Best Lunch Bags For Women to Keep Your Food Warm (or Cold) All Day

Ladies, how many times have you told yourself that you should start eating healthier but find yourself reneging on your word? Are you fed up with the fast foods and wish to carry some nice home-cooked rice to work or picnic? Well, you don’t have to carry a lunch box that’ll scream grade school! There are lots of other nice, elegant lunch bugs for women you might want to consider.

If you’re passionate about getting fit and generally improving your health, then these bags have got your back. You can now carry your food in an insulated bag and be guaranteed that you will find it warm and toasty (or cold, if that’s your intention) come lunch hour. The great thing is that most of these bags are elegantly designed, so they won’t mess up with your styles. And yes, some are small enough to carry snacks, and others are large to carry that drumstick and veggies. It’s your choice!

Ladies, the internet is a big place with so many things, so many products, and so many lunch bags. That’s why we’ve we have spent hours doing the research on your behalf for the best lunch bags for women. Our selection has been carefully put together based on many features to ensure you get the perfect fit!

Top 11 Lunch Bags for Women of 2020 Reviewed


[wt_products id=”2424″ template=”5″]

2. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Lunch Bag

[wt_products id=”2417″ template=”5″]

3. LOKASS Lunch Bag

[wt_products id=”2443″ template=”5″]

4. Lokass Lunch Bags Wide Open Insulated Lunch Box

[wt_products id=”2444″ template=”5″]

5. Insulated Aqua Faux Leather Picnic Lunch Bag

[wt_products id=”2445″ template=”5″]

6. DAS TRUST Meal Prep Insulated Tote Bag

[wt_products id=”2447″ template=”5″]

7.Vavabox Insulated Lunch Box Tote Bag 

[wt_products id=”2448″ template=”5″]

8. Mokaloo Insulated Lunch Box for Women, Multi-functional Lunch Tote Bag

[wt_products id=”2449″ template=”5″]

9. Kaome Durable Leak-proof Lunch Bag

[wt_products id=”2450″ template=”5″]

10. Simple Modern 5L Very Mia Lunch Bag for Women

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11.Simple Modern 4L Blakely Lunch Bag

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How to Choose The Best Lunch Bag – The Ultimate Buying Guide

The lunch bag not only helps to keep your food secure and warm, but it is also a fashion statement. If you’re anything like us, you get absolutely irritated with yourself, the retailers, and just about everyone else when your product doesn’t meet your standards. But you don’t have to be ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry) today as we have a few factors and considerations that will help you bag a bag that’s just right for you.

How Big does it Need to be?

Size matters. Before you start smirking, we’re talking about the size of your lunches and other meals in relation to the size of the lunch bag you should get. You should also have in mind the size of containers you’ll regularly be using. This is because the base area of your lunch bag will limit your options if you have one that’s smaller than your carrying plastics.

Bigger isn’t always better as some of the Godzilla-like options in the market will likely present a storage challenge, especially in cramped offices and crowded working spaces. Also, getting a lunch bag like that into the freezer would be impossible or at least improbable. Getting an S (Small) size might be a bit of an underestimation on your part. Still, an L (Large) might prove an inconvenience, especially when moving around the urban jungle, and so, getting an M (Medium) might be your best bet.

Getting into Shape

Having talked about the size, there’s no way we wouldn’t have gone to details on the shape. And it’s not even about the aesthetic feel of it; we’ll get to that later. We will assume you remember some of your Science lessons as this isn’t a pop quiz; liquids take the shape of the containers they’re put in. This happens to be true even when talking about lunch bags.

It is because of how vertical your bag will aid or limit you when packing Tupperware. And this goes double if you have specific containers that you can’t use. Moreover, drinking flasks, coffee mugs, sodas, and water bottles have to be placed in a standing position to prevent any spillage. A standard lunch bag ought to be anywhere between 9” and 16” high. Anything less is a pencil-box while anything more is a camping bag.

