach 2 lb. Digital Bread Maker

    Best Digital Bread Machine

    Everyone appreciates freshly prepared food. To be sure of what you put in your mouth each day, you need a bread maker at home. The Hamilton Beach 2 lb. Digital Bread Maker is one of the best when it comes to the preparation of fresh bread you and your family. This machine removes the guesswork out of the bread-making process. It mixes the dough for you and produces bread at the touch of a button.

    Hamilton Beach 2 lb Digital Bread Maker

    The reason this is the best digital bread machine is that it makes the work very easy for you. It has a total of 12 settings that enable you to make all types of bread. So, you can set it to produce sweet, quick bread, French bread, and so on. In addition to bread dough, the machine is also capable of making pizza dough, jams, cakes, croissants, and flatbreads.

    For sure, this is a machine you would want to add to your collection of kitchen appliances. As for the bread, you are free to make a choice between dark crust, medium, and light varieties. The delayed timer has been included so as to ensure you have fresh bread when you walk into your home. For all lovers of fresh bread, this machine is a must-have.


    • Has a total of 12 settings
    • Can be used to prepare several types of bread
    • Comes with a delayed timer
    • Some people received it incomplete
    • A costly bread machine
    • Poor customer service

2. SKG 2LB Automatic Programmable Bread Machine

    Best Multifunctional Bread Machine

    If you are looking for a convenient bread machine, you should consider the SKG 2LB. this is an automatic, programmable machine that has settings that enable you to make bread in the quickest way possible. But that is not all there is to this machine when you change the settings, you will also be able to make many other types of bread.

    SKG 2LB Automatic Programmable Bread Machine Multifunctional Bread Maker

    In addition to being able to make three different bread types, this machine has an assortment of crust settings. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to choose the crust color you want your bread to have. The digital screen makes it very easy to use. Through it, you can choose a setting you wish to work with. So as not to break for too long, the machine has a 15-minute power interruption recovery feature. It is able to pick up from where it left when the power comes back on.

    It is not one of the best multi-functional bread machines for nothing. One of the best things about this machine is that it can keep the bread warm one hour or less after baking. The top lid is ergonomically designed to make it easy to use. Through it, you can see the ingredients as they drop into the machine.

    • Can produce different types of bread
    • The loading lid is ergonomically designed
    • Has a 15-minute power interruption recovery
    • The pan cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher
    • Not suitable for use with metal utensils
    • The variety of bread is limited

3. Hamilton Beach 29885 Artisan and Gluten-Free Bread Maker

    Best Gluten-Free Bread Maker

    If you are into a gluten-free diet, you should find a bread machine that can actualize your aspirations. The Hamilton Bean 29885 allows you to make bread in three easy steps. You only need to add the ingredients, select the cycle, and press “start”. The machine will produce your bread in no time. It can produce 3 bread sizes, depending on what you want. You choose between the 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound loaves.

    Hamilton Beach 29885 Artisan and Gluten-Free Bread Maker

    This machine comes with a total of 14 settings so that you can choose the exact kind of bread you want. For example, you can make a choice between the rise, artisan, whole grain, gluten-free, and so on. Tell the machine what you want and it will give it to you. As for the crust, you can choose between the dark, medium, and light options.

    If you plan to eat your bread much later, you can use the delay timer to ensure that it is ready when you want it. The reason this is the best gluten-free bread maker is that it has an easy-to-read LCD display. Through it, you can see the settings as you move from one to another. It has a non-stick stainless steel interior pans which lift out so that you can easily remove the bread.

    • Baking happens in three simple steps
    • Has a non-stick interior
    • Comes with 14 different settings
    • Comes with 14 different settings
    • Reports of the paddle coming off
    • Smokes when the dough reaches the heating element

4. Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker

    Best Fast Bread Maker

    Zojirushi is reputable for producing some of the fastest bread machines in the industry. This particular model has a rapid mode, which produces bread within 2 hours and 25 minutes. That can either be wholemeal or white bread. If you want your bread much later, you can use the 13-hour delay function to make that possible.

    Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

    Among the settings that come with this machine is the gluten-free function. Other settings include the sugar-free, salt-free, whole wheat, and so on. That means you can choose the kind of bread you want the machine to produce. It is much better than having to eat a loaf of bread from the grocery store, which claims to be one thing when it is not.

    For easy and convenient operation, this machine has an LCD display. Using it, you will have a very clear idea of the kind of settings you are working with. The lid has a convenient keypad, which makes it easier for you to select the setting you want. It is also possible for you to choose how light or dark you would like your crust to be. If you have never used a bread maker before, this easy and convenient machine if the best place to begin.

    • Has fast bread-making speeds
    • Has multiple settings
    • An easy-to-read LCD display
    • Aluminum paddles not long-lasting
    • Tends to produce a lot of noise
    • Some crust settings produce unbaked bread

5. MasterChef Bread Maker 2-Pound Programmable Machine

    Best Affordable Bread Maker

    Whatever kind of cooking you do, you need to precisely measure the ingredients. With the MasterChef Bread Maker, that aspect of your cooking is well covered, thanks to the included measuring cup. Once you have measured your ingredients, you can choose one of the 19 settings according to the kind of bread you want. If you want, you can even program the machine to produce any jam you wish to have.

    MasterChef Bread Maker

    With the best affordable bread maker as part of your collection of kitchen appliances, you will never have a reason to buy the flat-tasting bread from the supermarket. It is capable of making a 2-pound loaf of bread, which is big enough to feed a whole family.

    There are times when you will want to eat your bread much later. Say, you are headed to the office and you want a ready loaf of bread when you return. The machine has a 13-hour delay timer, which you can use for precise timing. You will also like the fact that the machine has a viewing window, through which you can see the ingredients as you add them and the bread as it gets baked. If you need the bread to be warm when you eat it, you can use the keep warm function to achieve that.

    • Comes with 19 settings
    • Can bake a 2-pound loaf of bread
    • Has a convenient viewing window
    • Reports of display light never coming on
    • Complaints of machine stalling completely
    • Tends to be noisy

6. Cuisinart CBK-110 Bread Maker

    Best Compact Automatic Bread Machine

    One thing that discourages people from baking bread at home is the whole process of kneading the dough. For the uninitiated, it can be a very tedious process. That’s the reason you need to buy the best compact automatic bread machine. The word “automatic” means it is able to process bread from the kneading to the final product without your input. All you have to do is feed it with the ingredients, turn it on, and it will do the rest.

    Cuisinart CBK-110 Bread Maker

    This machine makes it possible for you to choose among three shades of crust color, the dark, medium, and light. It also has up to 12 pre-programmed settings so that you are able to choose the type of bread you want. Since it is fully-automatic, this machine is easy and convenient to use. With the 13-hour delay function, you can have fresh bread when you want it.

    Through the viewing lid, you will be able to monitor the progress. It is easier to see inside the machine, thanks to the interior light. That way, you will be very sure of what is happening inside. It has a vertical baking pan, which is very convenient to use.

    • Has 12 pre-programmed settings
    • Can produce 3 crust colors
    • The lid has a viewing window
    • Tends to produce airy bread
    • The included recipes don’t seem to work
    • On a fast cycle, you get a 1.5-pound bread

7. Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, White

    Best Programmable Bread Maker

    If you are looking for a budget-friendly bread machine, you are in the right place. The Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker costs much less than some of the machines featured here. Yet it is the best programmable bread maker, given its great features. For example, this machine has the ability to baking a 2-pound loaf of bread in the quickest time possible

    Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, White.

    For those in need of bread within the shortest time possible, the express bake cycle makes that possible. However, if you want your bread much later, you can use the 13-hours delay timer. As such, you can input the ingredients, turn on the machine, and program it to produce bread when you come back from work in the evening.

    This machine is easy to operate. With a push-button control panel, you can easily change from one setting to another. The LED display makes it easier for you to see the 12 settings as you change them. It is a non-stick baking pan, which is convenient for on-the-go baking. You don’t have to be a baker to use this device, given that it comes with an instruction book complete with recipes.

