Best Cat Hammocks to Spoil your Feline Friend

Cats can be anxious and perplexed sometimes. Just like you need to relax and have some peace of mind, your little furry friend also deserves that! Yes, you feed it well and you’ve got a perfect shelter for her, but that’s not enough. You need to go the extra mile and get it a nice hammock that will offer it an elevated perch to survey their kingdom.

A cat hammock allows your pet to relax and remain elevated as they take a nap – they love that! There are options that can be attached to the window, giving your cat a birds-eye view on the outside environment. There are also cool models that can be attached to the chair or mounted on the wall. If you can afford it, you can get one that doubles as a cat tree and a hammock. They deserve it!

If you are looking to step up your game and get your little furry friend a nice napping place, read on and discover some of the best cat hammocks in the market. You will love them!

Top 10 Cat Hammocks of 2020 Reviewed

1. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

    Best Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

    Looking to give your cat extra comfort way above the ground? This elevated cat hammock is what your cat needs to relax to the maximum. To make it easy for your cat to reach the hammock, the product features a pair of scratching post pillars. It is the best cat scratching post and Hammock, given the plush nature in which it is constructed.

    AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

    With this product, you will not have to worry about your cat causing damage to your carpets, curtains, furniture, and furniture. The scratching posts are made from natural jute fiber, which enables the cat to maintain the health of its nails. Additionally, the entire is made to last for a long time. It comes in natural colors, which perfectly combine with your home décor. Thus, you can place the hammock in your living space to create a centerpiece upon which your visitors will concentrate.

    • Comes with a pair scratching post pillars
    • Made to be durable and long-lasting
    • Features natural color tones for great home décor
    • The posts tend to be wobbly and unstable
    • Protruding screws mat scratch the floor
    • Reports of it arriving damaged

2. Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

    Best Comfortable Cat Hammock

    A window-mounted hammock, this is considered to be the best comfortable hammock. To mount it to the window, you will use the giant suction cups. Your cat can then climb into it and relax to uttermost comfort levels. This product is completely cruelty-free and is approved by the Humane Society. This is a tough hammock that is made from super-tough ¾-inch PVC plastic pipe. Expect it to support your cat no matter how big it is. The cables that connect the suction cups and the plastic pipes are made of steel. That is one of the reasons it is expected to last for a long time to come.

    Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch

    To clean this hammock, all you need is some soap and water. It is cleaned the same way you would handle garments. The fabric might be rugged and meant for the outdoors, but it is still extremely easy to clean. The good thing with a cat sitting next to a window is that it can scare away unwanted animals such as squirrels.

    • The PVC pipe is strong
    • Hangs on durable steel cables
    • Made from a rugged but easy to clean fabric
    • Reports of the suction cups giving way
    • May turn out to be more expensive
    • Lacks scratching posts

3. PETPAWJOY Cat Bed, Cat Window Seat Suction Cups Space Saving Cat Hammock

    Best Perch Window Cat Hammock

    How about a hammock that makes it easier for your cat to rest and bask at the same time? Measuring 22 by 12 by 1.5 inches, this hammock can be hanged at a clear window where it can let in the sunshine. It is made for cats with a maximum weight of up to 30 pounds. That means virtually any cat can perch onto it, take in the view outside, and bask in the sun. It is held in place by a breathable cord made from oxford cloth. For extra comfort in winter, it is best to add a mattress.


    Given that it hardly sits on the floor, this is a space-saving hammock. All you need is a little space inside your window to make your cat comfortable. Don’t worry about this hammock coming loose and falling down with your cat. In fact, it comes with industrial-strength 3.3-inch suction cups, which hold tightly onto the window. Your cat can jump in and out of it and never fall

    • Features strong stainless steel cords
    • The breathable oxford cord helps in temperature regulation
    • Can carry cats of up to 30 pounds
    • Has no scratch posts
    • The cat is required to jump in
    • Might be costlier than normal

4. Pidan Cat Hammock Cat Lounge Beds for Indoor Pet Wooden Frame Hanging Beds

    Best Indoor Cat Hammock Cat Lounge

    Made using a simple design that easily blends in with the rest of the home décor, this is the best indoor hammock cat lounge. With this product, your cat will have no reason to sit and relax anywhere else. The fabric is a fine blend of cotton and linen. It is scratch-resistant and can bear a large load of up to 22 pounds. But it is not the weight-bearing capacity that is the most attractive feature of this hammock. It features a fine frame, which is polished with wax to prevent splinters and the growth of mold. What you get is a firm but smooth surface.

