Best Ping Pong Tables to Help You Enjoy the Game

If you are a ping pong game die-hard, you can remember the good old days when people used to drive all the way to local clubs to enjoy playing the game. As love and enthusiasm for the game grew, many manufacturers saw the need to bring these tables straight to our houses. And here we are! The sheer joy of owning a ping pong table is unmatched. You can buy one and enjoy the game with your little munchkins, family, or even invite friends over for a challenge.

But, folks, because of the many options out there, it can be difficult finding the best ping pong tables that match your needs. Some are bigger; others come with more than 1-inch thickness; others can cost a premium, and much more!

With our help, though — you don’t need to worry about spending hours sifting through all these. We have researched on your behalf, finding you some of the best Ping Pong tables in the market and some helpful tips in our buying guide to help you make a wise purchasing decision

Top 10 Ping Pong Tables of 2020 Reviewed

1. Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table

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2. haxTON Popular Ping Pong Table Midsize Table Tennis Table

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3. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

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4. Sunnydaze Compact Table Tennis Table

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5. Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

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6. AceLife Ping Pong Table Midsize Compact Table Tennis

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7. JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis

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8. MD Sports Table Tennis Set, Regulation Ping Pong Table

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9. Cornilleau Sport 500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

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10. ping pong Premier Table Tennis Table

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How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Table – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying a ping pong table is never an easy task. Not especially if it is your first time and you are looking for something to practice on as you better your game. Usually as is the case, the manufacturers will always recommend their product highly all to sell themselves. That aside, unless you are in the big gamers league, state or national level, it is unlikely that you will need an expensive ping pong table.

Should it be your first table for the family, going cheap would be the best idea? This is because your family members will need to do lots of practice, at least until they are confident enough they can afford a match. When the table wears out, then you can always go for a much better one. With this, you will not have spent much but achieve your goals.

Portability:  How well can you move it around? 

How do you want to set up the ping pong table? Do you want it set up permanently on a corner where you and your family will be playing from or do you prefer setting up and packing after you are done? Each of these options is a great way to start with your table tennis. However, if you prefer constantly setting up and pulling down the set up after you are done with your game, then you might have to to consider the ease of set up of the table. Am I something you can set up quickly and short-handed or will it require an insurmountable amount of effort and time? How about the roller ping pong tables? Yes, they can move easily, but they also come with breaks with which when applied renders the table immobile. This way you can enjoy your game at your convenient location and move it after you are done.

Does the Thickness matter?

It is debatable when it comes to the thickness of the pin pong table. While some experts will strongly recommend the 1-inch thick table because of it’s nice and even bounce,  a 0.75 inch will also do a pretty clean job. For expert gamers, acquiring a 1inch thick table is a priority primarily so that they can have something reminiscent of what they usually use while at the tournament. So, if you are starting, don’t be afraid to try out the lesser, after all with the time you can always settle for something better when your mind is solid.

How much will it cost you?

Cheap Pingpong tables go for around $125. Now, no need to get excited. Tables costing this much will normally come with very thin tops and often very poor quality. The more reason they are very cheap.

Medium thickness tables, around 16mm – 19mm go for $250-$375. This should set the standard amount you should spend for a pretty decent table. With this rate, you will get a quite clean bounce and enjoy your game for quite some years.

Should you be willing to spend on a competition quality table, then 22mm-25mm will send you chopping a clean $437-$1250 onwards. Of course, these tables are on the higher end of the price, but they do last longer and also serve pretty well compared to the rest down the scale.

Nice Legs

While this may seem somehow funny or awkward, a good ping pong table has great sturdy legs and also support. This is because the ping pong table takes a lot of weight and if it comes with week legs, then you can imagine how fast it will be rendered useless. Should you be setting up the table on unlevelled ground or floor, then levelers will come in handy. Remember, if the table is not level, then you are most like not going to enjoy the game. That means that the ball will keep rolling to one side. You have the option of also using the levelers which come with threads. They can be screwed in and out hence keeping the table at the recommended height of around 3o inched above the ground or floor.

Leveling is important too!

