Best School Supplies – Your Back-to-School Guide

When the holidays and all the fun and games are over and it’s time to get back to your books, it means a lot of new back-to-school items. Whether it’s a new backpack, edgier styled notebooks or unusually designed sharpener boxes, there’s always something new to look forward to for everyone. For parents, this means extra spending. Your kids will always bring up new needs for the new school year, and to guarantee their satisfaction, it’s important to have access to the most fundamental school supplies.

There are a lot of stuff that you need in your checklist before sending your dear ones back to school – from laptops and calculators, to pencils and pens, to water-bottles and erasers and so much more. The usability of school supplies greatly depends on certain variables, like the age and gender of your child as well as the level of their class. These supplies are also constantly changing with trends, meaning what might be relevant in the last school semester may be embarrassingly outdated on the next one. But don’t worry —this is where we come in.

We have done our homework and have the best items, made from reputable manufacturers to help you find what you want. We have compiled all this to ultimately present you with a cheat-code of the best school supplies to buy.

10 Must Have School Supplies of 2020 Reviewed

1. Apple MacBook Pro

    Best Laptop for College Student

    The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch is known as the best laptop for school because of several reasons. First, the speedy 8th-generation Core-i5 processor makes it a fast machine. The storage is up to 2TB of SSD, which is big enough to hold large files that come from graphic design and video editing classes. On this hard drive, you can store virtually anything. Additionally, the type of hard drive and storage capacity ensures that you are able to have a very smooth operation with this machine.

    Apple MacBook Pro

    It comes with 2560 by 1600 pixel display, capable of providing 4 K vision. If you are a student of photography, videography or graphic design, this kind of display will make it easier for you to work on your projects. For the teacher, it will be easier to objectively assess the projects, since all details will be vividly clear. The audio is also superb.

    In order to ensure your security, this laptop has a Touch ID feature, which you can use when logging in. you don’t need a password. It has an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours while surfing the internet. When performing demanding tasks such as video streaming, the laptop doesn’t heat up beyond 95°F. The price is not the highest, so a student can afford it.


    • The battery lasts long enough
    • A fast laptop
    • The display is bright and colorful
    • There is a shallow feel to the keyboard
    • Thick bezels
    • The display is bright and colorful

2. JanSport City View Backpack

    Best Backpack for School

    Every student needs a good laptop. It should be durable, reliable, and able to carry a laptop, books and other school supplies. When all that is put into consideration, the JanSport City View turns out to be the best backpack. It is made from a durable fabric, which is bound to last through years of rigorous use. In order to secure your items, it has sturdy zippers and strong straps. You can use it to carry your books and laptop without worrying about losing them.

    JanSport City View Backpack

    This backpack has a beautiful design. The bottom is made from brown leather material while the upper features a black polyester fabric. For this product, the straight-cut shoulder straps are padded to give you the comfort you need when carrying it around. If you want, you can also carry it using the web haul handle.

    The main compartment can fit several school supplies while the sleeve can carry a 15-inch laptop. So, if all you have is the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop, this backpack is enough for you. The backpack also has a front utility pocket into which you can keep some of your tiny items. Inside the utility pocket, you will find an organizer. This trusted backpack brand provides this product with a lifetime warranty. Do you have a reason not to try it?


    • A beautiful design
    • The fabric is durable
    • A spacious backpack
    • Reports of a faulty zipper on arrival
    • Some users complained of separating seams
    • No water bottle holder

3. RocketBoot Smart Reusable Notebook

    Best Reusable Notebook for Schoo

    Ever thought you could wipe your notebook clean and use it again? Now it is possible. The RocketBook Smart Reusable Notebook stands out of the crowd because of this important feature. Using a damp cloth, you can wipe this notebook and use it over and over again. With this feature, it is easy to understand why this is the best reusable notebook. You won’t need to buy or carry multiple notebooks to class.

    Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

    But just how do you ensure that whatever you have written is saved for future reference? Well, you can use the RocketBook app to save your notes in your favorite cloud services. It can be emailed, iCloud, Slack, OneNote, box, Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive. Later, when you want to revise your notes, you can access them from whatever cloud service you had used.

    The notebook can be used with a marker, highlighter or Pilot Frixion Pen. It takes only 15 seconds after writing for the ink to dry and bond on the smart pages. Working together, the app and notebook rely on state-of-the-art AI technology. It makes it possible for you to use email transcription, smart search, and smart titles functions from RocketBook. Together with the other school supplies, every student needs this smart reusable notebook.


