Best Electric Scooters for Adults for Easy, Cost-Effective Commute

Scooters! Do you remember the great times of riding a scooter down the street back in the days? Boy, it was fun! We were just kids those days, and scooters were mainly designed as toys for the little ones. If someone told you then that there will be an electric version of the same ideal for the adults too, you’d have probably laughed it off. But here we are — companies have invested time and resources to build amazing scooters that actually run on electric power (not muscle power).

Also known as electric commuters, these scooters are not only fun to ride, but also eco-friendly, making them a great alternative to cars.  So whether you are looking to enjoy the freedom of open-air or simply have the urge to reduce the carbon footprint, you are right to purchase this little machine.

There’s one thing you need to do, though — find the best electric scooters for your needs. The market is flooding with these commuters, so you have to know what to consider and how to narrow down to the best option. Don’t worry, though; we have done that work for you. Read on and discover some amazing electric scooters and a buying guide to help you make a more informed decision.

Top 10 Electric Scooters for Adults of 2020 Reviewed

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

    Best Ultra-Lightweight Electric Scooter

    Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter which comes with an 18.6-mile range per charge, is the perfect choice when you want to maneuver the busy streets and commute. This scooter comes with a 250W motor which by the way is very powerful for such a device. This motor propels this scooter up to a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH. Generally speaking, this is a very safe speed for luxurious rides within a short distance.

    Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

    When it comes to portability, you can expect an easy time. Xiaomi Scooter comes with a folding design which allows you to carry it around easily when the need arises and also for easier storage at home. The weight is also almost negligent, weighing 26.9lbs. You can also expect a sturdy frame made from aerospace-grade aluminum.

    This super scooter features a double braking system for efficient and responsive braking distance of 13.1 ft. The braking system includes eABS regenerative anti-lock as well as a disk braking system. The features of this scooter, including intuitive controls and the overall geometrical design, make it very easy to learn. To cap it all, Xiaomi has won several awards for its minimalistic design including the prestigious Red Dot Award for the “best of the best” and also iF Design Award back in 2017.”

    • Features double braking system
    • Easy to learn
    • Long-range battery life
    • Long charging time
    • Could use a longer travel distance per charge
    • Needs replacement with solid tires to avoid flats

2. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

    Best Electric Scooter with High Torque Motor

    Looking for the best scooter for adults? Perhaps one with easy controls? Razor E100 comes with excellent features including blue lights that will help illuminate your way should you go riding at dusk. The lights can be activated with just a twist of the handle. This electric scooter will give you power that will help you achieve a maximum of 10MPH. 10MPH is a moderate speed for riding in the park or trails.

    Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

    For durability, Razor E100 is crafted using fork construction, and the frame is made of steel. The construction increases its durability even under tough conditions. The front wheels come with pneumatic tires; 200mm. Some of the controls for ease of operation include kick start, twist-grip acceleration and also a front brake which is operated by hand. The scooter features high torque with its chain-driven motor.

    This scooter takes a whopping 12 hours to charge and the same duration for a recharge. Once fully charged, you can expect up to 40 minutes of run time under specific conditions. The maximum charging time recommended is 24 hours. It’s also recommended that you charge the scooter for the 12 hours even when the light goes green. The overall dimensions of the scooter round up to 32.5 x 16 x 36 (inches).



    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy controls
    • Features high torque motor
    • Battery life could be better
    • Needs one to peddle before pulling the throttle
    • Does not last long

3. Hikole Scooter for Adults Teens

    Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Kids

    Looking for the best scooters for commuting with an easily foldable design? Hikole Scooter for adults and teens comes with a very portable design which includes a 3-second foldable design for carrying with you wherever you go. The foldable design suits for ease of storage as well as transportable on buses, trains, and tubes as well. Ultimately, both the bearings and the shock-absorbing system makes this scooter perfect for urban, city and suburban pavements giving a perfect glide through the smooth pavements.

    Hikole Scooter for Adults Teens

    Hikole steering comes with adjustable handlebars which are insulated with soft rubber for a firm grip as well as a three-level adjusting system to suit all heights which range 35.1 to 39 inches. This scooter is suitable for ages 12 onwards and can also favor adults as well. Hikole, which is made from aluminum alloy features rear fender brake which does not only come with anti-rust pain but also very efficient when bringing the scooter to a halt.

