Best Soccer Balls for Indoor and Outdoor Matches

Some call it soccer; others call it football or futbol; whatever name you give it, one thing is certain — soccer is a “beautiful game.”  The likes of Lionel Messi and Christian Ronaldo are known across the world, not because of their looks, but because of their amazing talent. They have a way of owning the game and utilizing their time with the soccer ball. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if they didn’t have the proper soccer ball on the pitch? Would soccer — the game of beauty — be the same? Definitely not!

You see, as much as talent plays a role here, the right soccer ball makes a huge difference. As a professional player or a soccer enthusiast who likes to spend hours at the park kicking the ball with your friends, you need to invest in the best soccer balls to make the game interesting and hone your skills.

Let’s get you started with ten cool soccer balls and some useful tips to help you find the right one.

Top 10 Soccer Balls of 2020 Reviewed


1. Kickerball – Curve and Swerve Soccer Ball

    Best Soccer Ball for Indoors and Outdoors[

    Are you looking for a perfect soccer ball for use both indoors and outdoors? The Kickerball is made from aerodynamic materials and proprietary paneling to give you greater control whether you are a professional or casual player. It is great for both the kids and adults looking for fun playing soccer. If you are looking to learn how to swerve and curve, the package includes an instructional manual to show you just how to do it.

    Kickerball - Curve and Swerve Soccer Ball

    The soccer ball lies in between a size four and a size five soccer ball. That’s why your kids will find this to be the perfect ball to play with during their free time. So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your kids, this soccer ball will do just fine.

    It is made using a new, improved design for better performance and more durability. You can play it on the pitch, backyard or beach, whichever you prefer the most. Before it was released to the market, it underwent rigorous testing in the labs as well as the fields. It has been created to go beyond the NCAA, USSF, and FIFA regulations. So don’t expect it to be like any other regular soccer ball. It provides great bends which enable better training of goalkeepers.


    • Great for indoor and outdoor use
    • Perfect size for the kids
    • Durable and high-performance ball
    • May lose a lot of speed because of being light
    • Reports of it being a regular ball
    • Easy to puncture

2. GoSports Premier Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

    Regardless of whether you are just starting out or a professional player, you need a ball that holds against the kicking. It has a durable construction to make sure the ball lasts as long as you will need to use it. Since it is neither too large nor too small, the ball is perfect for players of all ages.

    GoSports Premier Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

    You can play this ball in your backyard or soccer field for as long as you want. It can handle extended practice sessions as well as soccer games. When the air pressure begins to go down, you can use the pump, which is included to increase it. In short, it is possible for you to maintain optimum pressure for this ball even as you continue playing it.

    Just who should use this soccer ball? Whether you are a parent or coach, this ball is a perfect tool for sharpening your kids’ soccer skills. The quality is unbeatable and the value unmatched. The good thing is that you can buy the ball in terms of a six-pack. Apart from the balls, you will get a carrying mesh and a pressure pump. There is no easier way to carry your balls to the next training session.

    • Available in a pack of six
    • Comes with a bonus air pump
    • Perfect weight and size
    • Have a hard shell
    • Looks and feels cheap
    • Requires a needle to inflate

3. Franklin Sports Soccer Balls

    Best Outdoor Soccer Ball

    A good soccer ball will not hurt your feet merely because you kicked it. The Franklin Sports Soccer Balls come with some kind of foam cushioning which makes the ball soft, comfortable, and responsive to the feel. For players who prefer headers over kicking, this ball reduces the sting you are likely to feel. It is also the perfect goalkeeping training ball when it comes to the hard kicks.

    Franklin Sports Soccer Balls - Size 3, Size 4, Size 5 F-100 Soccer Balls

    It has an outer PVC covering, which effectively makes the ball water-resistant. In that case, you can play the ball in rainy weather without worrying about it getting soaked wet. This is an important attribute since it also ensures that the ball is able to maintain its weight in wet weather.

    You can choose between sizes 3, 4, or 5 so that you can use it for training no matter the skill level. The stitching is precise and the sizing official. This long-lasting ball features a high-quality bladder for extra air retention. Unlike other soccer balls, you will not have to grapple with deflation or air leaks due to punctures. Since it is fully pumped up when you receive it, you can play it right out of the wrappers.