    • Can be used for an entire semester
    • Allows backing data to cloud services
    • Eco-friendly
    • Ink reacts poorly when exposed to heat, so avoid keeping it outdoors
    • Scan feature a bit blurry

4. Post-it Notes

    Best Sticky Notes for School Work

    Are you looking for high-quality sticky notes to help you create reminders at your desk or bedroom? If so, then you the Post-it Notes. There are several reasons why they are referred to as the best sticky notes in America. The first reason emanates from the fact that the notes feature a standalone adhesive design. They can be used both in planners and on paper. If you need reminders about certain things you learned in class, these are the best sticky notes to buy.

    Post-it Notes

    The second reason you will love the Post-it Notes is that they hardly leave a mess when you use them. They stick onto surfaces securely and leave it clean when removed. No wonder it is hailed as America’s number one sticky note. If you are not using them, then you are alone.

    Thirdly, Post-it Notes are eco-friendly. You can recycle to make other paper-based products. So, if you are conscious about what you do to leave carbon footprints, this is the best product for you. When you buy it, you will receive 14 pads per pack. In each pad, there are 100 sheets. These are enough sheets to last you for a long time.

    • Eco-friendly paper
    • Leaves clean surfaces when detached
    • The sticky note features a unique design
    • May not be super-sticky
    • Pricier than other sticky notes
    • Not great for use on uneven surfaces

5. Zebra Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

    Best Pens for Schoo

    Can you go to school without a ballpoint pen? Definitely, no! And, the ballpoint pen should essentially come in different colors. The Zebra Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen features ink with low viscosity, which is capable of producing a skip-less, smooth writing experience. This is the reason it is hailed as one of the best pens. Using it, you will be able to write fast, giving you an edge when the time comes to write notes.

    Zebra Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

    The plastic barrel in which the pen is stylish. It has a latex-free rubber grip, for increased comfort when writing for a long time. In a lecture, it will make it very easy for you to take notes. The metal clip is metallic. You can hook it over your breast pocket while on the go. When you want to use the pen, you only need to reach the breast pocket to pick it up.

    In addition to being bold, the ink dries quickly. The solidly constructed pen is definitely great for use in the office, small business, workplace, school or home. In one pack, you will get a set of 24 ball-point pens in a variety of colors. Of course, they are non-refillable.


    • Provides a smooth writing experience
    • Has a stylish plastic barrel
    • Quickly-drying ink
    • Non-refillable pens
    • Reports of the pens not working
    • May fail to start off writing smoothly

6. Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Stick

    Best Highlighters for School Work

    When reading books, you need a dedicated highlighter to help you take note of the key points. That is the whole point of the Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Stick. It is one of the best highlighters on the market. It comes with a slim barrel, which makes it easy to use and control. Using the clear tip, you will be able to evenly and neatly highlight important points. It can do that for you even for points that run across the page.

    Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Stick

    Thanks to the fine chisel end, you will be able to draw lines of varied thickness. If you want a thicker line, all you need is to turn the tip to the right side. If a thinner line, you can do the same. Thus, you can vary the thickness of the lines depending on the importance of the point you are highlighting. Not many of the pens on the market can do that.

    It is made using the Smear Guard ink technology, which prevents the emergence of smudge marks from ink in different pens and markers. However, to be on the safe side, only highlight after the ink you used to write has dried. Each pack contains up to 8 highlighters in assorted colors.


    • Has a fine chisel end
    • Provides a clear view of the text
    • Has a slim barrel
    • Tend to run dry fast
    • Reports of the highlighters smudging the ink
    • The highlighters may be too thin

7. COWIN E7 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Students

    Do you need to block out the noise when you go to read from a library? If so, then you need to buy the COWIN E7 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones. You can use them on the commute to block out the traffic noise on your way to school or simply to enjoy good music, videos, and movies. Unlike other unreliable models, the wireless function for this product works whether it is in wired or wireless mode. That’s why you can completely rely on these headphones.

    COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones

    It has proprietary large-aperture drivers with a maximum diameter of 40MM. what you get from these headphones is an accurate, deep bass. The fact that the headphones block out the noise from the environment means you get clear notes from whatever music you are trying to listen to. With this device, your movie’s special effects will sound more like the theater.

