Best Makeup Organizers to Keep Your Cosmetics Well Organized

So you love your make up enough to own a whole backload of it, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong about looking nice and sexy as go out to run the world. However, the sea of brushes and beauty products in your countertop is bound to get out of hand sometimes. Nothing beats the frustration that comes when fumbling through all the four corners of your room, leaving no handbag unturned, on a quest for that one eyeliner in an eyeliner stack. You pray to the heavens and promise the creator you’ll get your stuff together if they help you find it, but you never quite, do you? Well, with a make-up organizer, you can solve all your troubles and finally get a hold of your makeup ‘situationship’.

These organizers will literally change your life. Gone will be the insanitary days when you’d throw everything in your purse and hope that nothing leaks. Makeup organizers will help you streamline your products in order of priority, letting you keep only those you actually use. These tools come in cute designs that will double up bathroom or bedroom décor and add that extra appeal.

To help you select the best make up organizer for your needs, we’ve rounded up the best makeup organizers in our list down below. It’s time you got organized!

Top 10 Makeup Organizers of 2020 Reviewed

1. DreamGenius Makeup Organizer 360-Degree

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2. DreamGenius Makeup Organizer 3 Pieces Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Drawers

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3. Home-It Nail Polish Holder Acrylic 5-Step Counter Display Holds Up to 60 Bottles

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4. Sorbus Rotating Makeup Organizer, 360 Degrees Rotating Adjustable Carousel Storage

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5. Vencer Acrylic Larger Compact Organizer Beauty Care Holder

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6. PuTwo Makeup Brush Holder Dustproof Storage Box Premium Quality

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7. Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

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8. N2 Makeup Co Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube

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9. InterDesign 3-Drawer Storage Organizer for Cosmetics and Makeup

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10. Sorbus 5-Tier Acrylic Cosmetic and Makeup Storage Case Organizer

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How to Choose The Best Makeup Organizer – The Ultimate Buying Guide

A makeup organizer is an indispensable tool for any lady. Are you looking for a makeup organizer to buy? Do you know the features that define a good makeup organizer? Unless you are an industry insider, you may fail to get the right answer for the second question.

If anything, you may end up making the wrong buying decision. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive buying guide. Here, we explain the most important factors that define a good makeup organizer. It is these factors that will guide you towards making a decision on the product to buy. Read on.

The Material From Which The Organizer Is Made

Makeup organizers are made from three main types of materials, plastic, metal wire or acrylic. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a detailed description of the two main types of materials from which makeup organizers are made:

  • Plastic: The thing with plastic as a material is that it is cheaper than acrylic. However, it is not durable. In fact, most of the makeup organizers made from plastic are known to easily break down. If all you want is a makeup organizer without paying much attention to the durability, then you should buy a plastic one. If not, then you should consider buying products made from better, strong, more durable materials.
  • Metal Wire: Even though not very common, there are a number of racks for storing cosmetics that are made from metal wire. These are the strongest and most durable of all the materials. When purchasing this type of makeup organizer, you should pay attention to the type of welding used to join the wires together. If the welding is not done well, you risk having the rack break down without much of a warning.
  • Acrylic: It seems that acrylic is the most popular material from which makeup organizers are made. Manufacturers love it for being strong, sturdy, and durable. However, the durability of a makeup organizer will largely depend on the thickness of the acrylic used. In fact, some of the past users of these products have complained about thin acrylic walls breaking down easily. Another advantage of acrylic is that it can turn out to be as transparent as glass. This aspect increases the elegance of a makeup organizer.

How Many Makeup Products Can It Accommodate?

This is a question that everyone must answer before going out to buy a makeup organizer. If not, then you are likely to end up with an organizer that’s either too small or too big for your needs. In the same light, there are several racks that are designed to accommodate just a few or one type of cosmetic product. If that’s what you want, why not? Perhaps you only need a rack to hold your powder compacts. Buy that one by all means.

Still, there are several high-capacity makeup organizers that can accommodate your entire collection of cosmetic products and accessories. In fact, many of them are big enough for use in professional settings by makeup artists. In this category, you will find organizers with several draws or tiers.

The draws and tiers are of different sizes so as to be able to carry differently-sized cosmetic bottles and tubes. Always check the capacity of a particular makeup organizer before making up your mind to buy it.

Are The Dimensions Clearly Stated?

For most of the makeup organizers available online, the dimensions are usually listed among the product features. In most cases, you will find a statement on the overall dimensions of the product together with those of the tiers of drawers. If you do not pay attention to these things, you may end up complaining about the size of the rack falling too short.

The best way to know if the dimensions of the product you are buying are right is to use a tape measure. That way, you will eliminate every likelihood of getting disgruntled with the product. You may also want to draw the dimensions on a piece of paper.

What Type Of Design Is It?

Just as the manufacturers of makeup organizers are many, the designs in which they are made are also numerous. The most common designs include those with staircases, drawers, and tiers. Staircase makeup organizers look just like that – staircases. This type of design is suitable for storing smaller bottles such as those for nail polish. They make for an elegant display of cosmetics and can transform the way a room looks.

Most of the time, makeup organizers are made with drawers. For some products, the drawers might be even in dimensions. However, others ensure that the drawers have different heights. The most important thing to look at is whether your products can fit into the drawers. If you have larger products, then the drawers need to be large.

The last kind of design for makeup organizers is composed of different tiers stacked on top of each other. For these products, the tiers can work independently. However, to minimize the space required, they are usually stacked on top of each other. Some of them are designed to have the tiers rotate at an angle of 360 degrees, just like the quintessential “lazy Susan”. If you want to easily pick your cosmetics without having to move from your seat, this is the type of makeup organizer you should buy.

What’s The Price Of The Makeup Organizer?

You cannot possibly buy a makeup organizer before looking at the price. After all, you need to know if you will be able to afford it or not. In most cases, the price of these products ranges from $20 to $200. At the lower end are products whose durability is questionable. While they are easy to acquire, they are likely to break down without a warning.

The most expensive makeup organizers have a strong built and are durable. They also have the ability to hold many of your cosmetic products. So, if you are looking for a durable, high-capacity makeup organizer, you should be ready to pay top-dollar for it.


You cannot run away from the fact that you will need a makeup organizer at some point. When the time for you to buy one comes, you should be in a position to make an informed decision.

It takes the careful reading of reviews and buying guides for you to know exactly what you are looking for. Now that you have read the reviews and buying guide above, don’t hesitate to buy a makeup organizer when you find

Written by Erin Porteous

For the past ten years Erin Porteous enjoyed the freedom of being an independent purveyor of creative services. I specialize in crafting and producing scripts for radio and TV commercials for businesses of all sizes. Moving into the web past 2 years I've been part of LR family driven by a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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