Best Canopy Weights to Hold your Tent Down

Being outdoors is so much fun. Imagine the many things you do while outside! A lot, huh? You can get so much done –  be it fun or outdoor work assignments. Some of the stuff includes; taking photos, camping, picnicking, dining, and so much more. The only thing we have no control over when outdoors is the environment and its factors. While outdoors, you will most likely need a tent, canopy, or shade because of elements such as rain, strong winds, direct sun, and a lot more. But most canopies, tents, or stands may need canopy weights to hold them in place.

Canopy weights are great to have as they will keep your canopy in place and save you the hustle of having to hold it when there is wind, rain, or sun.there are so many canopy weights in the current market, we have reviewed the best canopy weights for you. We hope that you will find one that matches your style and meets your needs. Included herein is a buying guide that will break down what you need to consider when buying a canopy weight.

Top 10 Canopy Weights of 2020 Reviewed

1. ABCCANOPY Industrial Grade Weights Bags

    Best Canopy Weights with PVC Coating

    Enjoy the best of the outdoor life with no worries. The ABCCANOPY industrial-grade weights bag. Your tent, canopy, or sun shelter will be held to the ground firmly by these weight bags. It comes with 4 weight bags that hold up to 20-25 pounds of sand, silt, or rock. The bags also fit an array of leg sizes where they attach from 15mm to 50 mm. you only need to do is fill the bags with sand then attach it to each leg of your tent.

    ABCCANOPY Industrial Grade Weights bags

    Made from polyester fabric with PVC coating, the ABCCANOPY weights are long-lasting. Also, the material is waterproof, making it an excellent pick. The weights are perfect for all surfaces and have no outdoor limitations. The bags are 300% stronger than most bags and a good outdoor companion. The bags, however, do not come with sand and will require you to get sand and fill in the bag

    • Stable canopy bags
    • Bags are made from waterproof material
    • High maneuverability
    • Does not come with sand
    • Seams of the bags may rip off
    • The bags have no seal to keep the sand in place

2. Eurmax Weight Bags for Pop Up Canopy

    Best Canopy Weights for Pop Up Shelters

    Make the best of your outdoor memories all day all season. You no longer have to worry about the winds blowing your tent away or being on toes ready to hold down the tent. The Eurmax weight bags are superb for holding your canopies in place. The set of 4 weight bags  will stabilize any canopy or gazebo.the bags are durable and will be a while before you change them.

    Eurmax Weight Bags for Pop up Canopy

    The Eurmax weight bags can be filled with sand, silt, or gravel. They are well designed with a lock system for securing it well on the canopy legs. The bags are made from high-quality material that works well for you. the bags when filled weight between 30-35 Lbs

    • Easy to assemble
    • Sturdy
    • Great value for money
    • No sand included
    • The seams of the bag could rip open
    • No fold over so the sand could spill out

3. US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights 

    Best Canopy Weights for Outdoor Umrellas

    Secure your tents, canopies, and umbrellas with the US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights. These weights are interlocking to enhance their ability to secure your tents.the wights are eco friendly and made from recycled materials. They are then filled with safe iron cement. It comes as a set of 4 pieces. All you need is to lock them at the canopy legs.

    US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights

    The US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights weigh about 40 lbs, each weighing 10lbs.they are easy to transport as they come with a carry strap and a storage handle. This also helps you transport them with ease.they are enhanced with interlocking pince design.

    • Made from eco-friendly material
    • Durable
    • Stable
    • Customers reported missing straps
    • Difficult to put to the canopy legs
    • Some clients find them heavy

4. Eurmax 112 LBS Extra Large Canopy Weights

    Best Canopy Weights for Heavy Tents

    Outdoor life under a tent or canopy just got better with the Eurmax extra-large Canopy Weights. The set of 4 mono-shock sand weights will surpass your expectations. They will secure your shade or tent in place as you enjoy the beauty of the moment. Strap the filled sandbags to the legs of the tent and let the wights efficiently hold the tent in place.

    Eurmax 112 LBS Extra Large Canopy Weights

    Each Eurmax canopy weight weighs about 28lbs. The bags don’t come with sand, and you have to fill them. It comes with a handle and straps for securing the bags. The weights are easy to use and convenient too.

    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy to use
    • Sturdy
    • The seams may burst open when bags are filled
    • It does not come with sand
    • Sand may spill out since there's no fold over on the bags

5. ABCCANOPY Heavy Duty Premium  Weight Bags 

    Best Canopy Weights for Gazebos

    Feel and enjoy the outdoor calm under your tent or canopy by securing it with the ABCCANOPY weight bags. This set of 4 bags is more than you need to secure your shelter safely. They hold up to 40 lbs of sand, gravel  or silt. Feel confident as these weights will not disappoint you.

    ABCCANOPY Heavy Duty Premium Weight Bags

    The ABCCANOPY Heavy duty canopy bags have a hook and loop that is attached to each bag. This is to help you wrap the weights around the legs of your canopy. This ensures a firm hold. Your canopy can withstand strong winds and other weather elements, thanks to the ABCCANOPY weights.