    The aluminum braking system helps bring the scooter to a halt with ease. Hikole scooter features an aluminum frame deck with a maximum weight of 220lbs. The 18 by 15 inches wide deck comes with a ground clearance of 4.12 inches, ultimately providing you with sufficient space for a full easy kick. The high-density aluminum alloy deck comes with maximum weight support of 100kg/220lbs

    • Features three-level adjusting system
    • Features front and rear absorbing system
    • Made from an aluminum alloy which is durable
    • Requires some effort to fold the scooter
    • Screws for the wheels don’t hold up for long
    • Requires some effort to assemble parts

4. ROCKETX 8″ Electric Scooter

    Best Commuting Adult Scooter

    Rocketx which comes with a 250 brushless motor with great performance, is the perfect choice for cruising through the streets as you catch the morning breeze. The motor features high torque with a maximum speed of 12.4 mph. This is a relatively safe speed, so you don’t have to worry about getting into accidents. RocketX features both manual and electric braking system with the manual brake on the rear and the electric one on the front.

    ROCKETX 8 Electric Scooter with Shock Absorbers, Up to 13 Miles Range, Commuting Scooter

    The scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery which has a total coverage distance of 12.4 to 15.7 miles before you have to recharge it and also takes up to 3 hours before you can achieve a full charge. This is incredible a short charging time bearing in mind that other scooters take up to 12 hours of charging time.

    Unlike other scooters whose tires have to be replaced with solid tires upon purchase, Rocketx comes with 8” front and 6.5” solid rear tires. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing the tires with new ones at your own cost. The low-level deck, which is made of aluminum alloy can support a maximum weight of 264lbs and a minimum weight of 44lbs. Therefore, if you are looking for the best portable scooters for adults and adults alike, Rocketx would make a good gift for either.

    • Quite pricey
    • Features solid rubber tires
    • Short charging time
    • Not recommended in puddles of water
    • Could use a better braking system
    • Low battery time

5. NANROBOT D4+ Pro High-Speed Electric Scooter

    Best High Speed Electric Scooter

    Looking for the best gift for your loved ones? Nanrobot D+ which comes in all-wheel drive with a duo motor is the best scooter to gift your loved ones. These dual motors feature independent traction for both front and rear wheels which ultimately provides incomparable control.

    NANROBOT D4+ Pro High Speed Electric Scooter

    When it comes to power and build, Nanrobot has two powerful motors. Each motor comes with 1000W totaling to 2000w. This scooter is coupled with 52V23.4AH lithium battery which powers this scooter for an uninterrupted 45 minutes as well as propelling it up to a speed of 40mph. Nanrobot also features 10” pneumatic tires which together with the 5-shock absorbers provide excellent shock absorption.

    Nanrobot features an emergency braking system.  This scooter comes with the standard EBS front and rear disc braking system. It is built to halt stably during emergency braking at high speeds. Carrying Nanrobot as you go has been made easier, thanks to its portable design with the folding mechanism. When folded, this scooter measures 12H*43L*8W(inch) and can easily be stored in your car’s boot. The scooter is also fitted with a bright headlight to make sure you can see where you are going during the dark hours. To wrap it up, Nanrobot features a power lock which keeps it safe while at the same time keep you in the loop on its power usage.

    • Features a power lock to address theft
    • Features two 1000w motors providing insurmountable power
    • Can reach speeds of up to 40mph
    • High power consumption of the motors
    • Low battery time at top speeds
    • Pneumatic tires don’t last as long

6. Segway Ninebot ES2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter, Dark Grey

    Best Folding Electric Scooter

    Compared to the ES1 by Segway, ES2 comes as an upgrade to give you not only more power but also extra mileage on a single charge as well as extra high speed. Segway Ninebot features a 300watts motor which propels the Kick scooter up to 15mph with a total distance coverage of 15km compared to the 10km by the ES1. Ninebot can accommodate up to a maximum weight of 100kgs (220llbs)

    Segway Ninebot ES2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter

    If a lightweight and foldable kick scooter is your ideal type of scooter, then you would be glad to know that this Ninebot measures 27.6llbs and comes with a one-click folding system which makes packing the scooter a walk in the park. You need not worry about packing it with all the other carry-ons. While trailing or walking, the ES2 is light enough for you to carry with a single hand without struggling. This makes it easy to move around with it.

