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Is project management software something you’ve been considering to help  ease the load on your shoulders? If so, then you’re exactly where you need to be right now. When looking to boost your standing in the current marketplace,  it’s vital that you implement new tools and technologies by adopting new methodologies. SO what better strategy to do this than through task management software.

Task management software helps team leaders manage budgets, time and scope constraints. It also helps them in the efficient completion of client requirements. However, with the plethora of options available to you, it can get confusing when it comes to choosing the right one. In most cases, people don’t know where to begin.


However, you need not worry as we have done all the research to give you the most viable options. Here’s a list of the best project management software out there that can help up your game. Notably, some are free while others come at a price, either way, all of these can help you achieve great results.

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1. Wrike

Wrike is a versatile and robust tool that will help you communicate with greater transparency and help you collaborate better with your team. It has a lot of communication and document management tools as well as good in-class collaboration systems. It also has Gnatt charts to help you come up with visual timelines.

Wrike offers its users a free version but, it’s quite limited. For upgrades you’ll need the paid versions. The Professional Package is priced at $9.80 user/month and is billed annually.

2. ClickUp

This cloud-based task management tool interacts with very many collaboration tools. It will help teams and individuals organize work, manage tasks and set goals in “project spaces.” Its main features include project tracking/reporting, Gnatt charts, task management collaboration and time tracking

They have a Free Plan that includes 24/7 customer support, 100MB file storage, unlimited project and task workspaces and limited reporting.

3. Backlog

is another cloud-based project management tool for developers. Its main features include issue/task management, version control, reporting/project tracking, collaboration and Gnatt charts.

The Free Plan comes with 100MB storage, live chat and email support and access for max 10 usersbut, that’s not all. They also allow an online knowledge base and help center.

4. MeisterTask

If Post-it notes are something you’re not fond of anymore, and you want to try your hand with Kanban boards instead, then MeisterTask is just what you need. Your due dates, comments, notes, tasks and much more will be placed in one place like Kanban boards. It’s a flexible cloud-based task management software and project board that can help boost your productivity immensely.

With the Free Plan, you get two integrations (like with Zendesk or Slash), a user-friendly interface and an unlimited number of tasks, projects, users and project members.

5. Trello

This project management tool has become very popular over the past few years. In fact, this is what brought to the masses the Kanban approach. The boards represent the projects while the cards inside the boards represent tasks. The board is then grouped with each set of tasks. Depending on the tasks still pending completion and the ones that have actually been completed, the cards then be moved to different progress points.

Here, with the Free Plan, you get 10MB file storage, one integration per board and an unlimited number of cards, task lists, boards, attachments, checklists and users.

6. Bitrix 24

This intuitive piece of software is a fantastic all-in-one project management tool that attempts solving multiple business requirements at once. This is usual for small and some medium-sized businesses. However, it will still depend largely on your personality and your team’s habits.. Notable features include social intranet that consists of task management, calendars, document storage, video, chat, mail and so much more.

The Free Plan with this tool includes Kanban boards, resource and task management, 12 users and 5GB of storage. Not so much to write home about.

7. Todoist

This tool makes it easy to quickly capture your ideas and thoughts on your smartphone and then later get reminders about them. You can also set deadlines that the app will ensure to remind you. It has a great to-do-list feature that will help you when planning ahead. However, this tool is more like a personal task management application and not an all-out project management tool for collaborations and businesses

With the Free Plan at Todoist you get SSL secured connection, recurring due dates, task priorities (four levels), access on 10 plus platforms, 80 active projects and 5 people/project.

8. Freedcamp

This intuitive and extremely simple software is ideal for large business organizations, be it in the telecom, retail, services or IT. The tool offers unlimited users functionality making organizing tasks and details very easy. You can oversee tasks using a Gantt chart with this tool as you split big tasks into smaller, more manageable subtasks.

Freedcamp has a Free Plan that offers unlimited storage, tasks, projects and users. The paid plans are from around $3.99 (as the owner).  For each additional user there is a $0.99 charge  per month, which is then all billed annually.

9. Asana

This cloud-based project management software helps you plan and map out every project detail being handled by the organization. Asana helps you plan work according to what’s best for you. It can adapt to any situation because it’s that flexible. It uses a Gantt style setting to view how your tasks and projects fit together. You can also generate detailed progress reports.

This tool has three pricing tiers on offer. A Free Plan, a Premium Plan and an Enterprise plan. The Premium Plan will cost you $9.99 member/month


10. TeamGantt

This refreshing project management solution brings online project scheduling software. It’s both fun and simple to invite friends, teammates and co-workers to view and edit your charts. It offers real-time progress updates and quick drag and drop scheduling capabilities.

The Free Plan includes basic collaboration and planning, 3 users and one project. The Standard Plan costs around $8 user/month which is then billed annually.