    Pidan Cat Hammock

    Each of the four corners of the frame has an anti-slip patch on the bottom. This ensures that the hammock stays in place when the cat is climbing on it. Given its unique but simple design, the hammock perfectly blends in with any kind of home décor.

    • The fabric is a blend of cotton and linen
    • Has a wax polished frame that won’t splinter
    • Features anti-slip patches to ensure it stays in place
    • Some parts may not fit perfectly together
    • Lacks scratching posts
    • May snag when used by a playful cat

5. NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch Window Hammock Cats Kitty Safety Bed

    For a hammock with suction cups that can hold up to 30 pounds in cat weight, this product is a must-have. It really doesn’t matter how hard your cat jumps into it. It holds steady and resists all kinds of pressure that could break it. Thanks to the heavy-duty suction cups, this hammock is extremely easy to mount. All you need to do is to firmly press the suction cups onto a smooth, clean glass window.

    NOYAL Cat Resting Seat

    The hammock itself measures 21.25 by 12.625 by 1.5 inches. It has a stainless steel cord, which is 26 inches in length. The suction cups are 3.3 inches in diameter. But all of that doesn’t mean much if the cat is not comfortable. This hammock is made from a breathable oxford cloth, which helps in regulating the cat’s body temperature. In winter, you may have to add a mattress to help the kitty keep warm. It is suitable for helping your cat bask in the sunshine and get great views of the green outdoors.

    • The breathable oxford cloth helps in temperature regulation
    • Can carry cats with a weight of up to 30 pounds
    • Easy to install
    • Doesn’t come with scratching posts
    • Requires a mattress in winter
    • You have to remove the cover to clean

6. Pestages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post

    Best 2-in-1 Scratching Pad and Hammock Lounge

    One thing about two-in-one products is that they keep your cat comfortable in two ways. Firstly, they provide the cat with a great and comfortable way to relax. Secondly, they provide the cat with a great scratching surface. That’s exactly what you should expect from the best 2-in-1 scratching pad and hammock. It features an elegant “X” design, which enables you to fold it away for storage when not in use.

    Petstages Cat Scratcher

    With this product, your cat has a great surface on which to stretch, curl-up, and even scratch. That way, your kitty gets to develop in all significant ways, while avoiding to unnecessarily damage your carpets, curtains, and rags. Its sturdy frame ensures great support for the cat while resting. Your cat’s interest is likely to be captured and maintained, thanks to the handy catnip. Due to its elegant design, this cat hammock can fit in with any kind of home décor.

    • Both a hammock lounge and a scratching pad
    • Includes a handy catnip
    • Foldable and easy to store when no longer in use
    • The two pieces may not necessarily fit together perfectly
    • May not be strong and durable enough
    • Reports of it not sitting straight

7. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Hammock Perch

    Best Cat Window Hammock Perch

    If you are looking for a window perch that promises to keep your cat soft and comfortable, but this particular product. It is made from a super-soft foam, which is covered using faux lambskin. The foam will give your cat maximum comfort when the time to relax comes. As for the cover, it is removable and washable, all at the same time. With this product, you will be able to provide your cat with a seat next to a sun-drenched window. While at it, your cat will also enjoy the great views of the outdoors.

