Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers for Smooth Filming on Your Phone

According to the latest social media ranking by Business Insider, the leading influencer on YouTube in 2019 is PewDieTie with a whopping 92.8 million subscribers. Whoa! That’s one young dude raking in millions of dollars by offering commentaries when playing video games. What’s this millennial’s secret to such mind blowing success? Owning a cool smartphone, creating consistent content and of course a gimbal stabilizer.

You will be forgiven to think a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is a glorified selfie stick; on the contrary. Gimbals have revolutionized the world of smartphones and their necessity can’t be ignored. Recording a catchy video or taking a killer selfie calls for precision, accuracy and good angles.

But this can prove challenging especially when you have to balance holding your smartphone and other tasks. To make this easier, you will need to invest in a smartphone gimbal stabilizer which provides you with the necessary still motion to capture great moments and record catchy videos.

We are living in a dot com generation where one can make a lucrative living using only a smartphone and reliable WIFI. Advanced technology has brought us high tech phones with extremely high quality cameras that can turn you into a money minting internet sensation.  To help start or grow your social media movement, we have compiled a review of the best smartphone gimbal stabilizers of 2019 that will transform your relationship with that smartphone that you so cherish.

Top 10 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers of 2020 Reviewed

1. Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Overall

    To start us off is the Smooth 4 3-Axis Gimbal from Zhiyun that will transform the way you record your videos. It boasts of an advanced control panel that with a slider and a trigger button at the back for increased convenience. With these buttons you can easily switch between different gimbal modes without having to touch your phone’s screen. It has hot-key buttons for a vertigo shot, POV orbital shot and a roll angle shot for great shots.

    Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    The Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer also comes with focus and zoom capability to help get a close up look of what’s being captured. The focus puller is triggered by pressing the FN switch button which helps create highly precise content. The PhoneGo mode helps to instantly switch to different shots without losing any shots due to delicate movement.  This best-selling gimbal can capture different time lapse modes such as slow motion, motion lapse and hyper lapse.

    Tracking objects using this gimbal is a walk in the park so that you don’t miss out on human faces, moving objects and other necessary content. With the ability to last up to 12 hours when on full charge and allowance to charge it using the USB port on the tilt axis, you won’t have to worry about your battery going dead in between shots. The gimbal stabilizer comes with EACHSHOT cleaning cloth that’s made of extra-fine microfiber that won’t leave scratches or marks on your phone’s screen.

    • Advanced object tracking ability
    • Supports almost all types of advanced shooting methods
    • Prolonged battery life, two-way charging ability
    • Not compatible with most Samsung phones
    • Prone to bugs
    • Doesn’t balance well with large phones

2. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Best 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Become a re-known vlogger or You Tube sensation by investing in the Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer that comes with great advanced features. The gimbal boasts of a newly developed 3D inception mode that lets you rotate the phone to a 360 degree angle when recording your videos. The sports mode feature helps capture great shots of moving objects such as someone running down the stairs, cycling outside or even climbing through rugged terrain. This gimbal transforms any shaky footage into a smooth professional video that will have everyone hooked.

    Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Produce professional content using Hohem’s sophisticated design and advanced convertibility features. Some of the basic features present on this smartphone gimbal stabilizer include a zoom & focus button, pan and tilt following modes among others. It comes with a 3 ¼ screw hole that lets you conveniently attach it to a tripod of a video light for increased convenience. You can also turn everyday events into great video content using the many time lapse features such as Motion lapse, Hyper lapse and slow motion.

    Additionally, the four available panning modes will let you create an exceptional video. The shooting modes include Pan follow, Pan and Tilt mode, All locked and all follow modes which helps capture all types of scenes. The gimbal comes with an inbuilt 4000mAh battery that will keep the gimbal running for 12 hours straight when fully charged. The gimbal will accommodate most smartphones whose screen is less than 6 inches.

