Best Jump Ropes to Workout Your Muscles and Cross Fit

If you are like most people, chances are you ditched that bulky, plastic jump rope we were forced to use during our junior high school times. They were not fun, even for fitness enthusiasts. Today, these ropes are considered more useful for boxers, MMA fighters, and other sportspeople that need to strengthen their muscles. The truth, however, is that jump ropes offer some fo the best workout to improve your footwork, cardio, and, of course, the overall health.

Statistics show that an hour spent skipping burns a cool 1,000 calories. This is 700 more calories than walking and 450 more than swimming respectively. The best thing about jump ropes is that you can bring them to your living room or bedroom and do a few sets before you go to bed. Amazing, right?

Well, as great as jump ropes may sound when it comes to workout out, the sad truth is that there are many options out there that will only tire you and not bring the results you anticipate. The best jump ropes usually come with a quality cable, preferably one with coated steel, with ball bearings to let you rotate it seamlessly. This allows you to work on the right muscles of the body?

Wondering where to find one? We’ve got them lined up for you here! We have gone out of our way to research the best jump ropes to help you get the best exercise.

Top 10 Jump Ropes of 2020 Reviewed


1. Ballistyx jump rope

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2. DEGOL Skipping Rope

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3. Sonic Boom M2 High-Speed Jump Rope

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4. SPORTBIT Jump Rope

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5. XYLsports Jump Rope

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6. Jump Rope by Master of Muscle

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7. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

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8. Limm All-Purpose Jump Rope

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9. Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

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10. RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

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How to Choose the Best Jump Rope – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Armed with nothing but a jump rope, it is possible to participate in wholesome cardio exercises. It is basically a conditioning tool that helps strengthen your legs and shoulders as well as improve balance. If you are into boxing, a jump rope is a great tool for improving your agility. Basketball players also need ropes to build speed and endurance.

But that doesn’t mean you can use just any rope. You ought to be conscious about investing in a rope that’s both comfortable and functional. There are a few things you can consider before settling on a particular jump rope. We discuss them in detail below.

What Kind Of Jump Rope Is It?

Jump ropes are great for both cardiovascular workouts as well as strength training. You can use a rope to build your muscles, upper back, and forearms. But the weight of the rope needs to be just right for you to get what you expect from the rope. Thus, ropes with weightier cables and handles are more challenging to turn at a high speed. This forces the muscles in the upper back and shoulders to work harder while keeping your body stable. Your forearms also have no choice but to work very hard. Thus, for people who want strength training, a heavier rope is the way to go.

Otherwise, you are better off with a lighter rope that moves faster forcing you to increase the frequency of your jumps. It provides for more cardio exercises by increasing the heart rate. It also hastens your warm-up time just before the main CrossFit or MMA workout. If you are doing it as the main thing, it is great for conditioning your body.

How Long Is The Jump Rope?

Apart from what you intend to use the jump rope for, its length also matters. It is important to get a jump that long enough and also which you can easily adjust to the size you want. After all, it is always better to start with a longer rope and then adjust it to a length that’s perfect for you. So, buy an adjustable rope that suits differently sized people. Luckily, there are a number of models whose length is massive but which can be cut down to the right size. Some do not require cutting but usually store the cord inside the handles.

Is The Jump Rope Heavy Enough?

We have already discussed how the weight of a jump rope determines the kind of workout you can have. That’s why weight is a major consideration when it comes to buying a rope. Weight determines how fast the rope can spin. Heavier ropes tend to spin faster than lighter ones. That’s because they are given momentum by their weight. If the rope spins slowly, it might be impossible for you to get a momentum that’s good enough to jump over. So make sure your rope is heavy enough to allow for speed jumps.

It Is Long Lasting?

Past users of jump ropes have complained about some models which tend to break down as soon as they are put to strenuous use. As a fact, it really matters the material from which the jump rope is made. While some are made of PVC, others feature cables which are then coated with PVC. Basically, a jump rope needs to be strong enough to last through the strenuous exercises you will be having. When cheaply put together, a rope will begin to rip apart at the handles and even disintegrate in the areas in which it comes into contact with the ground.

How Smooth Is The Spin?

Jump ropes provide varying degrees of smoothness when it comes to the spin. Some have ball bearings which provide perfect spins of up to 360 degrees. These are the best when it comes to providing a smooth spin. Those that come without ball bearings may not spin as smoothly as you might with. In fact, there are some which provide a maximum spin angle of 90 degrees. That may not be smooth enough to allow for uninterrupted jumping.

Does It Have Handles?

What kind of handle does the jump rope have? First, the handles need to be made of a material such as steel, which is heavy. They should then be covered by a soft, comfortable foam material for safe handling. Who wants to invest in a jump rope that will cause bruises and other injuries once you start using it? If you aren’t careful, you will end up with unnecessary blisters. So take that into consideration.

The length and thickness of the handle also matter. It all depends on how big your hands are. If you have massive hands, then you need a handle that’s both thick and long. However, if you have average-sized hands, then a thinner handle will do just fine.

How Experienced Are You?

Are you an experienced user of jump ropes? People who have used jump ropes for a while tend to be specific when it comes to the rope they want. The major thing that determines whether they will buy a rope is how comfortable they feel about the jump rope’s timing. Heavier cables typically need more force to keep spinning. They rotate slowly compared to the lighter ones and have a consistent tempo. This kind of ropes will, therefore, make a great choice for the less-experienced jumpers who want to exercise. With heavier ropes, users are able to jump for longer than average.


So what are you looking for in a jump rope? If it is your first time buying one, pick a jump rope that sounds and feels like the one you want. The reviews we have provided about should come in handy when making that decision. If you cannot find a good rope, then think about following the points discussed in the buying guide. At the end of the day, you need to have a rope that’s highly tailored to your needs. Don’t ever compromise on that.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

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