    • Can bake a 2-pound loaf
    • Has an express bake cycle
    • Comes with an LED display
    • Reports of mixing paddle stopping abruptly
    • May not fit in some kitchen cabinets
    • Poor customer service

8. KBS Stainless Steel Bread Machine

    Best Stainless Steel Bread Machine

    One of the best things about the KBS stainless Steel Bread Maker is its unique design. The reason we call it the best stainless steel bread maker is the clever combination of stainless steel and tempered glass design. Apart from being attractive to the eye, it is also highly durable. With this machine expect healthier and tastier bread.

    KBS Stainless Steel Bread Machine

    There is a lot you will love about this bread machine. For once, it has an intuitive touchpad, which is easy to use. The 15-hour delay timer makes it possible for you to get ready-made bread when you need it. For instance, you could delay the baking until you come back from the grocery store. It also has a keep-warm function, which automatically turns on every after an hour. However, the most impressive feature is the 15-minute power interruption recovery feature, which ensures the machine keeps working when the power comes back on.

    It has an intelligent ingredients dispenser, which releases nuts and fruits automatically when they are needed. All you need to do is set the time using the touch-pad control panel. Using this machine, you can bake a 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound loaves of bread in up to 17 preset programs.

    • Comes with a beautiful design
    • Has a power interruption recovery function
    • Has up to 17 settings
    • Reports of low wattage than stated by the company
    • A malfunctioning touchpad backlight
    • The kneading paddle doesn’t work well

9. Oster Bread Maker | Expressbake, 2-Pound Loaf

    Best 2-Pound Loaf Bread Machine

    If you are looking for the best 2-pound loaf bread machine, think about buying this particular product. For once, it an affordable bread machine, which is capable of working extremely fast. Also, it can make a 2-pound loaf of bread without trying too much. If you have a large family, the Oster Bread Maker is what you need to buy.

    Oster Bread Maker

    How do you like your crust? Is it light, medium, or dark? With this machine, you get choose the color of the crust you want. It also has up to 12 bread settings. You can use it to make nothing but your favorite jam. The Expressbake function comes in handy if you want your bread fast enough.

    This machine has an intuitive keypad, which when combined with the LCD display, helps this machine to give you great user experience. Apart from the bread settings, it is also possible to program the machine to start producing bread at a later time. All that is made possible by the 13-hour delay function.  The package includes a spoon and a measuring cup. If you want warm bread, you can use the keep-warm setting.

    • Has 12 bread settings
    • A fast 2-pound loaf machine
    • An intuitive keypad and LCD display
    • Poor customer service
    • Reports of temperature sensing failing
    • Has deceptive settings

10. Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

    Best Custom Loaf Bread Maker

    This is the best custom loaf bread maker for various reasons. Key among them is the fact that it can bake four different bread sizes – the 1-pound, 1.5-pound, 2-pound, and 2.5-pound varieties. The machine comes with an automatic nut or fruit dispenser. Thus it will be able to add fruits or nut to your bread at the precise time throughout the mixing process. It makes it possible to have healthy bread almost hassle-free.

    Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

    The Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Maker has an LCD display with a handy progress indicator. It displays 3 crust colors, 13 bread settings, and 4 loaf sizes. With that, it is easier to choose the precise setting you want.

    It uses a voltage range of between 110 and 120 volts. The mixing paddle is uniquely collapsible and is capable of thoroughly mixing ingredients before collapsing at the start of the bake phase. This makes it nearly impossible for the bread to develop a hole at its base. It comes with up to 46 step-by-step recipes such as gluten-free, sweet, yeast-free, whole wheat, and so on. Simply choose the one you want, input the ingredients, switch it on, and it will produce the bread for you.

    • Can bake up to 4 bread sizes
    • Has a collapsible mixing paddle
    • Includes 46 bread recipes
    • May take up a lot of counter space
    • Tends to be wobbly and unstable
    • Reports of poor customer service

Choosing The Best Bread Machine – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying a bread machine is a totally different ball game from buying other appliances in your home. If you have never used one before, you might not understand the features that define a good bread making machine. That is why we have come up with this buying guide to help you make the right choice. It’s a worthy investment!