Not all tables come perfectly leveled. Some may come with dents or even warping. You should pay keen attention to make sure that whatever you pay for is what you are getting. How do you know whether the table is leveled? Sometimes you may not be able to see the difference while standing and staring at the table from your eye level. Squint a little so that your eye level matches the table surface, look at the surface of the table from all four sides and see whether you can notice any anomalies. If not, then your table is perfectly leveled. If you identify any anomalies, oh boy! Return that table and go for something more leveled.

Is the Net Important?

While at it, be sure to look for a net whose clamps are padded with either rubber or something to cushion the table from the metal. If you get a net whose clamps are not padded, then you are at risk of scratching the table, increasing the wear and tear. If already purchased and cant return the same to the manufacturer, then applying sticky felt on the clamps will do some wonders. 

While it is very easy to focus on the upper surface and forget the underside of the table, be sure that the clamp screws don’t dig into the table. With time this may be detrimental to your ping pong table. Also make sure that as you undo the net, you don’t drag the clamps along the surface of the table as this will cause some damage on the surface.

Outdoor ping pong table

Should you decide to take the game outside, then exterior ping pong table which has been crafted to stand to the elements will do. These tables come with a variety of features as well as materials to make them more durable, much like the interior ones. Exterior ping pong tables feature either a metallic surface, wooden surface or synthetic laminate. The wooden ones are, of course, treated with a waterproof coating to keep them from succumbing to the moisture while the metallic ones are treated to alleviate the effects of rusting. As is always the case, for a more quality table that will stand the test of time, the more you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

For recreational players, the most significant aspect is whether this marvel can stand up to elements such as water and wind when left outside. To be sure of this, you probably will need to spend quite a few more bucks for that level of quality. However, for professionals, it all goes down to the bounce. If the outdoor table will give off the same level of bounce as the indoor ping pong table, then it is good to go. A good idea to prevent the table from succumbing to the effects of the weather is to find a plastic, probably opaque wrapper that will prevent it from warping or getting moist.

Dimensions of the Ping pong table

Much as it may seem like a negligent aspect, ping pong tables come in a variety of sizes depending on the purpose. Of course, the purpose is to play ping pong, but here we mean where the table will be used. First, if the table will be used in a school or a club, then a large size will do. But if you are buying one for use at home, the standard size will work best for you. Again, you also need to put into consideration the size of the space you are placing the table in. A standard size ping pong table should measure 9’x 5’x 2’6” while the net should also measure 6’x 6”.

Minimum room requirements

If you plan to take the game home, then having a glimpse of the minimum room requirements is key for enjoying your game. Luckily, unlike many other sports, ping pong does not require a lot of space to make things work. The space required is relatively minimal. Have a look below at the minimal play area requirements for various game modes.

  • International events: 46×23 feet
  • National tournaments: 40×20 feet
  • National league or representative matches: 33×16.6 feet
  • Local league/tournaments: 30×16.6 feet
  • Recreational/coaching: 28×13 feet

Should you be playing from home, any space that fits the table is a go. But you have to keep in mind that any space below the recommended dimensions of 28feet x 13feet will render you restricted to either the kind of style you use or the strokes which can have a big impact on the results of the game. At the end of it all, be sure to have fun and adapt to the style that will suit you best.

Things to be Super Attentive to

  • The thickness of the table: The thicker the table, the better the bounce and of course don’t forget, the higher the cost. Remember that if it is for home use, 16mm-19mm will do just fine.
  • Leveling: Remember to check whether the table surface is dented or warped. If so, then look for one with a crispy level surface for best results while gaming.
  • Ease of assembly: If the table needs to be moved to and fro, then it should be easy to move as well as assemble. 


Buying a ping pong table does not have to be a problematic experience, and that’s why we have put down the necessary information to guide you through this experience. We have delved deep, dug up a wealth of information that we think will be of help, so don’t hesitate to keep in mind all the points we have covered in this piece. Remember you are spending quite a fortune whether it is for a recreational purpose or professional one. At the end of it all, make your dime count by getting something that will be worth your while.

Remember to pay attention to the thickness, minimum room requirements, interior or exterior and also leveling. All these factors will guide you into acquiring a good investment. Remember to enjoy yourself!

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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