    K&H Pet Products

    This hammock can support a maximum weight of up to 40 pounds without balking or breaking down. Installation is completely tool-free. As long as you have a 2-inch window sill, you will find it easy to install this hammock. It comes with ¾-inch wide and 8-inch long legs. As a testament to the great workmanship that goes into making it, this product comes with a one-year limited warranty

    • Sturdy enough to carry the heaviest cats
    • Doesn’t require tools to install
    • The foam is soft and comfortable
    • The one-year warranty is limited
    • Comes without a scratchpad
    • Not suitable for small windows

8. PERSUPER Elevated Cat Beds Cat Hammock

    Your cat deserves to sleep on a bed that is capable of providing it with maximum comfort and protecting its spine. This product is the best elevated cat hammock bed, given the high-quality, comfortable materials from which it is made. Besides, the slight bend in the hammock increases the comfort levels and makes it the best resting place for cats with a weight of up to 15 pounds. The cat can play or rest in it without getting hurt. If anything, it is much better than sleeping on the floor.

    PERSUPER Elevated Cat Beds

    It features an elegant design that is bound to perfectly blend in with the rest of your home décor. If you need extra storage space, this hammock comes in handy as far as that is concerned. Under the hammock, you can store small toys for your cat to play with. Since it is elevated, the hammock ensures greater air circulation to help in regulating the cat’s temperature.


9. Trixie Baza Grande, Baza Senior, Scratching Post, Cat Tree with Hammock

    Best Cat Tree with Hammock

    Sometimes it is good to let your cat do the hard work of climbing and accessing the hammock. That is the whole idea of having the best cat tree with hammock. This product is basically a cat tree with two climbing posts. Your cat can climb any of the scratching posts before reaching the hammock. The posts are wrapped in plush, soft, long-haired fabric, which protects the paws from damage.

    Trixie Baza Grande

    One thing about the natural sisal wrapping is that it is durable and hard to damage. It is also easy for the cay to climb. When it comes to the hammock, it features a metal rim which ensures extra support for the cat. In it, your cat will relax without the danger of falling off. it also comes with a pom pom toy to keep the cat entertained.

    • The hammock features a plush, soft, long-haired fabric
    • The hammock is supported by a metal rim
    • A pom pom toy to entertain the cat
    • May not support the heaviest cats
    • Reports of it coming without the right screws
    • Some cats get bored with it

10. CUSSFULL Cat Hammock Bed Comfortable Hanging Pet Hammock Bed

    Best Hanging Pet Hammock Bed

    How about buying a cat hammock with two sides – one for hot and the other for cold weather? This is the best hanging pet hammock bed. It has high comfort levels that ensure your cat gets well-rested. The hanging design is convenient, uncomplicated, and easy to install. You may hang it on a chair using a hood or attach it onto a cage or crate corner. Just like that and your cat will have a working bed.

    CUSFULL Cat Hammock

    When it comes to cleaning, this hammock is machine washable. If that is not possible then you can wash it using your hands. All of that, hassle-free. Unlike the other hammocks which need to be put on the floor, this particular one greatly economizes on space. As long as you have two chairs or crates, you will always find a place to install this hammock.

    • Features a strong, easy-to-wash fabric
    • Has two sides to be changed according to the season
    • Saves a lot of space
    • Doesn’t have a scratching pad
    • Reports of straps breaking unexpectedly
    • May not be suitable for heavy cats

How to Choose the Best Cat Hammock: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Among the reasons you should buy a cat hammock is to make your home more attractive. However, enhancing the levels of comfort for your cat should also be a good reason. If anything, cats enjoy it when they are able to sway on the hammock. But you have to make sure that you buy the right cat hammock. To achieve that, you may want to pay attention to the following aspects.