    To enable you to make a hands-free phone call, the unit has a built-in, high-quality microphone. To work wirelessly, you can connect it to your devices using the Bluetooth function. The protein earpad and swiveling ear caps provide you with a comfortable listening experience. You can trust the quality of these headphones, given the 18-month warranty.


    • Has the active noise canceling feature
    • A strong-built pair of headphones
    • Comfortable around the ear
    • Complaints of the headphones falling apart
    • One side may stop working
    • May produce a static noise

8. Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

    Best Portable Printer for Schoo

    Are you looking for an easy way to print photos directly from your phone? You need the Polaroid Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer. It has the ability to connect to your tablet or phone via Wi-Fi, making it one of the best portable printers for schoolwork. Basically, you do not need to connect this printer to a computer. It is a pocket-sized printer that can easily fit in your pocket or backpack. If you have school projects in photography, this printer will come in handy all the time.

    Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

    Since it relies on Polaroid technology, you don’t need ribbons, cartridges, toners, ink or film. It uses a special peel-back paper that produces lifelike, bold, colorful prints. Not only do the photos look stunning but they are also smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and dry to touch. You would need a more perfect printer for your photos.

    To use it, you need to download the Polaroid app, which can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. In less than 60 seconds, your phone will be ready to start printing from this device. For you to qualify for the warranty, you have to buy this product from an authorized dealer. Take note of that.


    • Wireless connectivity to your devices
    • Does not require toners or cartridges
    • Can fit in a pocket
    • There is need to lighten photos before printing
    • No warranty if bought from an unauthorized dealers
    • Likelihood of downloading the wrong app

9. Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

    Best Water Bottle for School

    For the health-conscious student, having the best BPA-free water bottle a must. He or she can use the bottle to carry water to the school and be sure that there is no exposure to harmful compounds in some plastic products. So, instead of plastic, the product is made from Eastman Tritan polycarbonate. You can take your water without worrying about exposure to cancer-causing compounds.

    Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

    The bottle comes with a narrow mouth to make it easy for you to drink and prevent possible spilling. It also has a narrow loop, which you can use to securely hold a water-filled bottle. Since this makes it possible for you to carry the bottle, the chances of losing it are very minimal.

    One thing about the material from which it is made is that it strong enough to resist all forms of impact. It is also stain-resistant and odor-resistant. That makes it easy to clean. When you drink water from this bottle, it will be fresh and odorless. Obviously, that cannot be said about the other water bottles available on the market. Another thing is that this bottle can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F. Thus, you can use it to carry cold, lukewarm, and hot water alike.


    • Made from BPA-free material
    • Available in 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes
    • Resists extreme temperatures
    • May break at the casting seam
    • A mismatch between ordered and what is delivered
    • You need sponge brushes to clean

10. Tascam DR-22WL Portable Handheld Audio Recorder with Wi-Fi

    Best Audio Recorder for School

    Not many portable recorders come with the Wi-Fi feature. The Tascam DR-22WL Portable Handheld Audio Recorder is an exception. Through the Wi-Fi function, it can connect to a PC, smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is extremely easy for you to transfer the recorder to the other devices, without connecting via a cable. Also, you can stream audio from the recorder directly to these other devices.

    Tascam DR-22WL Portable Handheld Audio Recorder with WiFi

    For a student, this is the best audio recorder. You can use it to capture high-quality audio for your journalism classes. All that, thanks to a set of stereo condenser microphones that are arranged in the XY pattern. What you get is the best possible stereo imaging.

    But it is not just for journalism students who need to record audio from their first interviews. The device can also be used to record sound in concerts, rehearsals, and other sources with loud sounds without distortion. It comes with a revolutionary chip that makes the audio performance great the battery life extremely long. That way, you can do your recording for a long time at school and charge the device when you come back home. This hassle-free sound recorder means you don’t have to carry chargers and such other clumsy accessories.


    • A Wi-Fi-enabled sound recorder
    • Can capture sound in dynamic settings
    • Has a long battery life
    • Microphone capsules prone to breaking
    • An impossible to read built-in display
    • Has a loose function mode

How to Choose The Best School Supplies – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Every time the school year kicks in, you will have to prepare for the new semester by buying school supplies for your kids. You will need to buy a laptop, backpack, notebooks, sticky notes, ballpoint pens, audio recorders, noise-canceling headphones, and so on. Among all of these categories, you will find several brands. So, you need to be careful when making a buying decision. In this write-up, we provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the best decision. Read on.