    • Soft and comfortable to kick
    • A water-resistant outer PVC covering
    • High-quality air bladder
    • Stitching might come loose after a short time of use
    • A little bit too light
    • Has weakly sewn seams

4. Wilson Traditional Soccer Balls

    Best Synthetic Leather Soccer Ball

    One of the features that best describe this ball is the outer cover, which is made of synthetic cover. But what does that mean? First, the ball is durable. Second, it is water-resistant and perfect for playing in rainy weather. Since the outer cover doesn’t absorb any water, the ball remains light when being played in the rain. That’s something that could shift the balance of a game if it was to be overlooked.

    Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

    However, the ball is not all about the material from which the outer cover is made. It is also about the type of bladder it has. This particular ball features a butyl rubber bladder which retains air and shape in an unmatched way. Once you pump the ball, you can expect to use it continuously for a long time to come.

    It is perfect for recreational use, whether in the backyard, beach, or field. It could be a training session for your kids or a game among the family members. No matter what it is, this ball is a great way of sweating it out and rejuvenating in readiness for another shot at your life’s pursuits. Don’t forget that this is a standard size, 3, 4, and 5 balls.

    • Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
    • The durable synthetic leather outer cover
    • Available in different sizes
    • The outer cover may start tearing off
    • Looks and feels cheap
    • Deflates without warning

5. Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

    Best Adidas Pro Soccer Ball

    What are you looking for in a soccer ball? Is it just a ball you can kick around or one that lasts through all the kicking, heading, and so on? The Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball is created to be hard-wearing so that you can keep using it for a long time to come. Even though it is an affordable soccer ball, it is one of the most durable in this category. When you add onto that the fact that the ball is machine-stitched, you can be sure of hanging onto this you long.

    adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

    The air retention abilities for this ball are top-notch, thanks to the butyl bladder. With that, your kids can go out to play and return to the house without requiring the ball to be re-inflated. If you are having a game, it is possible to use the same ball from the beginning to the end without the need for replacement.

    Since the ball is size, it is recommended for children ages 12 or older. Perfect for training and practice for young ones who want to hone their skills and become professional players in the future. You will need to inflate it to use it.

    • A durable ball
    • Butyl bladder for air retention
    • Machine stitched
    • Does not retain air for long
    • The outer cover feels like plastic
    • Forms wrinkles when re-inflated

6. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

    Best Soccer Ball for Kids

    Most of the people who have fallen victim to cheap soccer balls have ended up settling for Mikasa balls. For all sizes, the Mikasa Serious Soccer Bal goes for a maximum of $50, which is quite affordable compared to other soccer balls of its caliber.

    Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

    The ball is hand-stitched, which makes it a little heavier compared to similar models of soccer balls. But that’s not to worry, given that it is meant for use indoors. As you may know, indoor balls aren’t meant to be that bouncy. However, with the sturdy construction, you can easily use the ball in the outdoors also. For people looking for the perfect practice ball, this is it.

    This ball is both durable and great when it comes to performance. The cushioned cover is durable and held together with synthetic leather stitches. Importantly, the ball is fitted with a butyl bladder so that it can retain air and maintain the perfect round-shape. The cover is cushioned to make it soft to the touch. If your kids want to practice headers, this is the perfect ball for them.

    • Simple design and hand-stitched
    • The outer cover is cushioned and durable
    • Kids can use it to practice headers
    • Reports of the ball popping up
    • The laminated finish is slippery
    • Hard when fully inflated

7. K-Roo Sports Atomic Athletics 6-Pack

    Best Affordable Soccer Ball

    To all parents and coaches – if your kids ever need a ball to hone their skills in preparation for a successful professional soccer career, this is a good place to start. It is a size four ball that comes in a pack of six for use on the training ground. It comes in six different shades of soccer balls so that you have variety when with your youth team training. You will find stellar yellow, proton pink, ultraviolet, electric blue, gamma-ray green, and radioactive red.

    K-Roo Sports Atomic Athletics 6 Pack of Neon Rubber Playground Soccer Balls

    It provides for an easy, lightweight grip, perfect for use by the young ones. You can play this ball virtually anywhere including the gym, grass, or soccer field. Whether you are training, practicing or just relaxing, this is the ball you ought to buy. You may use it indoors or outdoors. Since the outer cover is made of rubber, the balls can work great especially if you need a basketball.

    The package includes virtually everything you need to put together a great soccer team. In it, you will find a pump for inflation and a mesh bag for easy storage and portability of the balls.