    ES2 by segway will give you a comfortable ride with its large solid front and back tires which are equipped with shock absorbers for your maximum comfort. For an efficient breaking time, Segway did well to include an anti-locking mechanical and electrical braking system. This gives you an efficient, safe braking distance of up to 13.1 ft. to add on to our favorite features of this scooter, and the ES2 features an LED display, cruise control, [Bluetooth capabilities mobile app for additional firmware and security updates and also ambient light colors which are customizable. Truly, this is quite an upgrade from the ES1.

    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • App connectivity for firmware updates
    • Features an anti-locking braking system for efficient braking distance
    • Low mileage per charge
    • Low battery life
    • Could be more comfortable

7. Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

    Best Electric Scooter with High Folding Capactiy

    Looking for a fashionable scooter to cruise the streets in style?  Shaofu folding Electric Bike which adapts to the shape and form of a dolphin comes in an innovative aluminum alloy frame built in respect to young people’s interest in fashion and style. This beauty features double layer aluminum alloy wheels for durability. More so, this folding electric bicycle features Bluetooth support for android 4.3/IOS8 onwards. You can also expect app speed settings, mileage and time recording Motor locking with 123456 as the initial password and lastly, E-Bike self-test.

    shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

    The waterproof feature protects your bike on rainy days and even when cruising through puddles of water. This bike comes with a 350w motor which propels the bike reaching a maximum speed of up to 35kph. This electric bike also features a 36V lithium battery which powers the motor for up to 70km. The battery takes a whopping 4-6 hours of charging time before you can go for a cruise. The bike has an overall load capacity of up to 150kg and comes in an aluminum alloy body frame for durability. As for the braking system, you can expect aluminum alloy V brakes on the front and electric vehicle[cle brake on the rear. Shaofu boasts of a 7-speed transmission system on the rear side and comes with a bright LED headlight as well as 3-speed smart meter.

    Shaofu is no less a portable electric bicycle, much like the portable scooters. This bike features both a lightweight frame and also anti-pressure ability. This makes Shaofu fit in most trunks. This electric bicycle works very well as a daily transportation device both for fun and also for official use. It will also give you a sense of style and finesse when riding on it.

    • Great design and style
    • High load capacity
    • Great body build with durable materials
    • Could be a little cheaper
    • Low battery capacity
    • Low battery life

8. Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

    Best Smart Electric Scooter for Adults

    The Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter is just what you need to maneuver around your area or commute to work.The scooter boasts of a 451 W brush motor that can cruise up to speeds of 17.4 mph which is a great speed to enjoy your ride. With a maximum capacity of 164 pounds, you can get to enjoy a safe ride everywhere you go. The built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to pair your devices and listen to your favorite music as you move along.

    With two strong wheels at the back and front, you will enjoy unrivalled stability due to the 10 inch air filled tires. Better yet, the scooter boasts of a foldable design that helps with easy transportation and storage. Its 30 cell Li-ion Lithium battery stores a lot of charge and the scooter is easily charged using the included charger. The scooter has LED lighting and display which makes it attractive.

    If you are cautious of the effects on the environment, you’d be glad to know that this scooter is environmentally friendly.  The Hover-1 rates zero emissions which makes it eco-friendly. So if you are up for some fresh air, this is a great way to start. Should you need to charge your smartphone or tablet, the USB port will come in handy. If you are looking for the best scooter for commuting, then the Hover-1 will amp up your commute.

    • Features 30-cell Li-ion long lasting battery
    • Features an LED headlamp for cruising in the dark.
    • Easy to fold and very portable
    • Low mileage
    • Low battery capacity
    • Motor power could be better

9. T, i anRun R3S Electric Scooter

    Best Electric Scooter with Dual Breaking System

    What better way to glide through traffic, and commute than with the black R3S TianRun electric scooter. This electric scooter comes in an ultra-light body made from carbon steel for durability. The scooter is ready to carry in a matter of seconds with its automatic foot-activated fold mechanism. This makes it very easy to carry around should not be riding it around.