11. Redbooth

This easy-to-use online project management and task software is ideal for those busy teams. It will help keep the whole team organized and aligned to a singular objective as well as ensuring they’re always on time. Its most interesting feature is its mobile applications for Android and iOS.

The Free Plan includes 2GB of storage, Gnatt charts, assigned users and email support/community forums. An upgrade to the next level will set you back about $5 user/month.

12. Podio

Podio also happens to be an extremely versatile tool. More than 500k organizations all across the globe employ the use of this software to help run their projects. It was manufactured using a series of tools and apps that help teams track work and organize tasks. What’s more, comments, updates, progress statuses and file uploads are all done in real-time.

Podio’s Free Plan offers unlimited workspaces, chat capabilities, integrations and up to 5 users. The Premium Plan is priced at $24 per month.

13. Teamdeck

This software is a task management tool used for monitoring the time spent on projects and tasks as well as managing resources. With this tool, you can use one-click time tracking to create accurate timesheets and book your workers on different projects as well. It features resource scheduling, leave management, time tracking and timesheets.

The software has a startup plan that’s free and is limited to six team members. The Business Plan goes for  about $4 team member/month.


14. Workbook

This is a software suite that has a grown-up feel to it for resource and project management, accounting, forecasting, file-sharing and CRM. You can pick exactly as per what you need and only pay for that. One of the notable features is  support for a client portal. What’s more, it’s easily customizable and you can create both tasks and projects easily as well.

It has a minimum of 30 users at a price tag of $19 user/month.

15. Functionfox

This tool is a timesheet software trusted by professionals, mostly in the creative realm, all across the globe. It’s both easy-to-use and very powerful. Projects can be tracked accurately from concept stage to completion. It can help increase profits and productivity while reducing admin time. Its features include interactive real-time reporting, budget estimates and actual figure comparisons and making project creation simple.

It will cost you about $5 user/month (with 1st user having to pay $35 user/month)

16. Celoxis

This award-winning software is an all-in-one project management tool. It helps you both track and plan your tasks, projects, portfolios, timesheets, risks, issues and resources all from one spot. It features extensive collaboration systems including a free client portal that’s customizable. Its reporting capabilities and dashboards are among the best currently on the market.

If Microsoft Project scheduling paradigms are aspects you’re familiar and comfortable with, then there’s no better alternative than Celoxis.When it comes to pricing, for SaaS it’s $25 user/month while On-Premise costs $450/user

17. Zoho Projects

If you are looking for the simplest project management tool on the market then this software is what you need. It can help streamline all your upcoming tasks and projects with just a click. The software’s features include a Gantt chart that can be used to oversee project progress and effective file management capabilities.

It will set you back $25 per month for up to about 20 projects.

18. Workzone

A highly dedicated team built this tool to help both individuals and organizations gain better visibility and control in work management. It provides users with a central place that can be used to share and manage work so as to help everyone involved easily stick to the same page. It encourages faster communication and includes features that help in creating to-do-lists, creating tasks and file sharing.

Price starts from $200/month.

19. GanttPRO

This project management tool is undoubtedly among the best there is and has already been appreciated by over 200k project managers worldwide. It helps you build project timelines and plans, arrange productive collaboration, follow deadlines, control expenses and track workflow all in one place.

This solution gives you an easy start by offering you ready-made templates. One of its most interesting features is its Workspace: Board View and Gantt Charts. You’re billed annually with this software and costs start from around $8/user/month for Team Plan.

20. nTask

This is one of the market’s new entries and is still at the burgeoning state of development. Nonetheless, it’s already a fantastic tool that has intuitive software design and is easily adaptable. It has a Free Plan offer that consists of storage worth 200MBs and 5 workspaces.

The Pro Unlimited Plan will cost you $2.99.

21. 10,000FTT Plans

This simple yet  powerful task management tool will help you make confident operation decisions concerning both your projects and teams. Besides this, it also has time-tracking and resource management capabilities.

The Basic Plan option will cost you from $10 per month onwards.

22. Mavenlink

This modern piece of software is specifically designed for services organizations with the goal of connecting projects with people in order to help make profits. In a world where performance, transparency and connectedness are vital to success, this task management tool helps you deliver your work successfully.

The Professional Plan will set you back $39/user/month.

23. Proworkflow

This is a project management tool that a lot of teams end up falling in love with. Not only is it extremely easy-to-use but is also beautiful and  versatile.. It also integrates well with all the tools you require which streamline your process and saves you time. It has reliable support and consultation as well as simplifying to the max invoicing and quoting processes.

Price starts for $22 user/month.

24. Easy Project

This is a task management tool your team and the entire organization, in general, will adore. In fact,  top-notch companies the likes Toyota, Bosch, Lenovo have had a taste of its effectiveness.It is an ideal fit for several industries, be it educational or IT. The tool features visual project plans and maps, integrated with Excel, Redmine, Project and Outlook as well as being compatible with modules Help Desk, Finances, Resources and CRM.

