Best Desk Lamps for Study and Office

Remember the time when you had to strain through the night trying to study for that final exam? While some would use the standard room lighting in such circumstances, others would prefer to go for desk lamps for better visibility and less strain. The current digital dispensation has seen the society drift away from the tradition pen and paper format of study. However, this does not mean that the role of the desk lamp has been rendered useless.

As much as you may not always be lunched over your desk going through a pile of papers, once in a while, you will see the need to have a desk lamp for those occasional sessions. In fact, a desk lamp can still come in handy when using a computer too as it helps reduce the strain on your eyes.

The necessity of these lamps, therefore, has seen so many brands come up. Each one of these come with claims of offering the best lighting and convenience. As such, it can be overwhelming, trying to figure out the best option. Well, you need to worry no more as we have done all the ‘donkey work’ by reviewing and comparing the various options available in the market, and here are the top ten desk lamps that you can bet your money on.

Top 10 Desk Lamps of 2020 Reviewed

1. TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp

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2. Etekcity LED Desk Lamp

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3. Newhouse Lighting LED Clip-on Light

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4. Lampat LED Desk Lamp

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5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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6. TaoTronics TT-DL13B LED Desk Lamp

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7. Kootek Clip On Book Lights

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8. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

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9. Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy

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10. Globe Electric 56963 Metal Clamp

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How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp – Buying guide

Getting the right desk lamp can be one of the most defining factors to how best you work in your library, office, or study room. Apart from helping with good lighting, these lamps can also prove to be the best companions in terms of creating the right environment to work. As such, a good desk lamp ought to have the perfect combination of form and function. Before you consider going for a desk lamp, however, there are a few fundamental questions you will need to answer:

Where will you be placing the lamp?

Well, as much as it may seem obvious that the lamp will be placed at the desktop, its exact position matters a lot. By determining the best spot for your lamp based on your surrounding setting, you will be well on your way to getting the lamp the fits specific features. This action will help you narrow down to specific features that will make it much easier and convenient to use the lamp in that particular setting.

How will you use the desk lamp?

The specific function of the lamp also matters. Are you going to use the lamp to study? Go through documents or type away on your computer? These are also the pertinent questions that will help you get to the right desk lamp. In fact, others would simply need a desk lamp for decorative purposes. It is therefore crucial that you fully understand the function before you set out to go shopping.

What is the prevailing mood of your room?

As you may already know, different lamps have different lighting designs, brightness, and color. In most cases, lamp users tend to focus more on the form and function of the lamp at the expense of their rooms overall mood. As much as you may be looking for a lamp that fits your specific purposes, it is also important that you go for one that complements the current mood, décor, and color schemes of your room.

Considerations when buying a desk lamp

Type of desk lamp

With the popularity that desk lamps have enjoyed over the years, new brands and styles are mushrooming by the day. As a matter of fact, the market is currently full of various types of desk lamps. However, these lamps can be categorized into two basic types; traditional and contemporary style. The type you will go for will depend on the function or design. Traditional style lamps feature classic designs that have always been used from way back. However, their classic look still keeps them in the market. On the other hand, the contemporary style lamps have been crafted with modern technology in mind. They feature polished metals and come in sleek designs.

Wattage and bulbs

When you talk of lamps, one thing that immediately comes to mind is light. This aspect tells you how important it is to consider the type of light that your lamp illuminates. In most cases, this will be dependent on the purpose of the lamp. If you are looking to use the lamp for décor, then you are better off going for one with lower wattage.

However, if you are looking for a lamp to help you in your study, then a much brighter lamp will suffice. Most importantly, go for a lamp that has its bulb covered completely by the shade. This helps avoid cases of eye irritation due to direct lighting.

Generally, incandescent bulbs are known to offer a much brighter and clearer light. On the other hand, LED desk lamps offer energy-efficient and much versatile options.


One of the main reasons why you may be looking for a desk lamp is that you need a light source that can be moved around and adjusted as needed. With an adjustable lamp, you are in a better position to fine-tune the direction, intensity, and position of your light based on specific tasks at hand. When it comes to adjustability, there are various options to co. These may include swiveling heads, boom arms, swing arms and goosenecks.


When it comes to desk lamps, size matters, and this will be dependent on your working environment. For instance, small desks will work well with clip-on lamps. Alternatively, you may opt for lamps with small bases as these will be economical on space at your desktop.

If you are working with larger desks, however, go for a lamp with extra reach. deThis may be in the form of the swing arm or architect design. In other cases, you may go for additional light sources to ensure full coverage.

As a rule of thumb, always go for a lamp size that makes it possible to position a little higher from head level but with the light out of your eyes. Going too low may mean reducing the coverage area, and too high may result in the light becoming too diffused.

On-Off switch positions

A desk lamp should not be too complicated to operate. It should give you an easy time as you set out to concentrate more on the task at hand. As such, you may need to consider a lamp with conveniently positioned on and off buttons. The best on-off switch options you can go for include base switches, pull chains, and touch operation lamps.

Multiple functionality

As much as you may be looking for a desk lamp to specifically help you out with lighting, getting one with even extra functionalities won’t hurt. For instance, modern desk lamps feature a built-in USB port. This ensures that you conveniently charge your Smartphone or any other mobile gadget with ease as you get on with your study or writing. You may also find other desk lamps with other additional electrical outlets that will offer you even more functionality.

Base and shade

The base and shade of your desk lamp are probably some of the most notable features in a desk lamp. Always go for a lamp with a stable base. This ensures that it remains put even in cases of minor disturbances.

On the other hand, the shade of your lamp should be relatively sized but never wider than the table. Usually, a semi-opaque paper or fabric offers a warm glow while an opaque shade helps you easily minimize glare. For traditional homes, a conical shade will suffice, but modern homes may do much better with drum shades.


When it comes to desk lamps, the materials you go for will depend on what you will use it for and the environment used. Lamps have always come in a variety of materials. For the traditional styles, glass and ceramic are more common while most contemporary desk lamps feature acrylic and metal as the base material. However, there is also a growing popularity in the use of alabaster, wood, faux shagreen, and selenite in making desk lamps.


When it comes to choosing the best desk lamps, it will all trickle down to function and design. You need a lamp that not only offers the right illumination but one that is versatile and convenient enough for your study, reading, or office tasks. Remember, it is not just about the light, but how best the lamp complements the whole setting. It is also important to consider quality, as this will determine how long your lamp will last. This factor will, however, depend on your budget, but this does not mean that you cannot get fordable quality desk lamps. With the choices above, you are in a better position to pick out what works best for you. As long as you have clearly understood the function and need for the lamp, then the rest should be a walk in the park. Get the best desk lamp today, and enjoy your study or office tasks.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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