    • 3D inception mode that allows 360 degree rotation
    • 4 panning modes for different modes
    • Sophisticated design with great convertibility
    • Not extendable
    • Poor Bluetooth connectivity
    • Not ideal for large smartphones

3. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

    Best Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Make recording high quality videos and taking killer pictures easier by investing in the Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal from DJI. The gimbal is designed to let you capture incredible moments in an easy and cinematic manner. It boasts of a brushless motor that provides you with unrivalled stability as you film. The built in sensors ensure that each shot is captured in a steady manner. The Motion lapse feature allows you to move from place to place as you film without affecting the smoothness of the shot.

    DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

    The Osmo Mobile 2 has incorporated a new feature; the zoom slider which lets you autonomously zoom in on your phone. The cinematic zoom control allows you to create the dollyzoom visual effect which is only available for on professional film sets. This gimbal will also provide you with a panoramic view where it takes several shots then pieces them together creating one amazing, seamless image. The gimbal also allows you to set the smartphone on landscape or portrait mode.

    On a full charge, the gimbal can provide you with about 15 hours of filming while charging your smartphone to allow unlimited streaming. Filters such as the Beautiful mode let you refine your images leaving them looking amazing. The Osmo 2 Mobile Gimbal is made of composite materials that are light in weight which makes it highly portable. Weighing only 485g, you can use it all day without wearing out your hand. The new design of this gimbal is foldable for increased portability.

    • Brushless motor for steady shots
    • Cinematic zoom control
    • About 15 hours of filming
    • Limited compatibility with android phones
    • Design needs modification for better shots
    • The app is faulty and crashes a lot

4. FeiyuTech Vimble2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    Best Extendable Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Enjoy fantastic filming with the new and advanced Vimble2 Gimbal Stabilizer from FeiyuTech. It boasts of three time lapse modes that are easily activated at the tap of a button. At a single tap, you will easily switch between the panning mode which is the default mode to Lock mode. A double tap activates the panning and tilting mode while a triple tap activates the front or rear camera using the Vicool app. The gimbal also allows the auto rotation mode which follows a pre-set route when rotating.

    FeiyuTech Vimble2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    The 3-axix Vimble2 has incorporated a new feature, an 18cm extension bar,  which will make taking selfies and group photos more enjoyable. The extension bar provides your smartphone with a wider frame and easy framing of all the beautiful scenery around you. Another new addition on this gimbal is the ability to easily change direction from horizontal to vertical to accommodate a wide variety of shooting scenes.

    The gimbal stabilizer also comes with a Bluetooth shutter button that lets you easily connect your smartphone to the Vimble2. It also boasts of a face and object tracking feature which makes it a great companion for all your filming needs. It has intelligent ability to follow your shot so that it fits correctly into the frame. When filming full time, the gimbal will provide you with 5 hours of filming but when there’s periods of dormancy, it can last for 10 hours.  The package includes one micro USB cable, an anti-lost rope, a small tripod and a carry bag for easy portability.

    • Up to three time lapse modes
    • Easy connectivity using Bluetooth
    • Includes an 18cm extension bar
    • Short battery life
    • Not water resistant
    • Bluetooth connection can only be done using the app

5. Sevenoak MicRig Handheld Stabilizer

    Best Multi Functional  Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Transform the way you record videos and capture moments by investing in the Sevenoak MicRig which is a universal handheld stabilizer with an in built microphone. The video grip is half the weight of traditional stabilizers which makes it a great choice for extended periods of filming. The built in microphone ensures that you capture quality audio as you record. The C-shaped stabilizer allows the addition of video lights which help you film even where there are shadows.

    Sevenoak MicRig Handheld Stabilizer

    The handheld stabilizer has a charging indicator and a cold shoe mount with a button which helps adjust the brightness. The smartphone adapter stand allows you to mount smart phones with a smartphone audio output cable. This multi-functional gimbal is ideal for Dslr cameras, smartphones and camcorders. The hand grip stabilizer also has a GoPro mount adapter with an audio output cable for the same.

