Best Onion Slicers for Quick Food Preparation

What is the one thing you hate about slicing onions? The crying, right? You are not alone. Culinary experts will tell you that onions – and lots of them are the foundation of any great meal. However, this important ingredient produces a certain enzyme once you cut into it that activates lachrymal glands in your eyes making them tear up. It’s a defense mechanism of some sorts. That said, you don’t have to worry of crying a river every time you want to cook a great meal. By investing in an onion slicer, you will get to enjoy cutting onions in a fast, safe and tear-free way.

Onion slicers are simple to use and inexpensive making them a great addition to your collection of kitchen appliances. The gadget usually has sharp blades often made of stainless steel or ceramic and a specially designed surface to place the onion as you slice. It’s common to find an onion slicer that also acts as a vegetable slicer and cutter providing you with an all-round experience. 

 In this review we have brought you different types of onion slicers from manual to electric, commercial onion cutters to simple household gadgets. We will provide you with an in-depth look into the best onion slicers from top notch brands that will give you value for money and will last for years in your kitchen. We have also included a few tips on how to prep food quickly and in a hustle-free manner. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Top 9 Onion Slicers of 2020 Reviewed

1. Muller Austria Onion Chopper Pro

    Best Onion Slicer Brand

    To start us off is this sturdily built onion slicer from Mueller which is one of the most reputable European brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. This multi-purpose kitchen prep gadget is made of heavy duty materials that will serve you for a long time. It boasts of two ultra-sharp blades made of 420 grade hardened stainless steel. One of the blades is a 6.8mm dicer that is ideal for cutting soft vegetables while the 13.6mm dicer is great for slicing up fruits and hard vegetables.

    Muller Austria Onion Chopper Pro

    The blades are covered using a top lid made of hard ABS plastic that will help prepare the vegetables in a safe manner. Better yet, the onion chopper has a transparent container that allows you to view the progress of your food preparation. The container also provides a convenient way to hold your onions as you prepare other items keeping your kitchen counter clean and less messy.

    The great thing about this onion chopper is that it’s not only limited to preparing onions but can also be used to dice cheese, tomatoes, prepare salads and salsa. Better yet, the product comes with the brand’s USA lifetime hassle-free replacement policy which lets you return the item if it doesn’t meet your expectations – which is rarely the case.

    • Multi-purpose
    • Heavy duty construction
    • BPA free
    • Needs caution when handling
    • Takes time to understand the design
    • Not easy to assemble

2.  Tiabo 3 in 1 Onion Slicer

    Best 3 in 1 Onion Slicer

    With this versatile onion slicer from Tiabo, you will get to enjoy three options; slicing, dicing and cutting. The three blades are an excellent option and quickly dice, slice or cut your onions without making your eyes watery. It also comes with a transparent catch container that can hold up to 4.5 cups of container allowing you to prepare large meals conveniently. 

    Tiabo 3 in 1 Onion Slicer

    The parts are made of BPA free plastic which are dish washer safe for easy cleaning. The ultra-sharp stainless steel blades will serve you for an extended period of time. In the event that you aren’t satisfied with your product, the item comes with an allowance for a full refund within the first 90 days. 

    • Tiabo 3 in 1 Onion Slicer
    • Large catch container
    • Sharp blades
    • Not easy to clean
    • Not ideal for hard vegetables
    • Could be larger

3. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

    Best Large Onion Slicer

    If you are looking for a gadget with a variety of blade options, then the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper will provide you with that. It comes equipped with four blades that can be easily interchanged allowing you to julienne, chop, slice or dice your vegetables.  A unique feature of this chopper is the built in lid that lets you chop onions directly into the 1.2 liter transparent collection container. 

    Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

    The 420 grade stainless steel blades are razor sharp providing you with a crisp and precise cuts. For unrivalled stability as you work, the gadget comes with sturdily built grip handle that’s soft on the hands as you work and a non-skid base that remains firmly in place as you slice. All the seven components of these kitchen item are made using high quality materials where the plastic parts are FDA approved and BPA free. 

    • Large catch container
    • 420 grade stainless steel blades
    • Non-skid base
    • Complicated assembly
    • Limited thickness of slices
    • Hectic to clean

4. Orblue Onion Holder and Slicer

    For uniform and near perfect cuts, the Orblue Onion Holder and Slicer is a great option. It’s unique and sturdy metallic prongs allow you to slice through onions, tomatoes and other soft vegetables in a short period. Uniformity and precision is a key element of this compact onion holder.

    Orblue Onion Holder and Slicer

    The large oval non-slip handle is specially designed to prevent any scrapes when preparing your onions. The slicer is ideal for both left and right handed users. It’s rust resistant and cleans easily by hand washing. The product also comes with an odor remover for better hygiene.

    • Less cuts and scraps
    • Sharp prongs
    • Uniform and precise cuts
    • Grip could be better
    • Still needs a knife to slice
    • A bit flimsy

5. LHS Pro Onion and Vegetable Chopper

    Best 5 Blade Onion Slicer

    Quickly slice and dice your onions in a hassle free manner with this sturdily built vegetable and onion slicer from LHS. The 5 interchangeable blades are made of 301-grade stainless steel that will provide you with a wide variety of cutting options.  For added safety, the manual onion slicer comes with a hand protector and a non-skid base for stability. 