    T i anRun R3S Electric Scooter Foldable Carbon Fiber Commuter E-Scooter Bicycle for Adult Teenage

    Despite its simple structure, don’t expect less than stable and quality performance. This R3S comes with front shock absorbers for a smooth glide through the busy streets. Its features 8-inch front wheel and 6.5 inches rear wheel which is also durable and very light as well. It’s 248watts motor distributes power throughout the rear for a powerful thrust during the onset of the ride.  This motor can propel the scooter up to a speed of 20km/h with a total driving mileage of 12-25km on a full charge depending on the conditions.

    The R3S comes with a battery capacity of up to 24V 4.0Ah China/5.2Ah LG/8.0Ah  with a charging time of 2-4 hours for a full charge. The recommended angle of elevation for the scooter is 20 degrees upon which a higher angle will result in the scooter dysfunctioning. The scooter also features an LED display for crucial information like battery capacity. For great braking, the R3S features dual braking system with the electric brakes on the front and the mechanical brake on the rear wheel. For a more comfortable ride, from wheel features shock absorbers. TianRun also offers intelligent option system like Bluetooth connectivity, safelight, and also rear light.

    • Features dual braking system with electric and mechanical systems
    • Durable bodybuild using carbon steel
    • Low charging time
    • Low mileage
    • Low speeds
    • Low battery and motor capacity

10. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

    Best Lightweight Electric Scooter for Adults

    If you are looking for better ways to glide through your commute, Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter will give you just that, and even more. This adult electric scooter comes with a top speed of 15mph and also a range of 15miles per charge. This will make your commute time more worthwhile.

    Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

    From running errands to sightseeing, rushing for classes and getting through your neighborhood,  Glion Dolly comes in handy. It features a few seconds fold and will practically fit almost anywhere, whether it’s a suitcase, in your closet, hanging it behind your door or at the boot of your car. With just 3.5 hours, this electric scooter will be ready for a spin in a matter of seconds.

    Glion is crafted using aircraft grade aluminum which is powder-coated to prevent rusting ad also corrosion. The 8-inch tires feature a honeycomb interior which hardly goes flat. Glion boasts of a smooth, secure braking system. An anti-locking brake s securely fasten inside the rear motor.

    The controls of this scooter are all water-resistant and very easy to use. The handlebar features twist grips of which, the right one is used to accelerate and the one on the left hand for braking. The scooter comes with a bell. The total weight of the scooter is 28 pounds and is very easy to fold with its foot-activated mechanism.

    • Features aircraft-grade aluminum body build
    • Features 8-inch tires with honeycomb interior for durability
    • Features anti-locking braking system
    • Low battery capacity
    • Low mileage per charge
    • Could have a better design

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Electric scooters come in handy not only as a source of fun for kids but also alleviating the hustle and bustle of rushing to and from work, bus station, lunch break, or when cruising the neighborhood. For the novices in the art, browsing for a scooter may as well feel like buying a car.

We understand it doesn’t become any easier, trying to decide on which scooter is best for you and your loved ones. Especially if you don’t have technical details at your fingertips. So we are going to look into some of the things you should probably keep in mind when looking for the best scooter for commute and you will be well on your way.

What is the ideal price?

Electric scooters come with alternating features and values that affect the price of each one of them. The quality and features of each scooter improve as the price goes higher and for that reason, you don’t expect to buy sports all road scooter for $200 bucks. You’d have to dig deeper into your pockets. Let’s look at various classifications.

  • Budget (Under $300)

Scooters in this category are recommended for light activities. With this kind of budget, don’t expect anything more than just shady breaking system, low power motor, poor battery life as well as poor body build. Regardless of the fact, if this is your budget, then all hope is not lost. There are pretty good scooters out there in the market which are worth your while.

  • Budget Commuter ($300-$600)

Scooters in this category are crafted to handle shorter distances and can withstand the conditions that come with a commute. They have a reasonable range as well. This scooters have a relatively short lifespan and demand several maintenance activities year in year out to keep them in shape. Also, they are best suited where your commute is flawless, relatively flat and smooth. One Key feature about them is that they are super light and you can carry them by hand just like a skateboard. This way you can maneuver around with them without any hassle.

