Best Purse Organizers to Keep Your Hand Bag Contents Organized

A purse has been, since time, the ‘ultimate female trusted carrier.’ And while we may treasure this sacred tool, it’s not uncommon to find yourself mindlessly throwing stuff in. From that crumpled up bank receipt, to loose hair ends, to that half-eaten sandwich, to disinfectant wipes. Well, no judgment here – it’s your right after all. The tricky part comes when you have to dig through to find that one shade of lipstick or you have to empty out the whole bag to find your car keys. Luckily,  there a purse organizer that can help you….well, keep everything organized!.

Purse organizers might very well be one of the handiest innovations for the 21st-century woman. These instruments of mass organization are made to keep all your sundries in place. They usually have compartments in place that are differentiated to suit each of your most fundamental items and are made to be flexible too, meaning you can switch the insert and fit it into another purse.  The best purse organizers out there are made from good quality material, with good looking designs and color patterns that would match most purses and compliment your look as well.

With all this in mind, we have chosen and evaluated our top picks below to help narrow down your selection to only the best purse organizer out there today.

Top 13 Purse Organizers of 2020 Reviewed


1. Littbag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer Insert

[wt_products id=”2482″ template=”5″]

2. Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Make-Up Bag Pouch

[wt_products id=”2483″ template=”5″]

3. Le Mobile In-Purse Organizer and Purse Storage for Designer Bags

[wt_products id=”2484″ template=”5″]

4. Felt Insert Bag Organizer

[wt_products id=”2485″ template=”5″]

5. Laela Luxe Felt Handbag Purse Organizer

[wt_products id=”2486″ template=”5″]

6. ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert

[wt_products id=”2487″ template=”5″]

7. Puriea Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Organizer

[wt_products id=”2488″ template=”5″]

8. PursePacks Purse Organizer Insert Liner Dividers Cosmetics Bags

[wt_products id=”2489″ template=”5″]

9. Travelon Women’s RFID Blocking Classic Purse Organizer

[wt_products id=”2490″ template=”5″]

10. HDE Expandable 13-Pocket Handbag Insert Purse Organizer with Handles

[wt_products id=”2492″ template=”5″]

11. Vercord Purse Organizer, Insert Handbag Organizer Bag in Bag

[wt_products id=”2493″ template=”5″]

12. Cosmetic Bag for Women Cute Printing 14 Pockets Expandable Makeup Organizer Purse

[wt_products id=”2494″ template=”5″]

13. Handbag Purse Organizer in Premium Polyester

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How to Choose The Best Purse Organizer – The Ultimate Buying Guide

You have just realized the need to stay organized and you are out looking for the perfect product. What are some of the things you should consider before buying a purse organizer? That is a question that may attract different answers depending on who you ask. But importantly, most people would agree that a purse organizer is great when it comes to eliminating incessant digging for small items inside your bag.

It provides you with the compartments that might not have been part of the purse or bad in the first place. Inside it, you can keep small items as well as the big ones. While there are some organizers which are meant for carrying specific types of items, others are multi-purpose by their function. The following are some of the key considerations you should make before buying a purse organizer:

Type of Material

One of the first things you must look at is the type of material from which the organizer is made. Thus, there are two main types of materials you may want to consider – felt or nylon.

1. Felt

Since it has a soft feel to it, felt is the most commonly used material for making purse organizers. Also, felt is available in a lot of colors, making it possible for you to choose one that appeals to you. Some manufacturers even have up to 12 bags of the same type in an assortment of colors. Another reason for the popularity of felt is the fact that it gives the organizers thick, rigid walls, which make them sturdy and non-collapsible.

However, thick walls mean the organizer will weigh a little more than usual. Thus, it will add to the overall weight of the luggage. You don’t want a very heavy bag, especially if you have to carry it for long distances.

2. Nylon

Since nylon is an inexpensive, synthetic material, it translates into very affordable organizers. Many of the products made from nylon will cost less than $10. Compared to felt organizers, they are lightweight in nature.

They tend to retain their shape and feel as solid as felt, even though some may collapse when empty. Another drawback of nylon organizers is that they come in a very limited range of colors.

What Is The Size Of The Organizer?

So as to be sure about the ability of an organizer to hold your things, you will have to ensure that you get one of the right sizes. Thus, you will find them in terms of small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

While some organizers come in only one size, others may include all the different sizes to enable you to choose the one that is perfect for you. An important thing about the size of the organizer is that it should be able to fit inside your bag without being too tight or leaving too much space. That is why you must pay extra attention to that aspect.

Number of Compartments

A purse organizer should have as many pockets as possible to make it possible for you to organize your purse or handbag. In short, you should be able to keep all of your items in the organizer without piling them over each other. The smallest purse organizers may have between 5 and 8 compartments.

These are ideal for people who carry only a few items. However, if you like moving with all the items on your dressing table, you will have to buy an organizer with relatively more pockets. The largest organizers may have between 13 and 20 compartments. With these, you will be able to hold each of the items in a separate pocket.

Zippers and Secure Closure

It is not enough for a purse organizer to have a lot of pockets. What matters is that some of these pockets should have zippers to secure some of your items. Once you keep the items inside, you only need to pull the zipper to ensure ultimate security.

Importantly, the zipper needs to be of the highest quality. If you go for just anything, you may end up with a malfunctioning zipper on a new organizer. The zipper should be easy to open and close.

Handles and Straps

You might wonder why an organizer needs to have handles. It is because you will need to hold the handles when putting the organizer into a bag and when removing it. Luckily, many organizers come with these handles.

In addition to the handles being available, they should be properly sewn into place. This is an aspect of overall quality that you cannot overlook. It will determine whether the organizer is going to last for a long time or not.

Stylish Design

Why would you worry about the design of an organizer when you are going to keep it inside your bag? That question is misplaced, given that people like buying something that looks appealing to the eye. It starts with the color and ends with the overall design of the organizer.

As such, there are several organizers that feature a beautiful flowery design, while others may have just one color. Also, there are several that feature black polka dots.

Is The Organizer Easy To Clean?


You will use your organizer to carry all sorts of items from cosmetics to makeup. In the process, some of these items may get spilled inside the organizer, requiring you to clean it. You should ensure that the organizer is made from easy to clean material. But that should happen without damaging or endangering the fabric from which the organizer is made.

Of the common materials from which organizers are made, nylon and polyester are the easiest to clean. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy organizers made from any other type of material.


So, what are you looking for in an organizer? The most important consideration should be the ability of the organizer to meet your needs. If you need specialized storage, then buy one that provides you with that. If multi-purpose, that wouldn’t be anything to worry about. We have organized the products in this review in terms of what each item of best for. With that, you have the best product in each category, so it should be easy for you to pick one.

If you still need further knowledge, check out the buying guide to make sure that you are buying the right product.

Written by Erin Porteous

For the past ten years Erin Porteous enjoyed the freedom of being an independent purveyor of creative services. I specialize in crafting and producing scripts for radio and TV commercials for businesses of all sizes. Moving into the web past 2 years I've been part of LR family driven by a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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