Types Of School Supplies

To reiterate, school supplies are varied in terms of their types and functions. For example, you will need a laptop, backpack, notebooks, sticky notes, ballpoint pens, audio recorders, noise-canceling headphones, and so on.

Students may not need all of these things. If you are a college student taking a course that involves video editing or graphic design, having the latest gadgets is a must. Everyday items like notebooks, ballpoint pens, loose-leaf papers, and pencils are a must.

What Level Of School Do You Attend?

Students may be found at different levels such as elementary school, middle school, high school or college. The needs of students at different school levels are varied.

In kindergarten, students need a backpack, lunch kit, pencil case, water bottle, crayons, glue sticks, watercolor paints, pencils, scissors, and washable bulk markers. These items go hand in hand with the kind of learning activities the students engage in.

In Elementary School: Common supplies include a backpack, lunch kit, pencil case, water bottle, crayons, glue sticks, white erasers, colored pencils, scissors, pencils, exercise notebooks, and dry erase markers. These enable them to participate in learning and class-time activities. They may also need a clear ruler, washable markers, highlighters, pencil sharpener, oil pastels, watercolor paints, a small whiteboard, and a whiteboard eraser.

Middle School Students: They also have their needs. At this level, you will need to buy a backpack, lunch bag, pencil case, water bottle, loose-leaf paper, graph paper, white copy paper, white erasers, blue ink pens, red ink pens, pencils, fine tip black markers, and washable markers. Others include a small whiteboard, whiteboard eraser, protractor, calculator, clear ruler, duo tangs, and highlighters. You will also require a pencil sharpener, colored pencils, glue stick, 7-inch scissors, earbuds, and USB memory stick. A laptop may also be required.

High School Students: They need more or less the same things as those in upper middle school. When they go to college, the number of supplies required will reduce drastically. Important school supplies at this level include a backpack, reusable lunch bag, pencil, water bottle, loose-leaf paper, graph paper, and white copy paper. Others include white erasers, blue ink pens, red ink pens, pencils, fine-tip black markers, binders, dividers, duo tangs, highlighters, scientific calculator, USB memory stick, laptop, and printer with ink.

Mode Of Study

People study differently. They also need different types of school supplies to do their assignments. For example, some college students take technology-based courses that require them to use a laptop or desktop for their assignments.

Some of these courses include journalism and media studies, drawing and design, architecture, graphic design, photography, and videography. Such students will need a good laptop and its accessories. For the rest, a basic notebook or Chromebook will do just fine. Or, you may opt to invest in more notebooks. It is all up to you to decide the school supplies you need.

What Other Things Do You Need To Consider?

In addition to the points we have canvassed so far, there are certain things you may want to look at when buying school supplies. They include the following:

  • Involve Your Kids: When your child comes home with a list of school supplies, sit down with him or her and go through the list one item after another. Check online stores for the availability, types, and prices of the various school supplies. It is a good way of showing your child what it takes to shop for and buy things online. Let the child pick the items he or she deems great, of course under your guidance.
  • Buy Supplies In Pre-Packaged Kits: It is now possible for you to buy all the supplies you need in pre-packaged kits. There are a number of online stores where these kits are stocked. A good example is, where you will find many options. Only that you should be careful to choose pre-packaged kits with the brand names you trust. Many of them come in terms of the level of education one is. For example, you will find prepackaged school supply kits for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges. Some may even transcend different levels of learning.
  • Shop for Great Deals Online: It may take time to find great deals online, but it is worth the hassle. It is a great way of saving money on school supplies. One of the best places to make great savings is From time to time, the prices for various items are reduced. Amazon is also great when it comes to providing you with the convenience of online shopping. All it takes is you sitting down with your laptop. Search through and you will definitely find several great deals.
  • Teach Your Kids To Recycle: People are increasingly becoming conscious of their impact on the environment. To teach your kids the need to take care of the environment, show them how great it is to use old items instead of new ones. They should learn how to reuse. When you get to buy school supplies, they are more likely to choose items that are reusable. In a small but subtle way, they will play a role in protecting the environment.


As you can see, school supplies are not like the other types of shopping you usually do. You need to get a piece of all the essential items without leaving out anything. What you must ensure is availing all the key things your kid will need at school. Make sure to pick the best of everything. This is to ensure that the items you buy can last long enough, usually more than one year.

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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