  • Commuter Premium ($600 to $1200)

With this category, everything is bigger and better. The wheels are larger, and the motors are larger and more powerful, the breaks can be any better than this and the batteries, well, more power for a better, longer ride. However, for this upgrades, there’s a catch, the upgrades weigh down on the portability of the scooter as the size increases making it more heavy and also somewhat difficult loading it onto vehicles or carrying it around with ease.

  • High-Performance Scooter($1200+)

In this category, scooters cost a little bit more than the rest ($1200+), and you’d have to dig deeper into your pocket to take one home. The scooters in this category have the best of everything a scooter has in terms of the build as well as the best performance in exception of one criteria, portability. This has exceptional motors, at times even dual motors and can reach great speeds of up to 40mph. They come with superior batteries which last long for greater mileage of up to 40 miles. They also feature great suspension and hydraulic braking system for exceptional performance. They also feature-heavy wide tires suited for both offroad and on-road conditions. They are pretty heavy about 50lsbs.

At this point, we bet you have a rough idea of where you fall in this category and the kind of budget to prep for before you hit the road. If the scooter is for basic home use like for kids, then you probably want to invest in the budget and budget commuter with the latter having the biggest user base. In these two categories, you can get something worthwhile to keep your kids entertained.

Motor:  Should you go for the big or small?

It’s a rule of thumb that cheap is expensive and especially for heavy investments such as the electric scooters. Electric scooters come in several motor power range starting from 200watts up to 6270 watts. So, what is the determiner for the motor power you need? The purpose and use of the scooter and also the context for use. If the scooter is going to be used by an adult, then you probably 250watts and beyond. This will work best in areas with relatively flat areas and minimal slopes. For more steeper hills, 350watts to 500 watts will do. More powerful motors will give you both more power to climb the hills and also top speeds for longer distances

Is top speed priority?

Speed is not always a priority for most provided the scooter can vamp up to 15mph. It is a regulation that scooters go no more than 15mph in some municipalities. It beats logic to say that 15mph is a good speed for a scooter using a bike lane. It will get you wherever in good time if you plan yourself well. In case you can’t shake off the hype of getting a superspeed scooter, we’d advise you make sure you are all geared up for a safe ride.

You should wear your helmet at all times when riding a scooter regardless of the speed.

You will need good mileage!

Mileage by in this context means the distance covered by the scooter per charge. Of course, this varies a lot, depending on the battery size and power. The cheaper models come with the batteries which means you have less distance to cover per charge and vice versa is also true. In the industry, it is a rule of thumb that you should slash whatever the manufacturer states concerning mileage into a half. They are fond of overestimating the range by 30%, to say the least.

You are also familiar with the concept that with time, products diminish, losing out their value, especially batteries. So with time, the more you push the scooter the limit, the faster it loses its value, especially the battery. Good thing though, you can always kick the scooter even after it has lost its battery power. So look for one with a good battery if you have to cover longer distances.

Weight:  How Heavy is too Heavy?

This is a big factor to keep in mind when considering a scooter for whatever reason. If you are looking for commute scooter, then you will be carrying it with you most of the times. You, therefore, would be better of going for something that you can comfortably carry around in your hands when not in use. Remember, you will probably be walking up a flight of stairs, or during a bad weather day or even have a company. In each of these scenarios, you will need a scooter with negligent weight.

Scooters which come with a range of 15miles mostly weigh about 25lbs. Going for a scooter above 30lbs will most likely cause more trouble than good for commute purposes. Whether they come with extra accessories like a set of wheels for pulling behind you like a cart or even shoulder straps will help yes, but will be rendered useless when you are going up the stairs or loading it onto a vehicle. As you decide on what works best, run to the stoor and test a few dumbells to see what works for you.

Braking system:  Are you looking for an instant stop? 