    • Multifunctional for phones & dslr cameras
    • Can be used as a GoPro adapter
    • Includes a microphone for better audio recording
    • Height not adjustable
    • Not for very large smartphones
    • Lots of accessories

6. MOZA Mini-S Essential Foldable Phone Gimbal

    Best Multi Functional  Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Have fun as you shoot your short videos and produce quality work using the Moza Mini-S gimbal. It has a slim body can be easily folded into the size of a small umbrella for easy portability. It also has a light weight design and the manufacturers have stated that it’s about 1.1 pounds lighter than the Zhiyun Smooth 4 that we have featured above.


    MOZA Mini-S Essential Foldable Phone Gimbal

    For steady shots, the gimbal features anti-shake technology where there’s a built-in sensor that has a permanent magnet with a brushless motor. The Mini-S gimbal stabilizer gets rid of any shakes generated by moving around as you shoot. The gimbal accommodates smartphones with a screen size of between 2.3 inches and 3.5 inches including iPhone Xs and Samsung Note 8.  For efficient charging, it comes with two 5V USB charging ports.

    The MOZA Mini-S gimbal also boasts of built-in artificial intelligence technology allows for quick tracking of objects. The technology allows the gimbal to track several objects fast and provide you with continuous frames. The MOZA Genie app for both iOS and Android adds to the functionality of this phone with advanced features such as slow motion and vertigo modes. The 3-axis construction provides a 360 degree rotation.

    • Convenient foldable design
    • Anti-shake technology
    • Quick fast tracking
    • Short battery life
    • The app is complicated
    • Not compatible with all smartphones

7. Neewer Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

    Convert your smartphone into a professional film making device by investing in the Neewer 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. It’s make of high quality materials that can withstand intense video shooting and is light in weight so that you can enjoy shooting all day long. The gimbal weighs about 460 grams making it highly portable and convenient for all types of shooting including outside. It also comes with zoom control so that you can bring shots into focus for better clarity.

    Neewer Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

    With a battery indicator to inform of the amount of power left, you will always be aware when you are almost of charge. The gimbal comes with an inbuilt 3,000 mAh battery which can operate for 12 hours when on a full charge. Another great feature is the visual tracking technology that can automatically lock in moving objects for a better shot. The focus and pull feature lets you zoom for a better shot on objects.

    The gimbal has three modes; all following, pan following and all locking mode which provides you with versatility when shooting. To easily share your footage on social media channels, the gimbal supports APP control. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging and a string for better charging. Enjoy all types of quality shooting including panorama and intelligent shooting using the Neewer gimbal stabilizer.

    • Light in weight compared to counterparts
    • Intelligent face tracking
    • Has a time lapse feature; 12 hours of runtime
    • Not great for outdoor sports
    • Not compatible with phone screens above 6 inches
    • App control needs improvement

8. Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    Best Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    The Snoopa Atom Gimbal stabilizer is a must for anyone who likes capturing fun moments any place any time. It comes in a pocket size design that folds easily making it a perfect companion for video lovers. Weighing only 310 grams, the Atom is quickly becoming a favorite for selfie lovers and You Tube influencers who love to travel. Better yet, you can install GoPro directly without using an adapter.

    Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Foldable Pocket Sized Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    With an extended battery life of up to 24 hours, you can charge the Atom gimbal wirelessly or using a cable for 3 hours to attain a full charge. The 4 way joy stick allows you easy operation of the many advanced features on the gimbal. Using one key switch, you can alternate between landscape and portrait mode. The focus and zoom control feature allows you to zero in on great shots with better clarity.

    The gimbal also has a 3.5mm microphone jack to let you connect a microphone for better audio. The lock tilt and pan button lets you activate various shooting modes for more versatility. The smartphone gimbal stabilizer supports recent iOS and Android versions allowing you to create great videos smoothly and conveniently.