    • An affordable soccer ball
    • A variety of colors
    • Comes with a pump and carry mesh bag
    • Poorly stitched mesh falls apart
    • Poor print quality
    • Not the perfect soccer ball

8. Adidas Glider Soccer Ball

    Best Durable Adidas Soccer Ball

    As one of the most prolific makers of soccer balls, Adidas has developed a premium-quality product in this one. The Adidas Glider Soccer Ball is created for use both during training and actual games. You will find these balls in most sizes except size 2. What that means is that players of all sizes can comfortably use these balls when training and so on.

    adidas Glider Soccer Ball

    The ball is created using machine-stitched panels which are durable enough to hold together. When it comes to the outer cover, this ball has a TPU shell. Even though soft to the touch, it is effective in keeping away water. The lining is nylon woven for long-lasting performance and maximum resilience. But that doesn’t mean that you can shoot the ball just about anywhere. If it hits sharp rocks, the soccer ball is likely to get ripped apart.

    This ball might be durable, but it is likely to lose shape after use for a long period. It is the butyl rubber bladder that seems to perfectly hold in place through all the kicks and headers. Due to the slick texture, the ball tends to slide more on indoor turf. That’s why you may want to use it in the outdoors.

    • Available in most of the sizes
    • A durable, machine-stitched panel
    • A butyl rubber bladder
    • May lose shape with time
    • Rips after hitting sharp objects
    • Slippery on indoor, artificial turf

9. MAC-T PE07927E Dimple Soccer Balls

    Best Lightweight Soccer Ball

    Not all soccer balls are made of leather or variants of it. Some are wholly made of rubber. A good example is the MAC-T PE0792E which is created for those looking to horn their soccer skills. Since rubber is soft, the ball wouldn’t hit you as hard as a leather one when out there playing against your friends.

    MAC-T PE07927E Dimple Soccer Balls,

    Like a basketball, this particular model features dimples all over the outer cover for extra grip. Since it provides greater ball control, it is one of the best when it comes to training the young ones. It is available in size four and size 5, which is suitable for kids 12 years and older. The manufacturers of this soccer ball hail it as a durable affair.

    Apart from the range of two sizes, this soccer ball is available in six different colors, including purple, blue, green, yellow, orange or red. Which means the buying decisions you make could also be on the basis of the color of the ball. Since kids love bright colors, this ball is recommended for both home and school use.

    • A durable rubber soccer ball
    • Improved ball control
    • Dimple for extra grip
    • May not be suitable for soccer games
    • Not-re-inflatable
    • Useless once punctured

10. AMERICAN CHALLENGE Brasilia Soccer Ball

    Best Poly Soccer Ball

    When it comes to the manufacturers of soccer balls, American Challenge doesn’t seem to be one of the well-known companies. Even though inexperienced, the company makes quality gear, including soccer balls. As such, they have developed the American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball. The design makes it great for use on grassy outdoor soccer fields. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot use it when playing indoors or on the beach.

    AMERICAN CHALLENGE Brasilia Soccer Ball

    The 32-panel ball is made using thermoplastic polyurethane. It is composed of machine-stitched panels which makes them very durable. Inside, the outer cover is lined with two layers of cotton/polyester cloth. Compared to other soccer balls, especially those with fewer than average panels, this product is not water-resistant. So you have to be careful when using it in the outdoors.

    For those who wish to play soccer in the streets, this particular product comes in handy. But just how does that work? Well, the TPU surface is slippery, less-abrasive and will not get caught on sticky surfaces. With this soccer ball, you get all the five possible sizes as well as five bright.


    • Hybrid bladder
    • A variety of color options
    • Available in five different sizes
    • Not water-resistant
    • Gets ruined too fast
    • May not hold air for long

How to Choose the Best Soccer Ball – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Soccer balls come in different types and have a lot of differentiating factors. While some balls last through periods of long use, others cannot just withstand the pressure that comes with constant kickers and headers. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right soccer ball.

What Are The Types Of Soccer Balls?

Soccer balls are mainly classified on the basis of where they are played, how they are used when they are used, and the kind of construction it is made of. Each of these types of soccer balls comes with distinct features that make them advantageous in their own ways. Here, we discuss the various types of balls you are likely to find on the market.