Structural Integrity: Boss or Loss

So you have a mental image of how bag and what shape your bag should be. Before sounding a peep about the bag’s interior, we have to talk about how structurally sound your bag need be. On one side, having a lunch bag with soft sides, like plastic, increases carrying flexibility. This is because when empty, it can be easily collapsed into a smaller shape for easier handling. While on the other hand, a lunch bag with sturdier walls, for instance, bags with industrial-grade polyester, will prevent any external forces from pressing on and crushing your food items. Imagine having to eat squished up bananas. Yuck!

Outer walls aren’t the only considerations when it comes to structural design. How strong the handles/straps will also determine how durable your lunch bag will be. Double stitching at the joint between the handle and bag walls will make for a more secure connection than using single sewing. You also can’t go with bags having additional rivets on the handle bases.

Heat Isolation with Fire Insulation

A lunch bag would only be doing half its expected work if it didn’t keep your food at the right temperature when you carry it to work. Folks, who like slurping milky and lukewarm ice-cream? Chugging warm beer? Or worse, indulging in a cold casserole? This is why your lunch bag needs to keep your desserts, juices, and sodas cold. Simultaneously ensuring the food in your lunch and bento boxes is hot/warm enough.

Lunch boxes do this thanks to thermal insulation within the lunch bag. The insulator ought to be thick enough to stagnate the compartment’s interior for longer periods. The majority of insulation material is encased within an industrial foil or aluminum lining. Not only does this material keep your edibles fresh and edible, but it also makes for easy an easy wipe-down. However, some lunch bags will require a gel/ice pack to keep your cold wares extra crisp. This will more likely be highlighted in product description by the vendors.

Tight on Leaks or Titanic?

If you are an everyday user of your trusty lunch bag, then watery spills and oily messes are an eventuality you will have to deal with. This is why a lunch bag to be believed in will have to prove that its inside is leak proof. The aluminum membrane lining the interior of most bags is thankfully leak-effective. While the importance of this cannot be understated when talking about soupy/soda/beer leaks, it also means you can put in ice for cool drinks and not have to worry about staining your car seats.

So we’ve talked about leaks from the inside out; nevertheless, the reverse can be true. This reality usually hits home too late because it’s only when the rains have started that most people think about how sucky things can be for you and your daily routine. Folks, you don’t want your lunch bag being made by ‘most people.’ There are a lot of lunch bags out there whose exterior walls are made from water-proof materials. Exteriors made from canvas and plastic, for instance, would go the extra mile to ensure your food is A-Okay.

Looks, Matter

No one needs to be schooled on the perks of good looks. As social creatures, beauty is a point of pride for most, if not all, people. With this in mind, having a less than appealing lunch bag would have you leaving it behind in the house more than you get used to it. This is because some lunch bags are more situation sensitive than others. It would seem really odd if you were to go to work with a SpongeBob themed lunch bag.

Having a lunch bag that compliments your look builds confidence. While having lunch tote that has you frequently complimented by your workmates or your stay-at-home mom friends will leave you glowing. And who doesn’t appreciate a mood-boost every now and then? Fashion and art are very subjective, so when getting your bag, you will need to get one whose patterns, colors, shape, and other graphical prints are to your liking.

The Details

Having talked about the major considerations, it could be very easy to forget about some nitty-gritty. Nonetheless, these are the little things that will have you cursing out in front of your family or work colleagues because of how frustrating they can make you. For one, getting a lunch bag with a double zipper instead of a single one will increase your use of it exponentially. You can do this, ensuring it’s made with the best of materials.

Another feature that might be a real doozy, if not taken into account, is the durability of the lining. This might not be the first thing you look for when buying your lunch bag; however, if Murphy’s Law is to be believed (states that anything that goes wrong will go wrong), it would mean that a subpar lining would tear and it’d probably happen at the worst moment possible. Picture this; you’ve woken up a little later than you would normally, your kid is about to be left by the bus, and then when you’re rushing to pack something for your bundle of joy, you hear the bag just rip. In spite of this being a worst-case scenario, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. Buy quality.


Ladies, adding any of these ten top-of-the-class lunch bags mentioned in detail above would be great for your on-the-go arsenal. We have carefully picked out products that will be sure to cater to every lifestyle and every need. With all considerations highlighted, easily and happily choose something that works for you from our selection. You will not be disappointed.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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