How Often You Bake Bread

When buying a bread maker, you need to ensure that it is able to meet your baking needs. That’s why it is important to ask yourself how often you wish to bake bread. For example, you may wish to bake bread daily, weekly, or monthly.

A good bread machine will enable you to have all the bread you need when you need it. If you intend to bake often, buy a machine that is resilient enough to withstand daily use. However, for occasional baking needs, a light machine will do the trick.

The Size Of Bread

Baked bread may come in different sizes. For example, there is the 1-pound, 1.5-pound, 2-pound, and 2.5-pound bread sizes. If you are alone in the house, a machine that produces a 1-pound loaf will be great for you. Larger families may require machines that can produce 2-pound or 2.5-pound loaves of bread.

Luckily, there are all sorts of machines that can deliver these bread sizes. Some models even have the capacity to produce all four bread sizes. All you need to do is to set the size you want. In short, the bread size you require should determine the kind of bread machine you buy.

The Shape Of The Bread

What’s in the shape of bread? To some people, that is an important consideration that they cannot ignore. Some like their bread flat, while others would prefer a vertically shaped loaf. For those who like their bread horizontal, buying a machine with two mixing paddles is the way to go.

If you like a vertically-shaped loaf of bread, a model with a single kneading paddle will do just fine. In fact, most of the models on the market have single kneading paddles. They are cheaper, compact, and space-saving.

The Settings

One of the most important considerations when buying a bread machine is the type of settings it has. Pay attention to that. Ask yourself what settings you need now and in the future. Buy a simple bread machine if all you want is to bake normal loaves. However, if you want more sophisticated settings, make sure you invest in the right machine.

Machines with multiple settings may have between 12 and 17 distinct ways of making bread. With such machines, you can prepare gluten-free bread, pasta dough or pizza dough.

Key Features Of The Best Bread Machines

Buying a bread machine is not just a function of the factors we have already discussed. There are certain features you must look at before settling on a particular machine. They include the following:

  • Baking Time: Some machines have the Fast Bake or Rapid Bake options, which ensure you get your bread as fast as possible. If that’s what you want, why not? A machine that is capable of producing bread within the shortest time possible is great if you cook on-the-go. It speeds up the process and produces bread in no time.
  • Kneading Paddles: Kneading paddles are usually found at the bottom of the bread tin. Their work is to knead the dough until it is good enough for baking. Bread machines may have one paddle or two of them. Some may have mixing paddled for pasta dough or pizza dough.
  • Bread Pan: Many of the bread machines on the market come with a removable bread tin. This makes it possible for you to effectively clean the bread machine. It also eases the bread extraction process. All you need to do is to lift the bread tin, and the bread will be out.
  • Delayed Timer: You might wonder why you need a bread machine with a delayed timer. This feature allows you to get fresh bread at the right time. For instance, you can go to get and when you wake up, a fresh loaf of bread will be waiting for you. All it takes is setting the delay timer, which can take as long as 15 hours in some models.
  • Programmability: The best bread machine will have several programmable options. With these settings, you can have different types of bread from the machine. Don’t worry about how easy or hard it will be to use such a machine. Most models have reliable user manuals to give you the required guidance.
  • Keep-Warm Option: There are several machines that come with an option that enables to maintain the temperature of the bread once it is cooked. For example, this feature may allow you to set the machine to heat your bread every hour until you eat it.
  • Noise: Some bread machines are so noisy that people have complained about it. With such a machine in your kitchen, you may not be able to sleep peacefully. Read reviews from past users to know the kind of machine you are dealing with.
  • Alarm: An alarm on a bread machine can turn you into an expert baker. When you hear the ringing sound, it will be possible for you to add key ingredients at the right time. So be on the lookout for a bread machine with a dedicated alarm.
  • Viewing Window: Through a viewing window, it is possible to see what is going on inside the machine as the bread is made. You also have the opportunity to monitor the baking process and know when the baking process is going well. You can also check out the color of the crust.


So, what kind of bread machine do you want? Take note of the fact that the best bread machine is one that is capable of serving your needs hassle-free. Pay attention to the buying guide to ensure that the machine you buy is the right one. We have carefully selected some of the best bread machine in the market, allowing you to pick a good option for your home needs.

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