  • Training Balls. Due to the way they are likely to be used, training balls are designed to be highly durable. As such, it is possible to use them in all types of fields. If you do not have a field to play on, the street will suffice. Since they work well in skill development, they are great for use by kids and other types of players.
  • Turf Balls. Not all balls can be used on artificial turf. As such, there is a special type of ball which features a design suitable for these surfaces. Apart from being durable, they are affordable. When used on a natural pitch, they tend to bounce more.
  • Match Balls. Since they are used in competitive games, match balls tend to be more expensive than training or turf balls. That’s mainly because they are made of better quality. The outer shell is usually made of approved synthetic or leather material. Since they are likely to be used in wet weather, these balls are made to be water-resistant. For these balls, the size also matters.
  •  Premium Match Balls. Mark the word “premium,” which simply means of the highest quality. Thus, these balls cost more than any other you will find anywhere on the market. Since they are required for international play, they are usually approved by FIFA. Some of the main characteristics of these balls include superior performance, water-resistance, and air retention. These the most preferred balls by the professional leagues.
  • Indoors Balls. Did you know that there are some balls which are designed just for indoor use? These balls usually bounce less so as to make them easily controllable on tighter fields or courts. They also have strong covers to withstand play on hard court and the impact of walls.

Does The Size Of The Ball Really Matter?

You will find soccer balls in different sizes, including the following:

  • Size 1. Mainly a miniature soccer ball, it is mainly used in sharpening players’ footwork. Due to their extremely small sizes, these balls are mainly bought for fun and not serious soccer.
  • Size 2. Almost half of the normal soccer ball, this size is great for people looking to play in tight spaces. Children playing in organized soccer leagues use these balls in competitions.
  • Size 3. This is a small soccer ball with a weight suitable for the youthful foot. Thus, it is meant for use by younger children.
  •  Size 4. If you have children under 12, this is the perfect size of a soccer ball to buy for them. It is a size smaller than the normal size of a soccer ball and can go a long way in advancing young players’ skills.
  • Size 5. Since it is the regulation size for a soccer ball, this is recommended for use by both men and women in all forms of organized play whether in high school, colleges, or professional soccer.

Things to Be Super-Attentive To

  • The quality of materials used to make the ball
  • The inner lining, which determines how durable a ball is
  • What kind of bladder is used to make the ball
  • Whether the ball is bonded together for shape retention

What Kind Of Construction Does The Soccer Ball Have?

The science behind the flight of a soccer ball has everything to do with the construction or craftsmanship used to make it. This usually has no relationship with the cost of the ball. While some panels are stitched, others might be fused. Today, soccer balls can be made using three main types of construction.

  1. Hand stitching
  2. Thermal bonding
  3. Machine-stitching

Regardless of the construction, it is the quality of work that goes into making a soccer ball that determines whether it is of good quality or not. For example, water-resistance is more a function of the quality of work than anything else. A ball that absorbs a lot of water is likely to become too heavy to kick around. It could even injure the players. That’s why getting a water-resistant soccer ball is important.

You may also have to look at the number of panels used to make the ball. For instance, you are likely to find an 8-panel, 18-panel, 26-panel, or 32-panel ball. The more the number of panels, the higher the performance of the ball. However, fewer panels mean fewer seams and greater ability for the ball to retain its shape.

What Material Is The Ball Made Of?

While the first soccer balls were made of leather, the most preferred material for today is synthetic. In fact, most of the modern balls have outer coatings made of polyurethane or PVC. Of these, PVC balls are the most affordable. They are great for indoor use.

On the other hand, polyurethane is the preferred material for making premium match balls. They are usually soft and water-resistant. However, it is the glossy coated balls that have the highest levels of water resistance.

Apart from the outer cover, the material from which the cover is made also matters. Most balls feature natural latex bladders for a more natural bounce, softer touch, and smooth roll. However, latex bladders tend to lose air all the time and must be refilled consistently. That’s why it might be important to consider a ball with a butyl rubber bladder. With this, the ball can maintain shape without constant refilling.

How Much Does The Soccer Ball Cost?

Soccer balls are priced differently depending on how you intend to use them. For example, playground soccer balls cost $20 or less. They might be durable, but they tend to lose their shape quickly. If you want a training ball, you can find one for anything between $30 and $50. When maintained properly, the balls tend to last a long time.

For match balls, be prepared to pay between $50 and $100. The quality of these balls is high enough for competitive soccer. The last kind is the premium match balls which cost between $100 and $150. You wouldn’t find better balls for soccer practice and competitive play.


So what’s the reason you need a soccer ball? Have you found what you are looking for among the balls reviewed here? If you haven’t, then the buying guide is what you need to choose an affordable ball that is going to serve you the way you want it to. Don’t dwell too much on the price unless you are looking for nothing more than a playground soccer ball.

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