    • Durable
    • Easy to use
    • Weight bags made from great quality materials
    • May not hold heavy canopies sufficiently
    • Does not come with sand
    • The seals may be faulty and may rip open

6. Goutime Canopy Weight Bags 

    Best Two Cylinder Canopy Weights

    Discover the all-purpose Goutime canopy weight bags. Its an incredible pick and designed to hold your tents and outdoor umbrellas in place, saving you from the undesirable weather elements like strong winds. The weight of filled weight bags is 40 lbs and this is adequate to secure your canopy.

    Goutime Canopy Weight Bags

    Each Goutime canopy weight bag weighs around 10lbs when filled up with sand silt or gravel. The bags are double cylinders with double seams for durability and strength.each bag has a hole that can be used to contain the canopy leg giving you a firm hold. Bags are made from high-quality materials

    • Two cylinders double seamed for durability
    • Easy to use
    • Unique
    • Does not come with sand
    • May not be adequate for large canopies
    • May tear after prolonged usage

7. Caravan Canopy Sports 10001200011

    Best Canopy Weights for Photo Booths

    Whether you are setting up your beach tent or want to hold your outdoor photo booth in place, the Caravan canopy sport will not disappoint you at all. The set of 4 magnificent pieces is a high performer. All you need is fit the canopy weights at the base of your canopy legs, and you are good to go. Holds well on any surface.

    Caravan Canopy Sports 10001200011

    The caravan canopy sport canopy weights are made from eco-friendly materials. It’s then filled with cement. It has a rubber coating that prevents scratching of the surface—ideal for hard surfaces. The canopy weights are durable, and great performance is guaranteed.

    • Durable
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install
    • May not hold well on very strong winds
    • The holding area may allow some movements
    • May not work well for very heavy canopies

8. Quik Shade Canopy Weight Plate Kit

    Best Custom Made Canopy Weights

    Worried that the wind will blow away your canopy and ruin your time outdoors? Worry not because the quick shade canopy weight plates will hold down your tents as you have fun. It has a set of 4 discs each weighing 5 pounds and combined work efficiently for you.

    Quik Shade Canopy Weight Plate Kit

    The quick shade canopy weight is custom made to fit most canopies, and all you need to do is to fit the disc at the base of the canopy legs. The durability of the weights is unmatched and are great value for your money.

    • Durable
    • Hold down the tent in case of strong winds
    • Custom made to fit most canopies
    • May not be suitable for very heavy canopies
    • It allows some movement for canopies with small diameter legs
    • May not hold when winds are super strong

9. Super Heavy Duty ABCCANOPY Sandbag

    Best Canopy Bags for Large Tents

    Your outdoor life will never be the same again. The super heavy-duty sandbag will firmly hold your canopy down and prevent strong winds from blowing it away. It has dual interior compartments for stability. It comes with 4 sandbags that are made from high-quality material.

    Super Heavy Duty ABCCANOPY Sandbag

    Each sandbag holds a weight of 25lbs, and the combined weight is adequate to hold ant type of canopy down. It has a double zipper design for extra security. Its made from polyester design and can last up to 5 years. The saddlebag design will blow your mind away.

    • Quality polyester material
    • Large in size and carries a lot of sand
    • Long-lasting
    • Does not come with sand
    • The bags may tear following prolonged usage
    • May not withstand very strong winds

10. Ohuhu Canopy Weight Bags

    Best Canopy Weights for Small Tents

    Ohuhu canopy weight bags are a definite win for your canopies. Uniquely made from double-stitched quality fabric, these bags will go a long way. They are long and wide, giving then more stability. They are dual zipped to secure the sand safely. Each bag comes with a hook and nail for easy attachment.

    ohuhu canopy weight bags

    The ohuhu canopy weight bags come with anchor points that ensure that the canopy is securely attached to the is well suited for bigger canopies. They are more stable. These set of bags will hold an adequate amount of weight to withstand any kind of weather.

    • Made from great quality materials
    • Double stitched bags
    • Can withstand extreme weather
    • Bags do not come with fillers
    • The zip may weaken and rip off when fully loaded
    • The handles may tear off

How to Choose The Best Canopy Weight – The Ultimate Buying Guide

When relaxing outdoors under a tent or make shift canopy, you want to be sure that your shelter will hold even when heavy winds blow. Placing a stone or pebbles at the corners can be risky and unreliable. However, investing in canopy weights will provide you with an efficient way to support the weight of your shelter regardless of the weather around you.

Considerations when Buying Canopy Weights


The material is a great determinant of buying a canopy weight. Strong material will  be able to withstand the weather elements. Whether you prefer plastic or polyester at the end of the day you want a canopy strong enough to hold your canopy to the ground sufficiently


There are different types of canopy weights with varying costs. Work with your budget to get a quality canopy that will hold your canopy in place


Buy a canopy weight that will last you long enough before the next buy. A canopy weight that secures your tents well and protects it from damage is a pocket saver in the long run


The canopy weight you pick should have enough weight to be able to hold your canopy in place. You should also consider the weight and size of your canopy to determine what canopy weights you will need and the sufficient weight


The design of the canopy weights heavily determines the kind of canopies it will support and how it will perform. Aim towards buying the canopy weights that will suit your canopy.


You need your canopy to hold still and allow you to have fun without worrying about the very strong winds that may blow it away. You thus need the best set of canopy weights to ensure firmness. With so many different canopy weights in the market, ensure you buy one that meets your style and preference.



Written by Adrian Dimakis

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