    LHS Pro Onion and Vegetable Chopper

    Better yet, all the parts can be easily dissembled and thrown into the dish washer for easy cleaning. The 1.2L transparent container holds your onions and can also act as a storage container once you are done prepping.

    • Comes with a large collection container
    • Includes a hand protector
    • Non-skid base
    • Too many parts
    • Cover lid is a bit slippery
    • Blades are hard to remove for cleaning

6. Sedhoom 23 in 1 Vegetable Chopper and Onion Slicer

    Best 23 in 1 Onion Slicer

    This right here is the mother of all vegetable choppers available in the market at the moment. With a whopping 12 replaceable blades, you are spoilt of choice when it comes to slicing, dicing, cutting, shredding, spiraling and even coming up with ribbon shapes for your vegetables. The humanized design boasts of four non-slip feet which provide superior stability. 

    Sedhoom 23 in 1 Vegetable Chopper and Onion Slicer

    The onion chopper is made of BPA free materials that are non-toxic and odorless. The package also includes a hand guard to keep your fingers safe as you slice, one claw to clear residue and a brush for easy cleaning. It also comes with an enlarged container for convenient collection and storage. The versatility of this chopper is unmatched but it comes with so many parts which may at times seem much for small scale food preparation.

    • Increased versatility
    • Four non-slip feet
    • Handguard to keep fingers safe
    • Too many parts
    • Some blades are redundant
    • Hectic to assemble and disassemble

7. LNOCCIY Vegetable, Onion and Mandolin Slicer

    Here’s another variation of the onion slicer that comes with an easy to use knob that provides you with a seamless experience. The single knob controls all the built in blades helping you achieve the desired thickness easily. The stainless steel blades quickly slice through hard and soft vegetables. The product comes with a one year warranty and allows a complete refund within one month of receiving the product.

    • Easy to operate
    • Sharp blades
    • One year warranty
    • Cleaning is hectic
    • Safety hazard for children
    • Catch container could be bigger

8. Nemco  56750-2 Commercial Onion Slicer

    Best Commercial Onion Slicer

    If you have a lot of onions to slice, then this gadget from Nemco is a great option. It comes with pre-tensioned blade cartridges that will allow you to cut ¼ inch slices in a precise and uniform manner. The four sturdily built legs provide you with stability as you cut. The parts are easy to disassemble for quick cleaning. The onion slicer is a light in weight making it portable and easy to store.Nemco 56750-2 Commercial Onion Slicer

    • Great for commercial onion slicing
    • Easily portable
    • Uniform slicing
    • Thickness of slices can’t be adjusted
    • Expensive
    • Can’t slice hard vegetables

9. MollyZillah Stainless Steel Onion

    Last but not least, here is a simple yet effective onion slicer and scallion shredder from MollyZillah that you may want to consider. It’s made of high quality stainless steel blades while the plastic cover is made using food grade PP materials. Ideal for slicing onions, chili, scallions among other vegetables, the MollZillah onion slicer is a must have in your kitchen. 

    MollyZillah Stainless Steel Onion

    • Protective cover
    • Sharp blades
    • Multi-purpose
    • Not for intense onion slicing
    • Quite small

How to Choose The Best Onion Slicer- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Let’s face it- the worst thing about prepping an awesome meal is getting the onions ready. Not only does the process leave your hands smelly but can also be a very teary affair. However, you shouldn’t shy away from including this important ingredient into your meal due to its rather strenuous preparation procedure. By investing in a quality onion slicer you will say goodbye to watery eyes and smelly hands.

What makes you cry when peeling an onion?

Before giving you a few tips on how to choose the best onion slicer for your needs, let’s understand what makes your eyes watery as you peel these tasty ingredients. Once you cut into an onion, it releases a certain chemical, syn-propanethial-S-oxide, which then triggers the lachrymal glands in your eyes leading to production of tears. It’s a defense mechanism of some sorts.

Why Do You Need an Onion Slicer?

Other than making your onion slicing experience a less messy affair, onion cutters provide you with uniform and precise cuts quickly. Some come with a catch container that holds the onions as you slice keeping your kitchen counter clean and organized as you work. Some of the slicers also double up as vegetable slicers which provides you with a variety of uses helping you leave pleasant memories on anyone who tastes your meals.

How Do I Cut Onions without Shedding Tears?

Here are a few ways you can prevent your eyes from tearing up every time you cut an onion:

  • Use a very sharp knife or an onion slicer with sharp blades – Doing so helps to quickly slice into the onion without producing a lot of the tear causing enzyme.
  • Store the onion in the freezer for about fifteen minutes before slicing it – Doing so won’t affect the taste at all.
  • Slice the onion under water – while this tactic is difficult to do since the onion keeps sliding out of your hands, it works.
  • Slice the onion under a steam – You can do so as a kettle or cooking pot releases steam.
  • Soak the onion in water – This may not work well if you are slicing onion rings but will reduce watery eyes.


There’s no denying that having an onion slicer will greatly improve your cooking experience. We hope that this review has provided you with an idea of how to go about getting an ideal onion cutter. So, more tears and sighs as you chop that onion. 


Written by Erin Porteous

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