Best Portable Wagons – Folding for Easy Load Transport

Be it groceries, house shopping, beach or picnic essentials, moving all that load from one point to another takes a lot of effort. Besides taking up a lot of your time, your doctor will also tell you that carrying heavy loads on your back is not good for you. Well, thankfully,  there is a solution to this — a wagon. And we don’t just mean any wagon —  we mean a portable version that can easily carry massive amounts of stuff at a time, yet still, comfortably fit in the trunk of your car.

Portable wagons will easily handle any load you throw at them comfortably. They have specially engineered wheels that let them glide through rough terrains and sandy beaches, without much resistance. Most options feature sturdy materials and a solid frame to guarantee maximum durability. A good number of them are also foldable, which explains how they can be tucked away easily in the back of your closet awaiting the next time to be used.

While all wagons perform the same function, not all of them are created equal. They come in different capacities, colors, and maneuverability, which may make choosing one a hefty task. But don’t worry — we have done the research, bringing you some of the best portable wagons out there.

Top 10 Portable Wagons of 2020 Reviewed

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

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2. WHITSUNDAY Collapsible Folding Garden Outdoor Park Utility Wagon

[wt_products id=”2529″ template=”5″]

3. BXL Heavy-Duty Collapsible Folding Garden Cart Utility Wagon

[wt_products id=”2530″ template=”5″]

4. SEINA Collapsible Folding Wagon With Straps

[wt_products id=”2532″ template=”5″]

5. S2 Lifestyle Brazee Collapsible Folding Wagon Cart With Wheels

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6. Folding Wagon Cart 300-Pound Capacity

[wt_products id=”2534″ template=”5″]

7. Timber Ridge Camping Wagon Folding Garden Cart

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8. HEMBOR Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

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9. Radio Flyer Folding Wagon For Kids And Cargo

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10. PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

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Choosing The Best Portable Wagons – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Portable wagons come with so many benefits. For starters, they are easy to use, easy to store, and are made to accommodate heavy loads. In order to be able to easily carry items from the car to a destination such as a sporting event, beach or concert, you need a good portable wagon. But that is the easy part. Choosing the right wagon might not be as straightforward as you might think.

It is only by taking the time that you will be able to find a premium quality foldable wagon. The following are some of the factors you should consider before settling on a particular foldable wagon.

The Purpose For Which You Need A Portable Wagon

The first thing you need to know is the purpose for which you are buying a foldable wagon. You may want to know that different wagons can be used in different places. For example, there are those that are designed for smooth, hard roads. These shouldn’t be taken to rough terrain since they are likely to easily fall apart. Also, there are some with wheels that can move perfectly on the sand.

They usually have wide wheels. Buy such a wagon if you intend to use it on the beach. If you need a wagon to carry your kids, then make sure it has a canopy to cover them from the scorching sun. In simple terms, the intended purpose enables you to easily make a choice about the type of foldable wagon to buy.

The Weight It Can Carry

It is also good when you have an idea of the weight of the luggage you will be carrying. That way, you will be able to buy a portable wagon with the right weight capacity. Among the products we have reviewed above, the lowest weight capacity is 120 pounds while the highest is 300 pounds.

In between, we have wagons that can carry 150 pounds, 160 pounds, 165 pounds, and 225 pounds. If you do not have much to carry, the low-capacity wagon will do just fine. However, if you have a lot to carry, then go for a portable wagon with a very high weight capacity. However, you also need to pay attention to the strength of the frame and fabric used.

How Strong Is The Frame?

The best portable wagons are made of strong frames. For most of the wagons, the chosen material for making the frames is steel. While steel is a strong material, it is not good when it is exposed to the elements.

So, make sure that the steel frames are dust-coated to prevent rusting. Importantly, the frame should be strong enough to carry the stated weight capacity and to move in all sorts of terrains. That way, it will not balk at the weight of the luggage and ravages of the terrain.

The Fabric On The Wagon

Since you will be using the portable wagon to carry heavy things, the fabric from which it is made should be strong and durable. It should be capable of withstanding pressure and exposure to the elements.

Most of the portable wagons we discussed above have strong fabrics in the form of 600D polyester, and Denier. Both of them are durable and easy to clean. Thus, you can expect them to last for long, even with all the weight they have to support.

What Kind Of Wheels Does It Have?

The purpose they are called portable wagon is because they have wheels. But that is not all. It is important that the wheels are able to move in all sorts of terrains. The problems are that not many of the portable wagons featured above have all-terrain wheels.

Some have wheels that can move only on hard, smooth roads. Pay attention to the ability of the wheels to move on hard surfaces, pavements, sand, and so on. It is necessary that the wheels are wide enough and of a bigger diameter.

The Handle

The type of handle a wagon has can make a huge difference when it comes to ease of movement. Make sure that the handle is compatible with your height. That way, you will be able to retain the correct posture as you push the wagon.

The best strategy is to choose a model with an adjustable handle, which can be used by virtually anyone. There are times when the load weight on a portable wagon may necessitate the handle to be expanded. That is the essence of having an adjustable handle.

How Portable is the Wagon?

Generally, that is in no doubt, given that we are referring to the best portable wagons. However, you don’t have to pick just anything. As much as some wagons are portable, they might turn out to be heavy and unable to fold compactly enough.

So, choose a model that is portable as well as compact. It should also be lightweight so that you can carry it from place to place. The wagon also needs to be able to fold easily to enable you to easily carry and store it.

The Space Inside

The space inside portable wagons varies from one model to another. Thus, there are models with massive capacity and some with only a small space. The one you choose should be dictated by the size of the things you need to carry.

If you are carrying only a few items, then a small wagon will do. However, if you intend to carry several items, make sure that the wagon you choose has a massive capacity. Only that wagons with a lot of space inside may prove to be extremely difficult to fold.

Durability And Need For Maintenance

From the reviews above, it is clear that portable wagons are made from durable materials. Apart from steel frames, many of them feature durable fabrics. However, you might find quite a number that have counterfeit material. That is why you need to check carefully so that you do not end up with that.

Also, you should choose a wagon that is easy to clean and maintain. While out camping, the wagon will catch dirt. It should be easy for you to remove the dirt from the wagon, especially the fabric. Since wheels can also break down under the weight of your items, make sure that they are easy to repair when they fall apart.

The Price

When it comes to buying a portable wagon, the price is one of the most important things to put into consideration. But it is not the only one. All the other features must be put into consideration.

Considering the product we featured in this review, the price is a portable wagon ranges from $60 to $200. But that doesn’t mean that the lowest-priced models are the worst. Make sure you check everything about a product before buying it.


To move items from one place to another, you need a good portable wagon. It should have the ability to carry most of your items using minimal effort. After reading this article, you should be able to make the right buying decision. Don’t dwell too much on the aesthetics, rather focus on the functionality of the portable wagon and you will never go wrong.

Written by Erin Porteous

For the past ten years Erin Porteous enjoyed the freedom of being an independent purveyor of creative services. I specialize in crafting and producing scripts for radio and TV commercials for businesses of all sizes. Moving into the web past 2 years I've been part of LR family driven by a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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