    • Lightweight, foldable design
    • Ability to connect GoPro directly
    • Zoom and focus control
    • Not ideal for large smartphones
    • Quite small
    • Not for intense shooting

9. iCODIS Smartphone Gimbal

    Best Uniaxial Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Get your hands on this fashionable smartphone gimbal from iCODIS and keep everyone entertained with fun videos and quality short films. It allows you to shoot a wide range of pictures, videos and films smoothly without shaking. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor filming since it has a uniaxial construction allowing the camera to rotate within 45 degrees.

    Additionally, it doesn’t rely on gravity like its traditional counterparts but has an inbuilt chip that provides it with amazing balance. Weighing only 0.49 pounds, the gimbal is perfect for travel or for extended periods of filming since it doesn’t wear out the hand. The gimbal has a 2600mAh rechargeable battery that acts like a mini power bank that has a USB cable port which can be used to charge your phone. It has a mirror and an indicator light that adds fun to taking selfies.

    iCODIS Smartphone Gimbal

    The gimbal has an attractive design with a curved exterior and a polished metallic surface making it highly fashionable. It’s ideal for a variety of smartphones and will provide you with numerous opportunities to capture great moments.

    • Uniaxial construction for 45 degrees rotation
    • Ability to charge your smartphone
    • Light in weight
    • Exterior scratches easily
    • Limited number of buttons
    • Doesn’t fold

10. SIRUI ES-01W Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

    The SIRUI ES-01W is simple yet highly functional smartphone gimbal stabilizer that will provide you with great and smooth videos. It’s made of high quality plastic that’s light in weight allowing you to move around with it without much hustle. It comes in a pocket size design that can fit anywhere adding to the gimbal’s convenience. The small size is also strategic in that it reduces shaking when filming which provides you with steady films, videos and pictures.


    More to that, it has a front fill light that lets you shoot even when it’s dark or where there’s shadows. It also has a mirror at the back which lets you take selfies with the back camera. It’s got Bluetooth for easier connectivity and sharing of content. You can choose between black, white and rose gold that have a classy shiny finish.  The gimbal comes with a one year warranty.

    • Pocket size design
    • Mirror for taking selfies with back camera
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Not ideal for large phones
    • Scratches easily
    • Durability is wanting

Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers Buying Guide

It’s crazy to imagine that a gadget that was non-existent 20 years ago is now one of the basic necessities of life. Am talking about a smartphone. Can you imagine life without it? Of course you would still survive but truth be told; you would be missing out on a world of opportunities out there. One of the perks of having a smartphone is the ability to capture memorable moments any place anytime. To facilitate this, numerous accessories have flooded the market and one gadget that you must have noticed in the phone market is a smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

What Exactly is a Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer?

If you have watched behind the scenes footage of a Hollywood film making process you will have noticed those fast moving jolly cams and video recording machines. These high tech and expensive equipment help capture movements in the film without shaking.

Now, with the growth of smartphone use and the incorporation of advanced cameras in these gadgets, innovators have brought forth the gimbal which applies similar technology as Hollywood’s steadicams but is cheaper and less complicated to use. Basically, a gimbal allows you to take quality pictures and record videos without shaking.

Isn’t a Gimbal a Glorified Selfie Stick?

Well, the answer is no. Here’s why; unlike selfie sticks, gimbals are packed with countless features that transform the way you capture memorable moments. One major difference is that selfie sticks are designed to only help take steady pictures – they can’t be used to record videos and short films. Secondly, the stability provided by a smartphone gimbal is on a superior level compared to using a selfie stick. Upgrading to a gimbal will prove to you the opportunities you have been missing in the use of a smartphone.

2-Axis Versus 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers

The number of axes greatly influence the stabilization of a gimbal and the two common types are 2-axis and 3-axis. For the 2-axis gimbals, they only stabilize the tilt and roll axis in a camera which at times may provide shaky footage. As with the name, the 3-axis gimbal  provides extra smoothness in your footage since there’s more rotation. Due to the added benefits of the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, it costs more than its 2-axis counterpart but is easier to find in the market.