The Pro Plan costs $21 user/month and comes with 100 custom fields and 60 portfolios.

25. Comindware

This tool is a very popular business process and workflow management software that provides its users with key capabilities for document, data and task management. Its main features include the focus it has on process optimization, its CRM and custom order management capabilities and full process automation.

It will cost you from $29.99 /user

26. Clarizen

If cloud-based project management software is what you’re looking for to help the growth of your business, then your search has come to an end. This tool is a single collaborative project management solution that helps you effortlessly connect with team members and manage projects more effectively. It features automated workflows and process, expense and budget tracking management systems and a flexible UI.

This tool will cost you $60 user/month.

27. Insightly

This powerful CRM also has a business and project management set. It helps you build strong customer relations over time which, in turn, helps hasten business growth. It helps effortlessly track project activities, manage leads and accelerate sales.

For teams, the price ranges $15 user/month onwards.

28. Smartsheet

This portable project management software helps team collaborate, planning tasks, resource management, time-tracking and reporting. It’s a cloud-based software tool that has amazing features. Some of which include leveraging team collaboration, automating update requests and file attachment from Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and more.

The Individual Plan starts from $14 user/month while the Business Plan starts from $25 user/month, all billed annually.

29. Producteev

Producteev is a task management tool that’s been a solution for both medium and small-sized teams for a while now. Team leaders can easily access all tasks, projects and other collaborations easily. With this project management software, you can delegate tasks, organize files, plan your routes or projects and various other elements. It features interface customization and seamless tracking.

The Premium Plan goes for $99/month.

30. Crocagile

Agile project workspaces have never been simpler and this software is specifically designed to streamline your communication. It’s semingly directed towards software development pods/teams. The simple design alongside powerful project management tools are uniquely manufactured with agile developers in mind. It has all the good stuff, which includes gamification and collaboration features using cutting edge tech to give you that much-needed agile boost.

Pricing for this starts at $2.50 user/month with a 30-day free trial.

31. is an intuitive but simple tool that helps its users meet deadlines, manage work and build a transparency culture. This solution is ideal for streamlining discussions, keeping the whole team on the same page and seeing what works and what doesn’t. It has visual tracking and project management, a centralized document and communication management system, and its reporting and analytics are well executed. offers a free trial. However, the Basic Plan will cost you $25/month, billed annually.

32. Basecamp

Today, this is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well-recognized project management tools on the market. It brings all the necessary features you’d need to one place. This helps you ensure all the members of your team know exactly what they need to be doing. It features to-do-lists, schedules, message boards and has a simple interface that’s  easy-to-use.

On pricing, it’s a bit on the higher end and costs $99/month


This project time tracker is a professional and smart suite of online project management tools that help keep projects and teams well-organized. Businesses of all sizes can streamline workflows and save time by live monitoring team performances against task deadlines. This tool features team timers, project tracking, live synced online invoicing and full data integration.

You can start with a 30-day free trial, but after that, the Starter Plan is priced at $15 user/month.  The Enterprise Plan, on the other hand, costs $55/month (30 users)

34. LiquidPlanner

This is a collaboration software tool that combines time tracking and project management. Its project management methodology is quite interesting, to say the least. It allows for a team to set realistic deadlines using different scenarios. It features budget tracking, integrated time, task-specific collaboration boards and cross-project visibility.

It will cost you $39 user/month,  billed annually.

35. Flock

This tool is the collaboration hub for every team. Stacked with a plethora of productivity features, this software is basically a communication and messaging tool for project management. It boosts execution speed and drives efficiency as well. With this, you can collaborate in real-time,, use one-click to jump into video calls, find and share files easily and so much more.

This tool will cost you about $100 user/month for the Pro Plan

36. Project Insights

This user-friendly and simple interface usually fits any project and team size. It provides notable integration capabilities with QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Box. You can use it to track the steps of your projects and tasks from beginning to end with ease. It also balances work resources well across all projects.

The Business Plan is priced at $45 user/month.


Times are changing fast and businesses need to change accordingly too if they want to survive in the current and future marketplace. As a manager, you need to spend a reasonable amount of time trying to find out whether you need robust reporting software, holistic views of tasks and projects and invoicing tools all in one place. It may not be something you’re used to, but considering the current aggressive and competitive marketplace it’s strongly advisable to go this route. However, it all depends on what you’re willing to do and the time you are willing to spend. With that said, any one of these tools mentioned above could be the key to unlocking your true potential.

Moreover, if your business is more like retail, or a physical store, then point-of-sale (POS) software would be more useful. POS software not only manages business operations but can also manage tasks for your employee. You can schedule tasks and see what is completed and what is remaining. With that said, any one of these tools mentioned above could be the key to unlocking your true potential.

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