Best Heavy Punching Bag For Your Training Sessions

Heavy punching bags are the real deal when it comes to training your muscles for any reason. You can take out your aggression after a long day; sweat buckets and torch those extra layers of fat; relieve your stress, and, of course, have fun! If you are a boxer, MMA fighter, or practice Muay Thai, these bags will not only tone your muscles and make you more powerful, they will also give you that confidence of a badass!

No question, heavy punching bags are ideal equipment for any gym as they provide an awesome workout. But finding the best option for your needs can be a challenge considering that these bags are built for different users and come with different designs. To save you hours of research, we have compiled the best heavy punching bags to make your training worthwhile.

Let’s take a look

Top 10 Heavy Punching Bags of 2020 Reviewed


1. Dripex Adult & Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

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2. Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

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3. RDX Punching Bag Filled Wall Bracket

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4. Ringside 100-Pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

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5. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

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6. Ringside 100-Pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

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7. Meister 100lb (45kg) Filled Heavy Bag for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai

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8. Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

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9. Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Stand with 100-Pound Powercore Heavy Bag

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10. FDW Heavy Duty Punching Bag Boxing Stand

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How to Choose the Best Heavy Punching Bag – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Everyone involved in boxing and martial arts would understand the importance of having a working punching bag. When you punch and kick a punching bag, it feels like you are engaged in a fight with an actual opponent. That’s because, unlike the air, punching bags have density and weight. It is the best way to master all forms of techniques, no matter the contact sport you are involved in. You also get to know when your punch or kick lands in the wrong way.

However, you cannot just pick any punching bag. It should be heavy enough to help you learn how to strike targets with kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. To buy the right punching bag, there are a number of things you ought to consider. They make it easier for you to sift through the many available manufacturers, brands, shapes, and dimensions.

Is It Off The Right Quality?

It may seem more appealing to buy a cheap punching bag but you would end up regretting when the bag fails to meet all your expectations. While it may cost a little bit more, a high-quality punching bag is a way to go. Whether you are into boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai, your punching bag must just be good enough to give you a memorable training experience.

What Kind Of Filler Does It Have?

One of the most important features of a punching bag if the filling material. While some bags come filled, others are only covers which must then be filled. Basically, those that come already filled are better than those which are empty. They work well for use in training for boxing and so on.

Importantly, look at the type of filler the bag has. In most cases, punching bags are filled with all manners of shredded materials. Those that come unfilled tend to be soft and supple in the beginning but once the material settles down, they harden and become uncomfortable to kick or punch. So, why don’t you save time by going for the pre-filled punching bags?

Pre-filled bags may contain all forms of materials including water, fiber, foam, and sand. Let’s examine each of these materials one as a time.

  • Sand: If you are looking for a punching bag with the strongest resistance, you should try one with sand inside. This is the best material for fighters who have been in the game for longer. These bags help in power training. Since sand tends to settle down and dry, it requires regular shaking and turning.
  • Foam: When it comes to making the punching bag comfortable to hit, foam fillers are perhaps the best. The good thing with foam bags is that they hardly move as you pound them. As such, you will have a more reliable punching bag in all conceivable aspects.
  • Fiber: You might be surprised by the number of manufacturers using fiber as a filling material for punching bags. Fiber makes a bag feel regular in many aspects. Such punching bags are the best for Muay Thai, MMA, and beginner boxing. You will appreciate the high resistance levels it affords.
  • Water: Water filling is perhaps the most convenient material than the rest. It is easy to empty when moving to a new home of the gym and refill when you get to your destination. In fact, there are a number of athletes who believe that filling a punching bag with water makes it more real than anything else.

What Material Is It Made Of?

Another important factor is the material from which the punching bag is made. While some materials are soft to the feel, others are durable and flexible. The biggest determinant of the price of the punching is usually the material from which it is made. We discuss some of the most common materials for making punching bags.

  • Plastic: It sounds surprising, but there are a number of punching bag brands which rely on plastic outer covers. In most cases, punching bags that hold water are better off fitted with a plastic outer. To prevent injuries, manufacturers usually use rubbery, dense materials.
  • Leather: If you insist on buying a leather punching bag, you should be prepared to pay much more. However, leather punching bags are the best when it comes to a great experience during the training session. You may punch or kid the bag hard, but it will still hold its place.
  • Synthetic leather: If you can’t afford genuine leather punching bags, why don’t you try one with a synthetic outer covering? That kind of leather might be less expensive but it feels more like genuine leather. The only thing that needs to be right is the filling materials used.
  • Canvas: Canvas is another one of the affordable punching bags. After all, the canvas is one of the cheapest materials for making punching bags. Since the bag is likely to be unfilled, you will have to choose an appropriate filling material.

Things to Be Super-Attentive To

  • Does the punching bag come with any extras?
  • After hanging the bag, will you have enough space?
  • How stable is the punching bag when pounding it?
  • Is the height adjustable or not?

What Size Of Punching Bag Do You Need?

When it comes to the activity for which it can be used as well as the convenience of use of a punching bag, size is key. For once, size affects the weight of the bag. But that’s not all. The height of a punching bag can determine whether you will be using it for boxing of other activities. Shorter punching bags with a wider diameter are the best for boxing. However, the tall, slender bags are great for MMA and other martial arts.

The reason you should choose a correctly sized punching bag is that it makes it possible for you to practice all the key techniques.

How Much Does The Punching Bag Weigh?

The weight of a punching bag really matters. If you are looking for a bag to punch hard and kick with a lot of force, buy one that’s a little bit heavier. With a heavy punching bag, you have something to absorb the impact. For the kids, a light one will do just fine.

How is it shaped?

For the unaccustomed, differentiating two punching bags from each other is a tough task. Even for bags that look similar, you will find certain fundamental differences since they are made by varied manufacturers. Settling on a particular shape might be hard but it is possible to get a shape that really works for you.

Is It Stiff And To What Extend?

Is the punching bag firm or soft? With a soft punching bag, you will get to exercise without worrying about the effect it has on your body. Conversely, you can use a firmer punching bag to strengthen your legs and make your body to be naturally sturdy.

What Type Of Mounting Does It Have?

Before you buy a punching bag, think about where you intend to mount it. Importantly, you should be aware of the type of mountings used on punching bags. Essentially, you will have to choose between the mounted and free-standing mountings.

  • Mounted punching bags: Do you have an area or your wall where you can mount a punching bag? So why don’t you buy one you can hang with a simple shin? Since they are flexible enough to swing, these are the most popular kind of bags.
  • Free-standing bags: Where space is lacking, it is advisable to buy free-standing bags. Since they come with their stands, you can install them virtually anywhere. Only that the bag may not provide a great feel when struck.


Punching bags work perfectly for just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult – you will find a punching bag to be very useful. Check the reviews discussed above and see if you can find the right punching bag for you. if not, then you may want to follow the buying guide while conducting a wider search for the perfect punching bag.

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