Type of Cat Hammock

There are several types of cat hammocks that you might want to consider buying. They include the following:

  • Hanging Hammock Bed. A hanging hammock bed will feature straps at the end of a fabric bed. The straps are used for attaching to objects like chairs, kennels, and so on. Some of them have faux wool tops to provide additional comfort to your cat. An important thing to consider before buying one is whether the straps can actually work with the type of object you intend to attach it to.
  • Cage Hammock. Even though similar to the hanging hammock, this particular one is meant to be hanged inside the cat’s cage. It is the best hammock to buy if your cat mostly stays in a cage. Instead of staying on the floor of the cage, it will get some entertainment as a result of this hammock.
  • Stretched Wall Hammocks. This is one of the best cat hammocks when it comes to enhancing your home décor. However, it is not just for show. When your cat feels like relaxing, it can simply climb on top of it. With this hammock, your cat will have to jump from one place to another. That way, it will exercise its body and stay healthy.
  •  Burlap Shelves. Cats love staying in lofty places. Instead of buying a cat hammock, you can erect a burlap shelf on one of your walls. Burlap shelves have scratchy surfaces on which the cats can hold firmly. Also, the cat may rub its ears and face on the rough surface for extra comfort.

Important Considerations When Buying Cat Hammocks

In addition to looking at the type of cat hammock, it is important to consider the several features that define a cat hammock. The following are the key considerations to pay attention to.

The Fabric It Is Made From

Cat hammocks can be made using different types of fabric including wood, cotton, cardboard, and polyester. The fabric you choose will depend on your cat and how you intend to use the hammock. Of all the fabrics, cotton is the most lightweight and durable. So, it would be great for keeping indoors. If you want a cat hammock for the outdoors, a wooden one will do just fine.

Does It Provide Multi-Tower Activity?

It is not enough to provide your cat with a hammock. Whether it has a scratching board capable of multi-tower activity is also important. That way, the cat will be able to nap, sleep, exercise, and play without leaving the hammock. But that depends on how active the cat is. If it likes napping throughout the day, you can get for it a soft hammock made from cotton.

How Strong Is It?

In order to ensure that your pet is protected from freak accidents, you should ensure that the hammock is stable enough. If the hammock is a shaky structure, then your cat may fall off. That means that the hammock should be strong and durable. It shouldn’t be something that easily breaks down when the cat jumps onto it. Check the material from which it is made as well as the straps. All of these should be strong enough and hold firmly in place to prevent freak accidents.

The Size of the Hammock

Another important feature is the size of the hammock. Essentially, it should be commensurate with your pet’s size. If the hammock is too small, the cat is likely to fall and get injuries. If too big, the cat may not feel safe lying in it. And, it is not just how big the cat is. Rather, weight also matters. As such, you ought to pay attention to the hammock’s weight limit.

How Will It Be Mounted?

It is important to know how you are going to attach the hammock. Some cat hammocks come with nothing but straps. Others are composed of an entire system that includes toys and scratching posts. Still, there are others that are nothing more than a cat’s bed attached inside the kennel. Whichever cat hammock you choose, make sure that it is capable of serving the needs of your pet.

Does It Require To Be Assembled?

There are a number of cat hammocks that come ready to be mounted. These require little or no effort when it comes to assembly. However, there are others that may require you to assemble them. If you opt for such, then you should ensure you like DIY things. If you don’t, then a simple task might take you ages to complete.

Style and Color

Just like the fabrics, cat hammocks can be made from different colors and styles. In this case, you should choose a color and style that appeals to you the most. Importantly, it should complement or blend in with your interior design. Also, make sure that the style works perfectly for your pet. Ask yourself if your cat likes the color. If so, go ahead and buy the hammock.

How Do I Maintain My New Cat Hammock?

In order to extend the life of a cat hammock, you need to maintain it in the right way. While at it, do not assume anything. Since every hammock comes with the manufacturer’s instructions, this is the best place to start. Luckily, quite some of these products can be washed in a machine. Also, check out for the parts that need to be wiped so as to get rid of debris.

Why Do Cats Love Hammocks?

Cats feel great when they take a nap or sleep inside a hammock. Not only do they greatly enjoy themselves but they also feel extremely comfortable. Here, they have a territory that even you cannot claim. For homes with a dog, the hammock serves as a safe haven for the cat. Here, it can have a lot of peace of mind.


It takes time and hard work to find the right cat hammock. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially if you know the features to look for. Apart from accommodating the cat’s size, the hammock should also be capable of carrying its weight. Also important is where you want to set the hammock. With all of these things in mind, you should find the right cat hammock in no time.


Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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