Best Welder Generators For All Your Welding Projects

If you are a welder, there are two things we know you can never compromise on — safety and missing your deadlines! But think about it; what happens if you are undertaking your task in a remote area, miles away from a power source? What if you need a portable machine that allows you to weld anywhere, without relying on your power source? Whether you are a professional welder taking on big projects or a DIY enthusiast that loves to piece things together and build something amazing, a welder generator is one beast you need to invest in.

A welder generator is designed to provide you with enough power to handle all your welding projects without relying on mains electricity. All you need to do is fill up the provided fuel tank, and power it on. But here’s the sweetest part of the deal: this machine does much more. It’s not just made to help you complete your welding projects; you can use it as a stand-alone generator! This means you can use it as an emergency power means to run any power tool or even work lights. Amazing, right?

If you love what this machine is capable of, don’t spend lots of hours online trying to find the perfect model for your needs. We have done the hard work for you, narrowing down some of the best welder generators to ensure you get a worthwhile deal.

Top 7 Welder Generators of 2020 Reviewed


1. Lincoln Electric Building Bulldog 5500 Portable AC Welder/Generator

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2.  Hobart Champion Elite Welder/Generator – 23 HP, 11,000 Watts

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3. Lincoln Outback 185 Engine Driven Welder Generator K2706-2

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4. Lincoln Engine-Driven Welder, Eagle 10,000 Plus

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5. Tomahawk 15 HP Engine-Driven Portable 2000-Watt Generator

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6. Lincoln Electric K2857-1, Engine-Driven Welder, Ranger 225

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7. Hobart, 500563, Engine-Driven Generator/Welder, 40 to 145

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How to Choose The Best Welder Generator – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Having a welder generator is necessary for homeowners, repair specialists, maintenance service providers, and building workers. If you are one of the people listed here, you need a great welder generator. With such a machine, you will be able to easily handle welding tasks off-grid. But just how do you go about choosing the right welder generator for whatever task you might have? The following are some of the factors you need to look at.

Is It Fuel-Efficient?

Since most of the welder generators are engine-driven, they need some kind of fuel to run. Examples include propane, diesel, and gasoline. However, gasoline is the preferred fuel for small portable units. The good thing with gas engines is that they consume less fuel and are easier to start. Also, the price of gasoline is lower than that of propane or diesel.

If you have a job that should go on for long hours, then you need a diesel-powered welder generator. In this case, diesel has the longest run time of all. If you supply fuel onsite, then a diesel engine will do fine. Propane might be expensive, but it has a number of benefits. It is cleaner and has the ability to remain in storage for prolonged periods of time. Since there are no emissions, it can be used in rooms without adequate ventilation.

What’s The Weight And Design?

The power of a welder generator seems to be directly proportional to the weight. As such, heavier machines also tend to be the most powerful. In that case, the additional weight is as a result of the extra components included in the machine. The design also has a close relationship with the size, weight, and portability of a welder generator.

They usually come in one of two design types. First, there is a tube frame or open design. Such kind of welder is lightweight, portable, and easy to transport. Second, we have those with an enclosed casing. The welder generators in this category as usually heavy and hard to transport from one place to another. If you are looking for a well-protected engine, then buy a welder generator with a casing. These also have low noise levels.

Is It Portable?

If you intend to do your welding in different locations, make sure you buy a portable welder generator. Make sure it can be mounted on the back of a truck. But, portability is not just about the ease of lifting off the ground. It also has to do with the design used to make the machine. The lightest are those made using the tube design. They are also more compact. These machines are easy to lift with your hands or a crane. Still, there are a number of designs that come with wheels so that you can easily roll the welder generator on location.

But that doesn’t mean that enclosed welder generators are the worst. In fact, most of these models come with a carrying handle. For the lightest machines, you can easily lift using your hands. Only that you have to ensure the weight of the machine is just right.

How Much Does It Cost?

You might like a welder generator so much but if you cannot afford it, you love for it amounts to nothing. After all, you need to be willing and able for you to buy anything. Yet, it is important to look at other features even as you consider the price. Take cognizant of the fact that welder generators cost more than pure electrical machines. That’s mainly because of the ability to use these machines away from your home or office.

When we narrow down to the price, powerful machines tend to cost more than the less powerful ones. The same applies to those from the big brands and are of the highest quality. While the initial cost is high, you will end up saving more when it comes to the running costs as well as repairs and maintenance.

What’s The Power Output?

What is the power output required for your tasks? This will be determined by the processes you want to run. Some of the common welding processes include MIG, TIG, and stick. As such, there are several machines which run just one process while others run many of them at a go. Others even have plasma cutting capabilities.

The power output is also important, given that the machine will be generating electricity at the same time. Other machines may also work as grinders. If all you want is a machine capable of doing stick welding, why should you insist on buying a 20kW phase? If you want power for use with other machines, ensure the welder generator has a higher than average output.

How Is The Duty Cycle?

The duty cycle of a machine shows the length of time it will keep running at a certain amperage in a 10-minute cycle. If your duty cycle is stated as 30 percent at 200 amps, you will have to use the machine for three minutes and rest it for seven minutes. This will happen for as long as you are using the machine. In most cases, the duty cycle increases with a decrease in the amperage. Thus, if you set the amperage lower, you will be able to run the machine longer.

Does It Have All The Necessary Accessories?

It is foolhardy to buy a machine when it doesn’t have the accessories you need. Some of the accessories you will need include MIG connector, welding gun, portable wire feeder, hose assembly, racks for cylinder tanks, trailers (carts), remote control devices, and extension cables. If you have a stick welder, you will require accessories such as clamps and electrode hoses. For TIG, you require tungsten electrodes and a TIG torch.

What Type Of Power Is The Output?

Welder generators can either produce AC or DC power. DC current is unidirectional and the voltage has consistent polarity. On the other hand, AC current can switch direction and may fluctuate within a certain voltage range. AC welding works in such a way that there is no magnetic effect on the arc. In order to weld magnetized materials, you need AC welders. It also works with TIG welding for aluminum, seam welding, and machine repair. DC welding is preferred for its smooth weld coupled with a stable arc. If you are looking for an affordable machine, choose a DC one.

What Is The Noise Level?

When it comes to noise levels, the loudest are the engine-driven welders. When in a remote location, the noise level of the machine doesn’t really matter. What matters is the kind of power you get from the machine. While working at home, you will have to keep the noise levels as low as possible for the sake of peace with your neighbors. In that case, you need a machine with a noise level that’s not more than 90 dBA. This is slightly louder than your vacuum cleaner.

Does The Machine Come With A Warranty?

Why does it matter for a machine to have a warranty? A machine with a 2 to 3-year warranty on the engine and the machine itself is the best. When any of the components for which the manufacturer has instituted a warranty gets spoiled, you will get a replacement free of charge.


We hope that this review and buying guide has been of great help. The machines listed here are some of the best in the industry. They have the best features and will give you a higher than average performance. After reading the buying guide, you are now prepared to purchase a welder generator for use at home and at work.

Written by Erin Porteous

For the past ten years Erin Porteous enjoyed the freedom of being an independent purveyor of creative services. I specialize in crafting and producing scripts for radio and TV commercials for businesses of all sizes. Moving into the web past 2 years I've been part of LR family driven by a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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