Features of a Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Let’s now look at some of the common features in a smartphone gimbal stabilizer;’

Position sensors – These are responsible for sending signals to the camera as the device accelerates and positions data. Since the sensors are affected by temperature variations, it’s important to calibrate them often so that the smoothness of your content isn’t affected.

Camera Mounting Tray – Since most of them are handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizers, they have a tray where you place your phone as you shoot. Ensure that the design of the gimbal provides adequate balancing for your phone for hustle free shooting.

Brushless motors – Gimbals are fitted with brushless motors which implies they don’t carry any form of continuous load. For this reason, gimbals are light and fast allowing you to capture videos and pictures quickly.

Handles – The gimbal handles are the connection between the gadget and the operator. It’s on the handles that all the controls are found. The handles have an adjustment knob so that you can adjust the length of the gimbal to a good operating angle.

What Do I Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gimbal?

Now that you are ready to look for a gimbal that will turn you into a professional filmmaker, here’s a number of things to keep in mind as you shop for the perfect gadget;

  • Weight – Light is better when it comes to a gimbal. Less weight ensures that your hands don’t get fatigued from holding the gimbal for extended periods of time. Your wrist will definitely thank you for going for a light gimbal stabilizer.
  • Battery life – Gimbals are powered using batteries and the length of life of the gadget’s battery is an important consideration. The length of hours varies from one product to another where some gimbals can go for 14 hours plus while others provide you with 5 hours or less of battery life. But keep in mind that the longer the battery life in a gimbal the higher the price could be.
  • Compatibility – Always ensure that the gimbal you settle for is compatible with your phone; otherwise it will not meet our needs. In terms of compatibility, the size of your phone matters where some gimbals can’t accommodate a phone with a screen above 6 inches.
  • Controls – As mentioned earlier, the handles of the gimbal come with controls that allow you to communicate with your smartphone. Some gimbals come with advanced features that provide you with numerous control buttons to get the most out of the gadget.

Pricing Point of Gimbals

We understand that it must have cost you a fortune to buy that state of the art smartphone that you have had your eye on for quite some time. That said, you will need to dent your pocket a little more to accessorize it with a quality gimbal. The price of gimbal stabilizers varies depending on the features present but will often fall in the range of $60 to $110. Of course you will come across high end smartphone gimbal stabilizers that cost up wards of $1,000 – that’s a small fortune but the quality of film you capture is out of this world!

Beware of cheap smartphone gimbal stabilizers that are made of flimsy plastic which will last a couple of weeks and fail you. Such gimbals are often imitations from countries where quantity comes before quality and are not worth your time or cents.

Do I Really Need a Gimbal?

You may still be wondering what other alternatives are there to buying a gimbal. To be honest, the gimbal is the hottest accessory right now when it comes to smartphones and the only substitute out there is your hand. Unfortunately, relying only on your hands will result to shaky footage which you wouldn’t want the world to see – especially if you are looking to become a re-known social media influencer.

In Conclusion…..

All in all, if you own a high tech smartphone with a quality camera, then you have to get yourself one of these gimbals. We hope that our review of the best smartphone gimbal stabilizers of 2019 is the push you needed to go out there and get what you need to start exploring the endless opportunities that the internet has to offer. Go out there and capture those moments, upload them and who knows, you might be the next PewDewTie on You Tube!

Written by Adrian Dimakis

Adrian Dimakis loves writing about everything tech, gadgets, travel and leisure as a full time editor at LearningRegistry. Adrian graduated from UCLA with a degree in journalism and marketing, and his work has appeared in publications including USAToday and The Boston Globe. When he's not testing gadgets and accessories, checking different online services, you can find him planning his next trip on a big paper world atlas with lots of pins. Adrian is also an avid consumer with an oddly deep love for finding amazing deals on amazing products.

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