There are different categories when it comes to breaking system. These breaks work for both front wheels, rear wheels or even on both tires. We have listed them in order of their efficiency starting from the least to the most effective. They include:

  • Electric: These types of breaks are generally weak and need auxiliary breaks to work well when traveling at 15mph.
  • Foot: Foot brakes work by pressing your foot against the rear fender. This causes it to rub against the wheel, consequently making it slow down up to a halt. Though it is also not the most effective method, this type of brake system is far more efficient compared to the electric system.
  • Drum: This types of brake systems are found embedded in the interior of the wheel. They demand lower maintenance compared to other braking systems.  They are also very consistent in the way they work even in wet conditions.
  • Disc:  these types of brakes are the most effective and are also very light. They have a lot more stopping power than any other. They are usually featured on high-performance scooters and premium commuter scooters. However, it’s not unlikely to find them in higher quality budget-friendly scooters.

We recommend that you get a scooter with the right braking system for your needs. Some will come with more than one braking system to complement the other.

Suspensions: A comfortable ride means everything!

Suspension in scooters works the same way they do in vehicles. They are effective in making the ride comfortable and smooth by smoothing out bumps and indentations along the road. Lack of good suspensions or even none at all, especially if you are using solid tires will render you having a very bumpy ride. Should you be planning to cover long distances with your scooter or even cover rough terrain, we strongly advise you get a scooter with suspensions. These suspensions are usually featured on the front wheel, back wheel or even both wheels in some of the models. Generally, premium commuter scooters feature either front or rear suspensions.


Much like bicycles, scooters also come with headlamps which are essential especially after dark hours. It is therefore important to make sure that your scooters feature both the headlamps and tail lights especially if you ride a lot after dark. Since it is not a paramount feature on this scooters, it would be advisable to have these features added to your scooter by purchasing alongside the scooter. If it is not possible to have the tail lights on the scooter, attaching on the back of the helmet would work as well.

Tires: A flat tire vs a bumpy ride

For scooters, tires come in two varieties. These include the following:

  • Pneumatic: these types of tires are the ones you add air. They usually feature a tube inside. They are effective shock absorbers and are equally recommended for their traction even during adverse weather conditions. However, these tires require more maintenance compared to their airless/solid counterparts. They are prone to getting punctures and hence repair costs as well as refilling air whenever depleted.
  • Airless: these types of tires do not come with any maintenance costs. However, the downside is that they are inferior in every way you can think of. If you have a scooter with these types of tires, having a very strong suspension system should be your ultimate priority.

A pneumatic tire is a sure bet in most categories of scooters in exception of the budget category where solid tires are more common.


It is a wiser decision having a maintenance plan In place before purchasing an electric scooter. Reason being, some electric scooters do not have spare parts in place. What does this mean for you? You may be obliged to send the scooter back to the manufacturer. Again, maintenance infrastructure for scooters is not a sure bet, so you may end up having to repair the scooter yourself.

You may find that once in a year, or after every 600 miles, you will most likely need to take your scooter for maintenance checks. Some of the parts that frequently need maintenance include wheels for flats, Brakes for pads and brake adjustments and also broken or lose fenders.

Things  to be Attentive to When  Purchasing the Scooters

  • Battery capacity: The battery should be able to last long enough to get you to your destination. Battery capacity will also determine the range of the scooter. Should be able to have the range that will cover your entire commute.
  • Weight/Portability: The scooter should easy to carry if you are planning to buy a commuter scooter. If it is too heavy, it will become a burden instead of alleviating the hustle of commuting.
  • Braking system: The brakes should be effective enough depending on how you will use the scooter. Be on the lookout for disc brakes which are the most efficient.
  • Motor power: The Motor will determine whether you will be able to maneuver through commute on that terrain. If the terrain is sloppy, you should acquire a more powerful motor.


Scooters are a great investment and require little maintenance when properly used. We have covered the basic about scooters and their pros and cons. Are you confident enough to browse for one? You should be! We have also looked at some aspects to keep in mind before you dive deep in your pockets and invest a lump sum for a scooter. Be sure to keep in mind the category of scooter you would like to purchase, the battery capacity, the power of the motor in wattage and also types of breaks installed.

Will you need to carry the scooter around in your arms? If the answer is yes, then be sure to settle for one that is less than 30lbs that way it will be easier to move around with it when you are not gliding through town with it.  Keep in mind the maintenance plan before you purchase any scooter and you will be well on your way to a fantastic experience with the best scooters for adults.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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